The Benefits Of Online Phlebotomy Certification

For many people looking for a more secure employment future, certification in a specialized field is a very good option. The problem, of course, is finding the time to attend on-site certification exams. With the advances made in modern technology, many of those same people can now take their certification exams right at home via the Internet. One such option involves phlebotomy certification.

To begin, let's look at what phlebotomists do. These are the highly skilled healthcare workers who take blood samples from individuals for various reasons. Properly drawing this blood is crucial to getting accurate results when the blood is used for diagnostic purposes. To be an effective phlebotomist, one must know human anatomy as well as human physiology and the cardiovascular system. Virtually all of these technicians undergo specialized training, and while it is not mandatory in all states to be certified, many technicians opt for certification as it improved their chances of getting the best paying jobs.

To be clear, getting a phlebotomy certification is not the same as getting the basic training courses to become a phlebotomist. Initial training courses are normally conducted on-site and require hand's on training and classroom attendance. Once an individual has passed those courses, he or she can then seek their phlebotomy certification.

While it is true that most states do not require phlebotomy certification in order for a trained person to work, having that certification can open a lot of doors that would otherwise remain closed. It is no secret that the best paying jobs (clinics, hospitals, blood banks and labs) will only consider those who have been certified. When a person is certified, it shows potential employers that the person is knowledgeable and had been able to show (through the certification exam) that he or she has a deep understanding of various types of blood collection protocols and standards that have been established by CLSI (the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute) as well as those set by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). Phlebotomy certification can occur online or off.

How To Study For The Phlebotomy Certification Test

The vast majority of those who have passed the phlebotomy certification exam are those who spent time studying for it. The exam will mostly concentrate on issues associated with venipuncture as well as issues associated with sample collecting. Because so much of the phlebotomy certification test is on these areas, you should spend considerable time studying each.

You will want to also study the various techniques used today as well as the different types of equipment that is used. It is important to also brush up on the theories as well as the method information that you learned during your training.

Another topic that will be on the test is anatomy, specifically which veins are used for the various types of blood collection. You should also know why each vein is used as well as any special precautions you must watch out for. You will also want to know the proper procedures are for emergencies and malfunctions.

Getting Help For The Phlebotomy Certification

Many people can benefit by using the Internet as a study tool. Several online sites offer practice questions and answers for those who are planning to take the phlebotomy certification exam. This is a great way to discover where your weak spots are so you can focus on them. This is also a very good way to get the "feel" of what the online version of the exam will be like.

What It Takes To Pass The Phlebotomy Certification Test

The highest score possible is 999 points. In order to pass the test, however, you only need to get a score of 400. Each question will have its own point value, meaning the more difficult the question, the more points it is worth. What many people do not know is that the online phlebotomy certification exam uses what is known as computer adaptive testing software. This means, in simple terms, that every correct answer you give will lead to a slightly more difficult question. Don't let this concern you. If you have studied for the test you will do just fine.

If you cannot take the phlebotomy certification test on-site, consider taking it online. This is great way to get the advanced credentials you will need to move upwards. And with so much assistance available online to help you pass the test, why would you put it off?