Friday December 23, 2005
Happy Holidays from TMFT

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Happy Holidays from all of us here at Too Much Free Time. Thank you all for reading and hanging out with us this year. It's been a blast. See you all in 2006!

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Friday December 16, 2005
It Was Awesome Until The Last 30 Seconds

Randal. Oh, Randal. Randal! WHY? As we all know by now, last night Randal won The Apprentice. It was a deserved win. Although he may have lacked the intensity of Rebecca, he had a great record as PM, gained massive respect from his teammates, had the education and experience to back it up, and was basically a shoo-in from Day One. Rebecca is fantastic in her own right, and I actually look at her with a bit more awe knowing how young she is. So last night I was expecting a double-hire. It seemed like the right thing to do, and would keep in line with all of Trump's BIG SURPRISES this season. I was ready.

Apparently Randal was ready, too, because he came into that live boardroom like someone had lit a fire under his ass. He was a different person. Did he take aggression classes from Alla? And what the hell was HER outburst all about? I was a bit dismayed when Rebecca made sure to compliment and pay respect to her opponent, and Randal did not. So, Trump picked the winner, and it was Randal, and we were all happy. Yay! Randal celebrated for .5 seconds and then Trump pulled him BACK to the table and asked him if he thought he should hire Rebecca, too. Now, the natural answer to this is Yes. After all the compliments they've paid each other, their season-long lovefest of respect and kudos, it would be only right that they share their victory. And Randal said No. What a dick move. And as for you, TRUMP, if you wanted to hire Rebecca, then you should have hired Rebecca.

I'm sad that an EXCELLENT season of The Apprentice had to end on a sour note like that. But cry not for Rebecca; she's probably fielding about seventeen job offers that all pay more than Trump. And cry not for ME, bitches, because I won the Yahoo Fantasy Game! Woooo!

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Wednesday December 14, 2005
Potentially Awesome News

Arrested Development rescued? Oooooh. [via tv tattle]

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Well. That ending could have been a lot, lot worse. In fact, in this writer's opinion, it was the best-scenario ending for a season that tried my patience and, at times, bored me to tears. This week our families trekked through the wilds of Canada, where they practiced traditional Canadian activities like curling, lumberjacking, and trying on shoes. Rolly Weaver and a Linz had an incident at the airport that looked like they tripped over each other. The Linz patted Rolly on the back to steady him, and Ma Weaver started yelling, "Don't touch him!" I still don't understand exactly what went on there, but I do understand that Ma Weaver sucks ass.

This was the first episode where teams spent quality time with their taxi drivers, and the Weavers quickly converted theirs to the scary Weaver groupthink and within an hour, they were all praying together. However, it seems that the luck and the praying and the generally shitty karma the Weavers had been collecting all season FINALLY caught up with them at the stadium challenge, where you could literally see them lose their competitive spirit. Except for Rolly, poor kid. The Linzes and The Bransens were neck-and-neck throughout the last part of the Race, and it all came down to....A PUZZLE. I know, it sounds SO lame. But it was actually exciting! I was really hoping we would get to see the Weavers put together that puzzle, because you all know that the only one they would have gotten right is Florida, and I'm not even sure about that. So mucho congrats to the Linzes and Bransens respectively, and a big fat "HA HA" to the Weavers. Yay! It's over!

PHIL'S PHASHION CORNER! Michael sez...Lemme guess. Phil had a 'wardrobe malfunction' while congratulating one of the Bransen sisters and I totally missed it? Save that, there's not much to report. There were good jeans, bad chinos, and various non-descript shirts both tucked and untucked. Same ol', same ol'. All the good stuff was packed into the last 30 seconds, y'all! Did you see how fabulous Phil looked in that teaser for next season? I may have snoozed through this season, but with the promise of that abundant turtleneck and some fabulous hair, wake me up before we go go, cuz I'm already punching my ticket for February.

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Monday December 12, 2005
Congratulations, Danni!

For the first time in a long while, I was happy with the final four and really, any of them could have won and I'd have cheered.

Wow, those people really clean up nice! My only word of advice to Danni would be to go easy on the lipstick next time. She spent so much time during the reunion part of the show making sure it wasn't on her teeth. Speaking of the reunion show, what was up with Jeff's hair? It looked like his mother combed it for him.

