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Tuesday May 24, 2005
The Final Hours

Most important thing first: Soul Patch Tony should be shirtless, bound and gagged in every episode next season. I was shocked. The new hotness. Rather than make inappropriate missile launching or exploding warhead comments, I'll move on.

A fantastic ending to Jack's Fourth (nonconsecutive) Day of Hell. In the final hours, CTU finds Mandy, who is everything Avril Levigne wants to be (but so is not). She gives up Marwan. We track him down, trying to get out of LA. Apparently, he'd seen Crash and decided that LA is blight-like and set his missile to take out Hollywood. Jack gets there in time to assist Marwan in jumping to his death. All is not lost, because Marwan left evidence in his getaway copter that allowed Chloe and Lispy to save the West Coast and the day (with the help of the Air Force).

So, the Chinese are total terrorist loving tools. Just to prove it, they want to arrest Jack! Well, if the US can't have him, no one will have him, and America sets out to kill him in a perfect ending to a love triangle. Because he's in good hands with the ex-president, Jack finds out and fakes his own death. Soul Patch and his lover Michelle get JACK to the train tracks, where he puts on ugly sunglasses and walks into the sunset, though I think it's actually sunrise.

Great season. Great season ender. Please bring back Bitch Face Chloe, Soul Patch, Michelle and Lispy for Day Five.

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Tuesday May 17, 2005
Relationships = Death

My friend Ann Marie said last night that Alias and 24 have inverse relationships. When one is good, the other is lame. If that's true, then Alias sucks rocks hardcore, because 24 is speeding toward the end of a great season.

I don't think the story really advanced much last night. The stealth missle is still in the air and its destination is unknown. Jack and Audrey still need couples counseling. We caught the big bad, but didn't do much with him. Chloe is still a delightful asshat. The president remains a weenie, but he can butch it up when required.

So, what did happen? Well, Soulpatch Tony confessed his love for Michelle. The minute she agreed to leave CTU to be with him, it became pretty clear that he's going to die in the finale. Poor Michelle.

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Tuesday May 10, 2005
Tender Moments Before We Die

I had a coffee date last night, and I honestly thought about canceling it, just so I could stay home and watch 24. I tifauxed it and woke up extra early this morning to watch it. Thank god, because it was better than Wheaties at starting my day.

Fantastic episode. I literally was on the edge of my IKEA couch at the close. Where is that missile going? How can Jack possibly save us now? Can he get a jetpack and disarm the nuke in the air while Chloe talks him through it? Audrey of course would be confined, because she'd just get in the way, whining about civil rights and her dead husband (who she was cheating on).

Okay. Here's what I loved:
1. Chloe and her moment of compassion for Jack, which totally freaked him out. I think she was just as uncomfortable with it.
2. Soul Patch and Michelle's tender moment. I want these crazy kids back together.
3. Curtis. Just because.
4. The fact that Jack gave CTU one minute to figure out where the missile was based on a picture of it in the middle of nowhere and expected results. I'm like, you tell me. You're the one with the bad guy's laptop in front of you.

So, where does the missile land? And, will NBC steal the show from Fox next season?

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Tuesday May 3, 2005
Jack as HMO

Dude. Why are we messing with the Chinese on 24? Prices at Old Navy would skyrocket! Seriously, it's too late in the game for the believability police, but I doubt the Chinese government would delay handing over a suspected terrorist in America on the same day that a nuclear reactor imploded and Air Force One was gunned down placing the president in a coma. I mean, China is so not the world's protector of civil rights.

Chloe and Edgar are cute together. I want them to hook up and make babies with bitch faces and lisps.

So, Jack gets the bad Chinese dude to CTU after the consulate breakout. I think it's cool how they called ahead to say he was shot and needed immediate treatment, and nobody bothered to call in an extra doctor since the only guy (bearded handsome doctor) was working on Paul. In the end, Jack needed to put the country ahead of his girlfriend's husband, leaving Paul very dead on the operating table.

So, next week, we see a nuclear missle, and it's not that impressive. I mean, I thought these things needed silos or something?

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Tuesday April 26, 2005
Chloe Kicks Ass!

