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Thursday September 29, 2005
Someone Arrest This Woman

BB6 winner Maggie plans to share her prize money with Cappy.

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Wednesday September 21, 2005
Dumb and Dumber

Well, Big Brother ended last night with the distasteful finalists of Ivette and Maggie. Maggie won, by one vote, and I have to say that I'm glad it was her and not Ivette. Flying under the radar is indeed a strategy, and one that Maggie pulled off without looking weak or useless (see: April). I still hate her sanctimonious Friendship crap, but hey, it got her $500K, so more power to her, I guess. Props to the producers for giving us a lot of sequester house; watching them all talk about who to vote for was interesting and knowing that they all still can't stand each other makes me happy.

Howie is now the love of my life for being the only person with balls. When he cast his vote and said, "I wish I could vote for America's top choices, but I can't. I'm stuck with America's last choice," I just wanted to jump and down. The ChenBot did very well last night, making with the ad-libs and bringing the funny. Did she get a new hard drive or something?

I'll bring the SUMMER OF SECRETS to an end with two screencaps from last night. The first is Howie - consider it an apology for how much I disliked him in the beginning. The second is by FAR the greatest moment of the night - when Ivette lost and came out of the house, Beau was standing there waiting for her with his arms out for a hug. Ivette ignored him and went straight to Cappy like a moth to a flame. It was disgusting and hilarious.

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Monday September 19, 2005

I can't even bring myself to talk about Big Brother. It's always such an incredible letdown when the Final 2 end up being people you hate. Feh. At least I can be comforted with the knowledge that Maggie and Ivette will be released soon, into an America that hates them.

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Wednesday September 14, 2005
The Episode We've Been Waiting For

We've been sitting on our couches all summer waiting for the inevitable moment when The Nerd Herd have to turn on each other. It happened last night and it was lovely. April and Ivette went at it, while Maggie wisely sat there like a lump of poo and Janelle watched from the safety of indoors. Ivette won the Veto in some fit of clarity - you actually had to have some memory skills to win this one, and she did. So good for her, I guess. Anyway, she vetoed herself and April went up. April must have realized at that point that she needed to do massive damage control and try to prove to her family and America that she is not actually an evil, nasty bitch. So instead of apologizing, she blamed all her bad behavior and Ivette and Ivette's influence on her. The hell? I hate you, April, for making me have to side with Ivette. How dare you. So, when it was all said and done, Ivette voted out April and everyone cried and started the 3-part HoH competition. I'm going to try to stay unspoiled on this one, but I'm just DYIN'. Also, more of my respect goes out to Janelle today over her excellent manipulation of the Nerd Herd. She's the one that caused the crack in the April/Ivette friendship and also became April's ally during her last day or so in the house. I wonder if it will actually work.

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Friday September 9, 2005
An Open Apology to Tushie

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I sort of implied on my last Big Brother post that Ivette's girlfriend Maggie was not attractive. Please consider this a retraction. Not only is she rather cute, she also has a crush on Janelle and hates Cappy! Why did we get stuck with Ivette's loud face when we could have had Tushie? More Tushie! More Tushie! Sadly, last night Howie was bounced from the house because Ivette apparently does not want to win. But then Janelle grabbed HoH and I think I heard angels singing. She can take this whole thing, people. We also got a peek into the Sequester House and who knew that Jen was an even bigger rag than she was on the show? I can't even talk about her. I hope James tortures her every single day. We want Sequester House episodes!

Lastly, we have another America's Choice Poll. Please vote for Janelle - vote early and often - polls are only open until noon EST. Let's make this week suck hard for the Nerd Herd.

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Wednesday September 7, 2005
Go Janey, Go Janey, GO GO GO Janey

In a surprise to NO ONE, Ivette as HOH put up Howie and Janelle. Ivette as HOH is also even more annoying than usual. Now, listen. Every single one of you out there looked at that picture of Ivette's girlfriend and went, "errrrr....", didn't you? DIDN'T YOU? But man alive, when Janelle said out loud on television that poor Tushy is ugly, I really felt like a jerk. Imagine seeing someone say that about you on tv. Bad Janelle! Of course, I can't myself hugely worked up about it, knowing all the terrible things that Ivette has said on camera as well.