I did not understand Rafe's reasoning for letting Danni off the hook as far as her promise to take him to final two was concerned. Why would you do that? He played the game so well only to throw it away in the end. And then he demanded to know why Danni changed her mind. I guess he was feeling a little bitter because he thought that she would take him anyway. I wonder if Rafe would have won against Danni.

Judd did not disappoint...he was as bitter as I expected. He even used his wife to dig at Steph. "You can lie to me, but how dare you lie to my wife!" Whatever.

How cool was the Mayan ritual? I was totally nervous when they ate the sacrificial chicken.

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Friday December 9, 2005
Good News/Bad News

The bad news is that Kitchen Confidential is gone - no more episodes. The good news is that FOX will fill its timeslot with an extra Arrested Development. [via tv tattle]

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Give Me a FREAKING Break

Reward this week was a car. Cindy won fair and square, but before Jeff handed her the keys he addressed the well-known car curse. No one who's won the car as a reward has won the game, and Jeff gave Cindy the opportunity to sacrifice her car so that everyone else could have one, perhaps saving her from that horrible fate.

She said no.

Rafe got ugly.

Rafe, I adored thee but thine jealousy of Cindy's 2006 Pontiac Behemoth really rubbed me the wrong way. Want a car? Win the challenge.

Cindy also won a feast and some time with an archeologist. She asked Steph to come along and while they were gone they congratulated each other prematurely on achieving Final Four. Upon their return Cindy blabbed about her Brand! New! Car! so much that Rafe's esophagus fell out and his head imploded. Cindy was actually so blinded by her Car! All! Mine! that she had no idea she was being completely obnoxious. She even thought everyone was excited to hear about her Fantastic! Automobile! Shiny!

In the end everyone (including Steph) succumbed to Rafe's jealousy and the car curse held true for another year. Cindy could not walk away without mentioning her Car! and its Sunroof! in a bitter fashion. I hope she and Car are very happy together and that the government doesn't give her too hard a time when they apply for the marriage license.

In the jury box, Judd enjoyed Cindy's demise greatly. Probably more than a whole bunch of White Castle hamburgers.

I just went back and read through the previous Survivor posts, and found that Rafe has orchestrated every vote for the last three weeks, without anyone actually realizing it. Now that's awesome.

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Let's Have A Small Bud Vase With White and Purple Flowers And Glitter Around It!

So, The Apprentice is down to the Final Two. Woo. This season's big events are a charity softball game at Coney Island (for Randall) and a charity comedy show in Manhattan (for Rebecca). Looks like their respective obstacles are going to be weather and a no-show Joe Piscopo. No-Show-Joe-Piscopo is the name of my next band. In an interesting change this season, we got none of the boring interviews, and the candidates were NOT given the team from Hell. Instead, Randall and Rebecca got to choose their teams, and were forced to negotiate when they wanted some of the same people. And Rebecca SMOKED Randall in the negotiation department. That girl is ready for anything, and Randall obviously thought they were just going to have a nice meal. Oops! By the way, I still have no idea who Chris is.

I'll point out what I found to be obvious mistakes made so far: Randall's four-person trip to Party City. What the hell was that? Rebecca's obsession with purple furniture - to the point where the customer was fearing a purple cake. Both candidates don't seem to be spending much time thinking about their charities, which could be a mistake. Who do you think will win?

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Thursday December 8, 2005
Don't Drink and Edit

I guess we all knew from the huge amount of face time (and bubble-butt in some boxer briefs time) that sandal-lovin' Ryan was pretty much doomed from the get-go last night. Seriously, that was an awful commercial--very late-night and local, if you know what I mean. As for the second firing, my friend Kevin was watching with me and called it halfway through (it seems to be the Apprentice trend this year), but I wasn't expecting it. No big deal, though--Marcela's a dishrag and wouldn't last a day at MSLO.

Prediction for next week (in other words, this will be so wrong): we get one more week of awful Jim, and then the two women battle it out for the job. Who do you think is going to claim the prze?

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Wednesday December 7, 2005
TeePee for Their Bungholes

TAR: Family Edition is limping to a close next week, and not a minute too soon. The final four families continued the Race last night, taking on such daring adventures as sleeping in a camper, being denied Pizza Hut, and dressing up in old-fashioned clothes like they were at Six Flags. Something has obviously snapped inside my head, as I realized near the end of the show that I was sort of hoping for the Godlewskis to be eliminated. INSTEAD OF THE WEAVERS. That's how aaaaaaaaaawful they were last night. And how frickin' awesome was their elimination interview? It's rare on this show that we get the "We came on this adventure to help out our relationship but now we realize that it's not worth saving" speech. Nice. Christmas dinner should be awkward this year.