When you live in LA, apparently you can drive anywhere in just a few seconds. In the real-time drama of 24, people decide to go somewhere, they are in the car a few minutes later and they arrive at their destination seconds later. How cool!

So, let's discuss Audrey. She simply is annoying. Nuclear warhead about to explode and she's all like, "You are so going to get in trouble for beating up that bad guy." Which is odd, when you consider that terrorists kidnapped her and her father earlier in the day. Oh, and they shot her husband. Damn, she is forgiving!

I thought Chloe was so dead last night. The minute she was sent into the field, I knew she was gonna bite it. When the bad guy killed her fellow agents and started chasing her through the house, I thought she was headed to that big hiatus in the sky. Consider my surprise when Chloe goes all Rambo on the bad guy, pulling out a machine gun and plowing the guy down. The girl is stone cold. Now she needs to coach the new president on how to stand up to the bad guys!

This season is so good.

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Tuesday April 12, 2005
Jack Drops the Nuclear Football

Here's my first question about 24? Does Jack really think that screaming at someone will make a computer run faster? When he screams "I need the information now," does he think the CPU churns at a faster speed? Or, does volume simply make dull stuff (like computer geeks opening ports) seem more actionishy? To make my worklife more interesting, I'm just going to shout everything: "I need that Word document now!" or "Where is my fax? The fax, dammit, the fax."

This week's 24 proved that anyone can be a hero, and get shot for it. Congrats to our campers who picked up the nuclear football and ran with it for many yards until they got sacked by the bad guys. Tight!

What's up with the vice president (now president)? He doesn't look presidential. Is he going to be used by the bad guys? Is he a bad man? Is the cabinet pure evil? Why are we our own worst enemy?

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Tuesday March 29, 2005
The Hours

Wow. It's all I have to say about last night's 24. Amazing stuff.

Okay, actually, I didn't see it. What's the skinny? Was Tony macho? Was Jack brave? Did Audrey cry? Did Paul pull through? Was someone tortured?

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Tuesday March 22, 2005
Self Inflicted Stab Wound

Even Jack shoving a knife into his tight abdominal muscles wasn't enough to save the latest hour in the infamous Day Four. This is the first hour of the 24 that didn't have me at the edge of my seat, though I found the non-CTU plot involving the handsome military dudes interesting. Chloe is back. She's so annoying. Dina is on the case. Adore her. Tony is hotness. He rocks the cell phone with style.

So, are they going to shoot down Air Force One?

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Tuesday March 1, 2005
Why Wasn't She Restrained?

How can we expect to the government to stop terrorists when they can't even safeguard a schitzophrenic teen? Another SHOCKING episode of 24. I couldn't believe the ending, and I actually had sympathy for Erin, who I usually hate. Tony is so the hottest and coolest guy ever. And, um, Jack, you don't impress a chick by showing her how you torture someone.

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Tuesday February 22, 2005
4 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Dude. Another fantastic hour on 24. I so can't believe they killed off Marianne, and Curtis needs to live, just because he's hot. Erin Driscoll is pure evil, and I'm not sure why. Big ups to Edgar and Sarah for doing their jobs despite their trauma (one lost their mom, the other was tortured pointlessly). Tony continues to be his fine self, and I'm glad he's back at CTU, even though I'm sure Erin will try and get him on something. Bitch. Oh, and yeah, Jack's love interest's former love interest might be involved with the terrorists. Seriously, Jack surrounds himself with some troubling characters. Thank goodness that Dina and Behrooz are okay, just so we can hear mommy says his name in future hours.

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Tuesday February 15, 2005
This episode takes places between ...

I am so hooked on 24 this season. I've tried in the past, but could never make it through the first few hours without getting annoyed by the ridiculousness of it all. However, this season is kicking ass. It�s because that horrid daughter is gone. Now the show is less about family drama and more about the paranoia-inducing terrorists. This show is stellar, with some incredible acting, particularly from Shohreh Aghdashloo. Plus, I love anything with Arnold Vosloo, who's apparently the big bad this season, though he's only been in a few episodes. So, who's watching and loving Jack this season?

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