So, April, Maggie and Ivette sat around congratulating themselves all day...UNTIL THE VETO COMPETITION. Janelle smoked them all and walked away with the Veto. YAH! April is being put up as a pawn, and just like I was hoping, Janelle and Howie decided to approach Ivette with a deal. Funny thing is, Ivette approached Howie first. I think Ivette would be crazy not to make this deal. She's stupid but she also wants this money, bad. She thinks she can win against either Janey or Howie. What do you think? My fantasy scenario is that April gets voted out, and goes to the Sequester House full of bitterness and screaming about how Ivette betrayed the Friendsheep and then no one will vote for her to win because she didn't keep up her end of the bargain. Oh, please, please, please!!!

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Monday September 5, 2005
The Horrifying Return of Holly

Saturday's Big Brother 6 was depressing and extremely annoying, all at the same time. Every minute Ivette is on my screen screaming about goodness and evil, my blood pressure rises. Every time I see Maggie make that displeased, constipated face that she thinks looks intimidating, my stomach starts hurting. Every time April starts squawking and crying, I die a thousand deaths. So much hate for so many people, and it looks like one of them might just up and win this thing. It could be the most disappointing ending for one of the best seasons of BB so far.

Anyway, to recap, Beau and Ivette were up for eviction. Holly, the world's most annoying BB houseguest EVER, showed up to emcee the veto competition and I've blocked pretty much all of that out of my head. Maggie won. Didn't use it. Beau was voted out and no one cared. Ivette won HOH and for some reason celebrated by making out with a lawn chair. I don't know. All I do know is that Tuesday's episode is going to be downright painful. I've already purchased some earplugs; I suggest you all do the same. Let's all hope for either Janelle or Howie to win the Veto and force Ivette to put up one of the Nerd Herd. Or for Janelle to actually follow-up on some of the ideas she's planted and try to get one of the Nerd Herd on her side. I thought for a moment she might win over April when she was crying about Maggie betraying her, but I don't think it's going to happen.

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Thursday September 1, 2005
James is Gone! Long Live the James!

So everyone thinks April is an annoying loudmouth, including her bestest sorority sisters and her husband, Matt. Matt would like you to understand that Howie was wrong about him; he's not fat, America. He's just big boned, is all. Snort! I agree that Matt isn't fat (and so what if he was?), but hearing a man describe himself that way gave me a good belly laugh, it did. Matt then showed us what a frat boy he still is when he asked Howie if he wanted "some of this" and did a strange little hula dance. Personally I think Matt and Howie would get along great.

Lucky us, we got to see Jennifer again this week, as Big Brother showed us the beautiful sequester house. Jennifer herself is as ugly as ever. Her behaviour while watching the tape Rachel brought was so infuriating that I jumped into my television and killed her.

The HOH competition gave me a heart attack. Howie won by a hair, beating out Beau. Then Howie stole Chenbot's thunder by asking her if it was a double eviction week again, spoiling everything. Chenbot recovered quickly, and Howie, being unable to nominate two of his own team again settled for putting Ivette and Beau on the block. Good, Howie. You get a cookie.

Long live the James!

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Wednesday August 31, 2005
In Which April Questions the Integrity of AMERICA

Excuse me, but did April just call the entire BB6 fanbase, "piece[s] of shit"? But wait! It's just not possible that America dislikes you and your group SO MUCH that they would vote for Janelle to win a call from a passing fancy instead of giving it to one of you; the contest MUST have been fixed. And then Maggie had the nerve to lecture Janelle on her interpretation of "loved one." She can kiss my ass.

I also loved how they all had a little judgement party based on the fact that Janelle didn't choose to receive a call from her mother instead. I mean, what kind of grown woman manages to go an entire three months without speaking to her mother! Perhaps it's the kind of person that "would let someone feel of them and stuff" underneath the covers. How disgusting! April, you're crazy.

So now we're left with Howie on the block next to James the Teflon Man. It seems pretty cut and dried that James will go home on Thursday, but with James, anything will happen.

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Sunday August 28, 2005
Foiled by Football

My husband and I sat down to watch Big Brother last night after my family went home. What we found on our tape instead was CBS! Special! Football! Pre-emption! More than a little disappointing since I've been uninterested in watching the feeds with April as HOH. Next time we'll remember to tape it from the Canadian channel instead, because the day a Canadian channel pre-empts something for football is the day we live in permanent Bizarro World.

Edited: Apparently there was no episode on Saturday night and I mentioned who was nominated, possibly spoiling some of you. I removed the information. My apologies!

