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Tuesday June 21, 2005
Blow Out Boredom

Hey, did anything actually happen on Blow Out this week? The previews for next week were more exciting than this episode. Let's see if we can recap the real action:

1. Jonathan is still not thrilled with Jonathan Product. ("This Dirt is a little greasy.")
2. New guy Bobby is really really happy to be working for Jonathan. (Okay, Bobby actually seems kind of sweet--but seriously, 200 bucks on jeans?)
3. Two crazy ladies moved into Jonathan's office for about a day or so. (What was that about? Didn't both of them seem really weird about the whole moving in thing?)

That's all I got out of it, and that's about 10 minutes of the show. The rest of the episode involved a boring fashion show and a cell phone with a Mrs. Pac Man game on it. Yep, that's it.

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Wednesday June 8, 2005

Blow Out returned for its second season last night, and all I can say is that Jonathan Antin is the biggest tool that ever tooled, his name should be Tooly McToolerHead, he should be the mayor of Tooltown and the president of Tooltonia. SUCK!

(J.Go, if you'd like to do an actual post about the show, please feel free to remove my snotful comments. Kiss kiss.)

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Monday February 7, 2005
Yet I Won't Be Able to Look Away

The second season of Blow Out is filming right now, and it looks like it will be an extended commercial for Antin's new haircare product line. In the first season, the show was fun to watch because of the stylists. Are we still going to have them, or is it going to be an entire season of Jonathan crying on his carphone again because the product launch isn't "butch" enough? Oh god. [via tv tattle]

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Monday November 8, 2004
Blow Out, Season 2

That's right, you guys, good old Jonathan and his one and only haircut are coming back to Bravo. [via tv tattle]

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Friday July 16, 2004
It's all about great hair!

Clearly we underestimated Jonathan Antin's star power, because, oh my god, he gets to cut Harry Hamlin's hair. I didn't know that a Bravo series could pull in that much celebrity! I've so got a new respect for Jonathan. My admiration made it even harder to say goodbye to the staff at Jonathan Beverly Hills this week as Blow Out ended its six-episode run. Overall, it's been a great series with the right amount of drama and villains (Brandon and Tish), as well as some seemingly likeable people (Jason and Jenn). Unfortunately, I found the final episode the weakest. Very lackluster and, on some level, unbelievable. Here's how it went: the staff complained about the salon's management, Jonathan cried and said hair is more important than their petty lives and need for income and then everyone was super happy. I was annoyed how the episode kept building up for this big showdown, which was ended by Jonathan just repeating the word "hair" for a few minutes and crying. I doubt that these stylists just let all of their concerns go because of that speech. Of course, Kimberly also got her chair, having passed Jonathan's test. She seemed happy with her promotion, but it's hard to tell, because her face never actually moves. She's 22, I'm sure she's just trying to lower her risk for mid-20s wrinkling. While I doubt producers could get another six episodes out of this show, it would be nice to do a follow up, just to see the new shampoo guy more. He seemed very cute.

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Wednesday July 7, 2004
Near the End

I don't like to think about the fact that there is only one more episode of Blow Out left on the schedule. For once, I wish a network would take a page from MTV's reality show book and milk this thing for all it's worth. We need a reunion!

There's nothing more frustrating than watching someone who is not used to admitting he's wrong try to apologize--maybe it's the inherent smarminess in his voice (and pompadour), but Jonathan could not have seemed less sincere when he admitted his mistake to Kimberly last night. She didn't deserve a full-on grovel, but a shred of genuine emotion would have improved the "Sorry, babe--love ya" b.s. that came out of Jonathan's mouth. I don't feel too sorry for her, though--according to her bio, she's been fired by Jonathan four times already. This must be how they work together.

Alicia is still a twit--thus, it was nice to see her forced to go out and humiliate herself with the crazy red-jacket guy. And we should see more of Daniel outside of the shop, where he totally shows off a rather charming sweetness that contrasts his kinda-icky/aloof vibe in the salon. I have to ask, though--what were all of those blurred-out posters in his house? Giant ads or goat porn?

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Wednesday June 30, 2004

Yay! Brandon is fired! (Sorry if that ruined things for you, spoiler queens, but it happens in the first 10 minutes of the show, so it's not like you can't watch or anything now.) Of course, they'll find some way to work him back into the "plot," I'm sure, but for now, it lets us all focus our hate power on the nasty Alicia, whose shabby and condescending treatment of the salon's custodian was even more heinous than that bizarro pink half-sweater thing she was wearing later in the show.

Jonathan's voice continues to bug--"I don't want to be a play-ER hat-ER"--and I have decided that it's an Antin family trait. I TiVoed The Last American Virgin this past week and sure enough, his brother Steven talks the same way.

Even though I like leather goods and fur and eating rare steak, good for Jen for sticking to her priniciples. Of course, I would have lied about my personal beliefs to get away from that terrible fashion show, too. Does no one realize that the "big-hair punky rock star" look is about as au courant as "ghetto fabulous"? They are both looks that are over in a major way. Now I know why my friends who work in the fashion industry make fun of L.A. designers. And how classic was the designer's quote, on seeing hair creations that didn't match her "vision"?
Jonathan: You said you wanted Viking.
Designer: Maybe not Viking, maybe
Oh, okay--we all know that "Viking" and "sexy" usually go hand-in-hand ("Yo those horn helmets are HOTT"), so that's not a huge miscommunication issue or anything, dumbass.

