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Tuesday February 22, 2005
You Asked for Plot Development, You Got It

This week's Carnivale had so much action, I didn't even realize the hour-long episode was short, at about 45 minutes. Where to start? Ben found Scudder, and he looks a lot like Beast from the tv show Beauty & The Beast. Anyway, before we can even come to grips with the fact that after two years, Ben's finally found his father, Ben's put him in the truck and is taking him back to meet Management. Not surprisingly, Management attempts to kill Scudder, but Ben intervenes (after a lot of standing around going, "stop it"), and Management bleeds blue! He's the Usher? It's also confirmed that Mgmt is Justin's father. In other news, Libby and Jonesey get it on, and the less said about that, the better. Norman Balthus is waking up, Justin dreams Iris stabs him in the nuts, Samson hooks up with Bree Walker, and Bearded Lady is making passes at Ruthie because she thinks Ruthie might be possessed by Lodz. Hot Bearded Lesbian Action, perhaps? Three cheers for plot development!

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Tuesday February 15, 2005
:: shudder ::

Did you guys see Carnivale the other night? Yeah, yeah, Sofie and Ben, yeah, Lodz possessing Ruthie's body, yeah uh-huh, Brother Justin setting up the radio guy for Iris' crimes. NONE OF THAT CAN MATCH THE HORROR OF BREE WALKER. What happened to her? [make sure you click the links to see the before/after pics] Remember when she was just that super-cute newsperson with the disfigured hands? Now she's a bona fide freak, and she did it all by herself.

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Tuesday February 1, 2005
God, These People are Filthy

Still watching Carnivale? Although there is an obvious and steady march towards...well, towards SOMETHING, I still end each episode confused. Care to discuss?

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Tuesday January 18, 2005
Ruthie Sees Dead People

The latest episode of Carnivale was more mind-bending than last week. I'm having trouble putting all the pieces together, so I'd like to hear your theories. Justin is now the tattooed man. But we know (I think) his prophecy/power doesn't come to fruition until he kills Scudder, so has he jumped the gun? Is the tattooed man a real person or just a sort of spirit that inhabits people? I think he was inhabiting Sofie when Ben saw her wandering down the road (and we also learned that Sofie's mother, while dead, still hasn't left her). Ben meets Father Kerrigan and sees a vision where Scudder made Kerrigan perform a ritual with him that involved biting the head off a snake? Isn't that what Scudder's old role in the carnivale was, a geek? Can't remember. Either way, ew. Ruthie sees an ex-boyfriend, but later finds out he died years ago. I guess when Ben brought her back from the dead, she didn't come back all the way, or brought some sort of power along with her. Obviously this is all leading to some sort of showdown, but what's going to happen?

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Tuesday January 11, 2005
My Head Hurts

Last night we watched the season premiere of Carnivale. So let's get this straight. Management is the Russian, who was chasing Scudder, who is Ben's father. If Justin kills Scudder, he will become the new prophet of darkness (The Usher), but if Ben kills Scudder, he will prevent world annihilation. Is that about right? Also, how is the man with the tree tattoos figuring into this? And isn't that the man who raped Sofie's mother, so is Sofie a part of all this too? Is she the key to whatever everyone is searching for? Also, the face-ripping scene at the end was TRIPPY, DUDE!

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Friday January 7, 2005
Carnivale Returns

HBO's Carnivale returns on Sunday and, according to this article, things are actually going to happen this season. I'm indeed hoping the show is more plot-driven this time around. I loved the cinematography and the acting, but the nebulous storylines were wearing me out. We'll definitely be tuning in to see the evil rise of Brother Justin. Do you guys watch? Is it worth covering here at TMFT? [link via tv tattle]

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