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Thursday August 25, 2005

I mean, I'm truly speechless. How could this happen? Not one houseguest said they'd want to receive a call from Eric for America's Choice!

It was really no surprise that Rachel would be evicted this week, because it's obvious to everyone except Howie that she's a much better player than he, and that the other team doesn't really find him that intimidating. Rachel was so extremely nervous talking to Chenbot; she was not herself at all but even so I think she handled herself really well. Particularly entertaining for me was watching Ivette's goodbye message to Rachel. What a vindictive, idiotic crazy woman! What the hell was she talking about? I loved it because instead of putting Rachel in her place, she just came across as a total jealous baby.

HOH was a nightmare. I was rooting for James to win, but no, CBS obviously wants to torture me to death. The live feeds threaten to be unwatchable with April as HOH, but I'm interested to see what she'll do. Here's her chance to actually start playing the game. She's made it clear that she thinks she stands the best chance against James, Janelle or Howie. Suppose she has the cojones to nominate Maggie or Ivette?

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Wednesday August 24, 2005
Yeah, That Rachel, What an Annoying Bitch

Last night's Big Brother gave us back the Ivette we all know and loathe. This week she's set her hatred rays on Rachel and, I suppose because Rachel is white, she doesn't know how to racially attack her and instead calls her "horse-faced and aging." I'd rather be "horse-faced and aging" than "obnoxiously loud and gaining weight at an impressive pace." Anyway, as we figured, Beau put up Rachel and Howie for eviction, and James won the Veto, ensuring him yet another week in the house. Go James! I still can't believe I'm rooting for a Republican. BB has really brought this country together, united in their hate for the Cappy Days.

As we left last night's show, Rachel seems to be ready to volunteer herself for eviction to give Howie a chance to win the game. I don't think Howie is smart enough to win the game, but I'd love for him to stay in that house. He entertains me, what can I say? "It's a NERD HERD!!!!"

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Friday August 19, 2005
Hurricane Howie

I know that Howie is a sexist pig and he's kind of dopey and conceited and all that, but last night I sort of fell in love with him. Much like Nakomis had her mid-game freakout rant in the backyard last year, Howie lost his mind and did what we all were secretly wanting to do ourselves - called out April on her shit and, along with Janelle, began terrorizing the "Nerd Herd" until they could barely function. This is the kind of television I was hoping for. Has a house ever been this divided on the show? I don't remember seeing things get to this point.

We also found out from Julie Chen, resplendent in white pants, that this week is a Double Eviction, and when they crown the new HoH, we'll get immediate nominations. YES! I am not exaggerating when I say that I was nearly sick with worry throughout the HoH competition. And when Janelle pulled it out with her last-minute number change (and no, she did NOT cheat), our house cheered. Even the cat stood up and said, "Wooot!" Top it off with Jen THROWING her HoH key at Janelle and Janey responding by flipping her the bird. Good times, people! Our new HoH didn't let us down and immediately nominated Maggie and Jen. Oh hells yeah.

I enjoyed this episode so much that I nearly forgot to mention that Kaysar was evicted. He really made a terrible blunder and it cost him the game. I'm bummed he's gone, but what can you do. He blew it. And, much like last week, when he started talking about "playing the game with integrity" I tuned him out. That word should be illegal on game shows. But, just for old times sake, and because we spent so much time voting him back in - WHAT UP, KAYSAR?

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Wednesday August 17, 2005
Maggie Hates America!

My thoughts on last night's Big Brother - The Jedi are in a huge mess and have no one to blame but themselves. And Howie. And Kaysar. First Howie's boneheaded nominations, then Kaysar voluntarily giving Jen HOH - I mean, what did they expect? And it really disappointed me when I heard Kaysar start talking about integrity. PEOPLE, YOU ARE ON A FUCKING GAME SHOW. The best part about this whole situation is that James could totally win this game. Last night I envisioned a James/Beau final two and I laughed and laughed.

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Friday August 12, 2005
What Up, Kaysar!

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Wednesday August 10, 2005
Dear God, It's Me, Freakgirl

I am so whipped up about tomorrow's episode of Big Brother, I can barely stand myself. James won the Veto, and I am loving how this season everyone who needs to win HOH or Veto simply does. I don't really care for James, but he is making good tv without driving me insane. My dream scenario, the one I will pray for tonight as I lay me down to sleep, is for Ivette to be voted out and Kaysar voted back in. Oh, how I would love to see Ivette go when she actually volunteered to go on the block. Oh, how life would be so peaceful and quiet without her squawking all over my television. Oh, how wonderful it would be to not hear her screaming "CAPPY" every five minutes. Also, it would put off Sarah's eventual nervous breakdown for another week.