And I hope no one blinked and missed the reality-show-crossover moment: Catie from America's Next Top Model! And it looks like she made it through an entire photo session without crying! Wow, she's really grown as a person, y'all.

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Wednesday June 23, 2004
Blow Out: Week 3

Does everyone remember that time I said that Blow Out's Brandon was "fun to watch"? I have slapped my own face twice for making such a ridiculous statement. Clearly, what I meant to say was that he is a GIANT A**HOLE. Sometimes I get all confused with the words and stuff.

Seriously, what a jerk--once again, I have to wonder how people like him see the world. I mean, I think the sky must even look like a different color to them, they're so removed from reality.

Three Other Notes
1. Raise your hand if you saw the horrible Lenscrafters plug coming as soon as Jonathan said "I lost my glasses." I honestly have nothing against product placement, but please be a little smoother about it, people.
2. How great was the new 'do that Jason gave to that waitress? Maybe it's just me, but I proclaim that the majorness of that haircut was major.
3. In case you're wondering, things like Botox parties are exactly why the terrorists hate us.

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Wednesday June 16, 2004
Blow Out: Week 2

Aaagh! J. Go already posted about Blow-Out down here. I'm sorry, Mr. Go! Anyway, it looks like we had a lot of the same responses to the show, so read both entries and leave your own comments and reactions after his write-up. Sorry about the confusion!

Well, maybe it's just me, but Blow Out is totally delivering on the promise it showed last week. The drama is good, the tension is palpable, and the "characters" are falling into place and assuming their good guy/ bad guy roles.

Jonathan was pretty close to the edge last night (though I could have done without the "my therapist says..." psycho-babble--just let it out, man!), but it made for some good TV as the stress increased, and it played up the importance of his co-workers (who are much more interesting anyway). Speaking of...

I think we can all agree that Kimberley, Jenn, and Jason are the sweethearts of the show. I pretty much let their opinions of the other players influence my own take on each person. I really think I love Jenn most of all--her deadly cute/in control combo is just too much for me to resist. Based on the previews, Kimberley looks like she's going to slide downhill over the next few weeks--the dark side (would that be the dark sink?) awaits...

As for the bad guys, there's no question that we're not supposed to like mega-bitches Alicia (what is her deal, yo?) and Tish. Tish was particularly loathsome last night, as yelled at Kimberley for telling her to give Jonathan his space. As Jenn put it, "I don't think she was trying to school you, Tish." Yeah--lighten up, bee-yotch!

Brandon is still a wild card, I guess (though he's obviously being set up as an All About Eve-style scheming protege). Though I would never want to meet him in real life, his utter obliviousness to the absolute idiocy of his thoughts and words makes him fun to watch.

So again, there's a good show here--try to catch it if you can. Minus the awful and hammer-subtle plugs for AmEx, I think it has real "Best of 2004" potential, if only in the reality-show category.

Don't forget--leave comments after J. Go's post.

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Dude. Chill. This isn't New York.

The second installment of Bravo's Blow Out was even better than the first. Here's what I liked: the intense, overtly-butch and ego-driven Jonathan and his inability to keep his stress from spilling out on those around him; the lovely Jenn, who keeps everything under control and used the term "school"; and Brandon's bravado about his coolness and looks. Here's what I hate: Tish is a defensive bitch, Daniel's face scares me and there were too many obvious American Express plugs. Also, when he kept referring to the In Style party, I honestly thought he meant "InStyle Magazine" and not the event company. I mean, it seemed kind of lame after the build up. The only celebrities were the queen from The Tonight Show and one of the hobbits.

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Wednesday June 9, 2004
Blow Out-Standing! (Har har!)

So who would have guessed that Blow Out would actually be interesting (and pretty well-made, in my opinion)? It was fascinating for me in the way that watching a documentary about tribesmen of the Serengeti would be, i.e. I couldn't relate to any of the people involved or their lifestyles or their cultures, but it made for some pretty engrossing television. And even though his laugh kind of annoys me (and I really want to add some texture to his hair), I find Jonathan Antin to be somewhat charming--which probably explains his apparent success in the field.

It's still too early to pick out the good guys and bad guys, but it's obvious that Jonathan and Brandon will be providing much of the conflict (at least early on), while the other stylists/colorists/whatever-ists bring on the mini-dramas every week. All I know is that I season-passed it as soon as the first episode was over...and that if I ever become a hairstylist, I'm going to use words like "hot," "feathery," and "sexy" to describe all of my haircuts, no matter what they look like.

(By the way, does anyone know if Jonathan is related to Steve Antin, the actor who played Rick in The Last American Virgin? I can't track down any good pictures of Steve, but they certainly do favor, as we say down here. For a while, I was even thinking they could be the same person, but Jonathan doesn't seem to have been an actor in his pre-hair days.)

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Tuesday June 8, 2004
My New Favorite Show

I have a hunch that Blow Out will be my favorite of the summer. It's from the creators of The Restaurant, which I enjoyed during its first season. And, let's face it, LA-based celebrities? There will be drama, sweeties. It kicks off tonight at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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