The Bransens and the Linzes continue to charm me. Well, actually, just Wally Bransen charms me. His daughters all run together. When the Linz brothers read the clue about Buffalo Bill and busted into, "It puts the lotion in the basket," I just about wet my pants. Love them. Someone last week in the comments said they didn't understand the "stupid" Linz love. It's because they are having FUN and seem to be the only ones on the show that are. As for the Weavers being in the final three, this season has been such a disappointment that a small, dark corner of my heart believes it would only be right if they win. And in the spirit of the Weaver girls themselves, if they do win, I expect they will spend it all on hot pants and buffet dinners.

PHIL'S PHASHION CORNER! Michael sez...Your aspirations of 'sleek and sporty' are seriously hindered by a thick middle and excess ornamentation. That goes for both Phil and the Buick Lucerne. In Phil's case the fix is simple. Untuck the shirt, buddy. Well, not that shirt. Another shirt that doesn't have flap pockets. What? Are you trying to draw the eye to your man-boobs? [Also, apparently Phil left his underpants in Utah. The man was looking, um, free. - freakgirl]

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Monday December 5, 2005
Coming Home

Discuss this week's Desperate Housewives here. Sorry for the lack of recap.

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Sunday December 4, 2005
Project Runway 2

Let's not forget that a new season of Project Runway kicks off this week--and with a double-header of episodes, no less (though I am sure that the first one is a "meet the contestants" deal and not an elimination round).

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Friday December 2, 2005

Last night's double-firing on The Apprentice was totally lame. There was absolutely no reason to fire Alla, no reason at all. Yes, she is difficult, but it's because she is a leader and she is good at what she does. The thing that really pissed me off was that her unceremonious firing felt like Trump/Burnett have already decided who the winner(s) is, so just dumped Alla along with Felisha. She deserved better. Even though their video was lame and Alla had a lot to do with that, Felisha was acting like a paranoid freak. I also have a nagging feeling that Alla was never going to win this thing once they found out about her stripper/murder trial background.

I said winner(s) back there because I am 99% sure that both Randall and Rebecca are going to be offered The Apprentice position on the finale show. I was enjoying this season much more than I thought I would up until last night. Who knew I even gave a rat's ass about Alla? Apparently I did.

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Maggie's on her way to the US today, so it's fallen to me to recap last night's Survivor. I only have one thing to say:

I hope you all get bit by a freaking crocodile. Scumbags!

That was probably one of the greatest exits EVER on this show. Go Rafe and Danni!

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Thursday December 1, 2005
Is that a bed?

Wow--I know nothing about marketing, advertising, or cars, but even I knew that Matchstick's display last night for that big car that my grandmother would probably really enjoy totally SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKED! The marketing students at my school could have come up with something 1000 times better, and with 1% of the budget.

So adios, Leslie. I think/hope Jim is the next to go...Bethenny (get a real spelling, girl) and Dawna look like the top contenders to me. But what do I know--I rooted for Howie.

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Lost...My Birth Certificate

I was unable to watch Lost last night because I had to do something much more fun instead. My husband and I will be visiting Freakgirl and Geekboy this weekend, and to do that we need to cross the border and to do that I need to prove my citizenship. Jeremy and I turned our entire house upside down last night, searching for my birth certificate. We recently moved (6 months ago) and some things are still in boxes, so I have no idea where anything is. Anyway, we found my birth certificate - the trip is still on, I am still sane, the party will go on, the wine will be drunk.

So, how was the show? Discuss.

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Wednesday November 30, 2005
Another Big Loser

We haven't really posted much about this season's Biggest Loser here, but I hope that you guys watched the finale last night. Seriously, the top three finalists all looked amazing, and that was WITHOUT the diet/exercise regimen of the ranch! (I guess working toward $250,000 will give you that little "Don't eat the Zinger, moron" push you need every now and then).

I was completely rooting for cute Seth, so I was a little disappointed to see macho crybaby bring it home instead (although it must be said--the dude looks good). And as annoying as she was/is, good for little Suzy and her great new look.