Favorite moment of last night? Howie's talking pinata in the Diary Room. Great job, editors! I laughed my ass off. I hope I can find a screencap.

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Friday August 5, 2005
Bring Him Back!

Well, as we expected, Kaysar was evicted from the Big Brother house last night. It looks like the vote was 7 - 1, am I remembering that correctly? Who voted against Janelle? I'm a little surprised it wasn't more split. The GOOD news is that Howie won HOH. A power shift is happening again this week and it might spell the end of James. (speaking of James, btw, how funny was it that it appears Sarah's parents can't stand him?). Although, my god, Ivette can't leave this house fast enough. The other big news in SUMMER OF SECRETS is what we've been suspecting all along - America will be able to vote an evicted housemate back into the house next week. Our choices are Michael, Eric, and Kaysar (apparently Ashlea fled sequester, ha ha).

I am on a one-woman campaign to make sure that Eric does not win and Kaysar does. Go here to vote, please. Even if you don't watch BB6, do it for me. We want Kaysar back in the house - with Lost in summer repeats, America needs their hot Iraqi.

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Wednesday August 3, 2005
The Revenge of Maggie

Well, THAT was depressing. I can't imagine a scenario where Kaysar will be saved, and even if he is, I will miss Janelle. I enjoy the two of them together.

WHY did James tell Ivette he planned to nominate Maggie if he won HOH? I don't give a crap about the whole bible-swearing thing, but why would he tell her that after earlier promising not to? Why not just let Ivette think whatever she wanted? And what in the hell is wrong with Beau, not giving James a bible when he asked for it? These people are catty and nasty and immature, and I fear it is going to be very hard to watch once Kaysar/Janelle are gone.

I don't really care for James, but I got really happy for Sarah when she won the veto. I'm sort of concerned for her mental state.

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Friday July 29, 2005
So Long, Tiny Man

Not like this is a surprise or anything, but Eric was evicted from the BB6 house last night. The BIG news was that, after he left, Maggie won the HOH competition, narrowly beating Janelle. DRAMA! I love it. I'm not fond of Maggie due to her bizarre and sometimes totally inappropriate adoration of Eric, but what a great moment, watching her win! The house should be interesting this week; can't wait to see who she puts up. I imagine James will be one of her choices, and now that they know about the extra prize for the partners who make it to the end, people will probably want to start taking out partners.

In other news, Ivette is the dumbest person I've ever seen on this show, and I'm totally including Scott in that equation. Also, how old was Janelle's mom when she gave birth? 10? That woman looks GOOD, people. And lastly, holy CRAP, did you see Julie Chen's pants?

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Wednesday July 27, 2005
Shift of Power

It seems like the now-familiar "Power Shift" in the Big Brother house has happened early this year. Kaysar made good on his promise that when he became HOH, he would "turn the house upside-down." Last night, he spoke to James about nominating him for eviction, and before I realized what was happening, suddenly James and Sarah had joined the Kaysar/Janelle/Howie/Rachel alliance and had decided to kick out Eric this week. The plan was really quite excellent, reminiscent of the Nakomis-created "six finger plan" last season. Even Maggie, through her tears, grudgingly admitted that Kaysar's plan was crafty. I am thrilled at the direction this game has taken. Eric's alliance treated Kaysar and Janelle like dirt since the minute they walked into the house, and payback is a real bitch, ain't it?

What I think I love most about this game is watching people like Eric - people who have no problem lying and conniving, but if someone does it to them, they simply go crazy with hypocrisy. I am not a real fan of James, but when he said in the Diary Room, "I am not going to be one of those idiots sitting in front of Julie Chen crying about how I played the game with integrity," well, my heart grew a few sizes.

Cheers to the Big Brother house, where it looks like we finally have a house full of people that understand the game and are willing to play it. Talk about it in the forums.

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Monday July 25, 2005

Talk about new HOH Kaysar and his brilliant nominations in the forums.

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Friday July 22, 2005
Would It Be Against the Rules if He Just Nominated Eric Twice?

Last night's Big Brother proved to me that I am really into this show. I was on the edge of my seat during the HOH, screaming at the screen during any Eric time, and laughing at Julie Chen's many screw-ups. I just love her.

I was very pleased to see Mike go. He gives me the willies and, though I would have liked him to remain in the house and drive Eric insane, I wanted Janelle to stay more. I am going to chalk up her hooking up with Michael to temporary insanity. Kaysar looked like this has been the worst week of his life, and I truly felt badly for him. And again, my hat's off to the man for making sure he used his Diary Room time to try and clear his friend's name. What a man, what a man, what a mighty good man.

And THEN, in a great moment, Kaysar actually won HOH! I couldn't believe it. He and Janelle will be safe for another week. I imagine that Eric very nearly pooped his pants when he saw Kaysar win. Let's just hope that our dear Kay doesn't let Eric play any mind games with him. Will he put up Eric to avenge Michael? Or will he start by taking out Eric's minions? I can't wait to find out on Saturday.

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Wednesday July 20, 2005
Battle of the Morons

Last night's Big Brother was full of excitement and assholes, in equal amounts. We found out that Eric has an army of hysterics, with Ivette second-in-command of leading the troops into a frenzy. The tension between Eric and Michael culminated in a drunken confrontation, where Eric came close to physically attacking Michael. Big Brother had to calm them all down and put them in separate rooms, like a bunch of toddlers. Neither Eric or Michael were justified in their behavior; they're both babies. I blame Ivette for escalating the entire situation and seriously, what is her problem that, even in the Diary Room, she can't speak at a volume less than a honk? Did you know she's Cuban? She never mentions it. And let's all pat Kaysar on the back for maintaining his cool while having to deal with an idiotic Michael and an unbelievably rude Ivette. He doesn't belong on this show.

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Friday July 15, 2005
Ashlea Gets Her Walking Papers

Last night on Big Brother 6, we found out our pairs and had our first eviction. Ashlea was evicted over Kaysar - 9 to 2 or something like that. We know Janelle voted for Kaysar; was Howie the other vote? Who cares. She was boring. I'm really finding myself disliking Eric and was pretty disappointed when he won HOH. Methinks Kaysar will find himself on the block again. Why does Eric distrust Kaysar so much? Has anyone seen anything on the live feeds that would explain that? I popped into the live feeds last night and, although I don't care to be spoiled, I noticed a lot of the live feed update posters really despise Michael. Any explanation there? I also find James and Sarah slightly adorable, and hope they don't make me hate them. Ivette is getting on my nerves the way she's always all over everyone. I can see her paying special attention to James and Sarah quietly fuming about it over in a corner. Girl smackdown, I hope?

As for the rest of the episode, Julie Chen messed up a few times, which is why we love her. Also, the awkward silences in the beginning of the live show were just too awesome. She said something like, "Who's the funniest?" and Janelle said, "Howie" and then, crickets. Loves it.

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Friday July 8, 2005
I've Got a Secret

Okay, the theme for this season of Big Brother is "secrets," and after one episode I'm already exhausted from hearing the word. It's like the "X Factor" all over again.

Anyway, our latest group of future reality television has-beens have entered the house, which is bigger and better than last season. It looks like they are all sleeping in one big room, which has GOT to suck. My guess is that doesn't last long, though, since we know there are so many SECRETS IN THIS HOUSE! (dun dun DUNNNN!)

We can see with this cast that the producers were looking for T&A;, all the time. Is there anyone over age 33 in the cast? No older people this year, no freaks, at this point everyone looks the same. Blondes, abs, boobs, tans, YAWN. I miss you, Nakomis.

So, our theme this season is SECRETS and everyone in the house has a secret. Everyone knows one other person in the house. So there are seven pairs of people there. And each pair thinks they are the only ones who know each other. Nifty. Keeping your secret and making it to the end will up the BB prize to a cool million, which is pretty sweet. Apparently one person has a SECRET SO ASTONISHING, IT WILL CHANGE THE WAY THE GAME IS PLAYED! All righty then. I think we also have our first Big Brother US lesbian this season, as well as our first person of Iraqi heritage. Let's all bow our heads and have a little prayer that Scott and Jase are not on this season - they would probably cause an international incident and a hate crime all with one mandana.

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Monday June 27, 2005
It's Almost Here!

Information on the upcoming season of Big Brother 6. Woo hoo! [via tv tattle]

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