The most impressive transformation, though, had to be Pete (with Mark as a close second). That guy gets my full admiration and respect. His picture in the "after" photos don't do justice to how slim and healthy he looked last night. Poor pathetic Kathryn looked pretty lazy next to him.

(Oh, and how much do you love that the Papa John's delivery guy came while I was typing this entry? I got issues, people.)

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Old and Faithful; Young and Stupid

The Amazing Race: Family Edition has totally lost its mojo. Let's never, ever do this again, people, okay? Have we all learned from this? Watching a geyser blow? Seriously? They couldn't have even made it into some sort of creative clue that would have made the teams work for it? I guess that wouldn't be fair, though, considering that the Weavers have a collective intelligence that's equal to the doorknob in my bathroom. That Weaver girl failed math twice, according to her brother. SHE'S HOME-SCHOOLED, YA'LL.

Anyhoo. This episode really held no tension for me, as it was pretty easy to figure out that it would be a SuperLeg. The finale is Dec 13th, so with only four teams left, they'd need to stretch things a bit. And the TiVo description said, "Teams get a surprise at the mat," so it really wasn't that hard to figure out. I spent the first half of the episode hating the Weavers and then the second wondering why the Linzes (and the Godlewskis last week) don't seem to be getting time credit for a production mistake. The Linzes were ON this week; it was upsetting to see their momentum interrupted by something totally out of their control. It's also nice to start to see a bit of Megan Linz's personality. Also, I think I have a weird little crush on Tommy "Bone" Linz. He's a riot. The Godlewskis seem to be falling apart in spectactular fashion, dragging Chrissy through the mud as they go. The Bransens are chugging on through, and it was great to see Walter get to be the hero for his daughters this week. Even though it looked like, later, he wanted to kill them in the car. The Weavers are just horrid, horrid people and I realized last night that they are truly insane, because their behavior makes no sense. When you force someone to apologize to you and then mock their apology? I can only react to that sort of behavior with rage. Yesterday my mother said to me about Mom Weaver, "She has done all her children a disservice by raising them like that. What is wrong with her?"

My favorite part of the episode was when the Linzes were coming upon the Tree of Utah, and Megan said, "It's just a bunch of balls!" And her brothers started cracking up. I love the cheap humor.

Sorry, I have no screencaps this week because my computer suddenly stopped letting me do it. I don't know.

PHIL'S PHASHION CORNER! Michael sez...Ummm. yeeHa? Oh, wait. I SWEAR I saw Phil in that shirt the last time I was at Spurs, guys. Hott. That's all, then.

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Monday November 28, 2005
That's Good, That's Bad

Bummer that I'm using the actual episode titles for all my posts for DH, because I really wanted to name this one Sister Mary Hotpants. Great episode! When did Eva Longoria become the star of the show? I'm willing to overlook the whole idiotic Carlos-gets-paroled storyline, because it brought us the Hot-Nun-versus-Gabby storyline, and me likey. I remarked to the geekboy last night that this show seems to be self-correcting. We're seeing the women spend more time together, and the women seem to be finding their original personalities again. This week, Susan was the lovable dope we all used to like ("I have a dad! And he gave me a hat!"). Lynette once again messed up while she was just trying to teach someone a lesson. Carlos and Gabrielle are back together, and she is now jealous of her husband, after everything's that happened - I love it. And Bree! She's back, baby! And Doctor Fine didn't die! Finally understanding the whole story behind George (and Marcia Cross pulled off a great scene there in the elevator), Bree turns into the Bree we used to know - cold and gorgeous and ready to kill for the people she loves. What I really loved about that story last night was the fact that Bree totally understood that George is not evil, just mentally ill. And she was almost kind to him about it; telling him that she realized he was sick and she just needed him to confess and she would get him help. But when he crossed the line and told her that he only did what she secretly wanted him to, you could actually see her empathy evaporate. Great job.

My one complaint is, you know, either give us the Betty Applewhite story or don't.

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Saturday November 26, 2005
I Can't Believe they Stole Capital Edge's Bullhorns

And I can't believe that when Alla tattled, Trump and Bill "Choppers" Rancic showed their support!

Freakgirl is having some technical difficulties and can't post about The Apprentice this week, but the comments are open. Have at it.

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