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Monday December 5, 2005
Coming Home

Discuss this week's Desperate Housewives here. Sorry for the lack of recap.

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Monday November 28, 2005
That's Good, That's Bad

Bummer that I'm using the actual episode titles for all my posts for DH, because I really wanted to name this one Sister Mary Hotpants. Great episode! When did Eva Longoria become the star of the show? I'm willing to overlook the whole idiotic Carlos-gets-paroled storyline, because it brought us the Hot-Nun-versus-Gabby storyline, and me likey. I remarked to the geekboy last night that this show seems to be self-correcting. We're seeing the women spend more time together, and the women seem to be finding their original personalities again. This week, Susan was the lovable dope we all used to like ("I have a dad! And he gave me a hat!"). Lynette once again messed up while she was just trying to teach someone a lesson. Carlos and Gabrielle are back together, and she is now jealous of her husband, after everything's that happened - I love it. And Bree! She's back, baby! And Doctor Fine didn't die! Finally understanding the whole story behind George (and Marcia Cross pulled off a great scene there in the elevator), Bree turns into the Bree we used to know - cold and gorgeous and ready to kill for the people she loves. What I really loved about that story last night was the fact that Bree totally understood that George is not evil, just mentally ill. And she was almost kind to him about it; telling him that she realized he was sick and she just needed him to confess and she would get him help. But when he crossed the line and told her that he only did what she secretly wanted him to, you could actually see her empathy evaporate. Great job.

My one complaint is, you know, either give us the Betty Applewhite story or don't.

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Monday November 21, 2005
The Sun Won't Set

So, Desperate Housewives. Gabrielle lost the baby. Thanks a lot, DH, for letting us hang on that last week and then having Mary-Alice mention it almost as an afterthought this week. Jeez. Her storyline was sweet though; loved the ex-con hanging out on her porch. Susan remains stupid (leave Mike the hell alone, already), and we were reminded that she comes by it honestly. Her mother lying about Susan's real father? Nearly unforgivable, in my opinion. Although I do love me some Bob Newhart, so more him, please. Lynette once again cracked me up with her ongoing battle against her husband over who knows how to raise their kids the best. Tom slapping his head and exclaiming, "Oh my god, our CHILDREN ARE IDIOTS" was classic. And Lynette's assistant getting tasered was another high point for me.

The main storyline, obviously, is Bree and George. I was hoping that Bree would find out her therapist was dead or missing, but no such luck. However, George's psychosis is getting harder for him to hide, and with the visit from one of his exes, Bree is starting to finally GET IT. We're seeing glimpses of the Bree we used to know; glad she's back. I wonder if George will try to kill her.

We also got our first look at the new Caleb. He's been prowling the neighborhood in a panic, and was finally caught by Mike. Betty and her son just stood there and watched the police take him away. I wonder if they will let him sit in jail. Also, apparently Betty's son took out Bree's daughter on a date but they didn't bother showing us any of that.

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Monday November 14, 2005
Color and Light

This week's episode of Desperate Housewives was a big improvement over recents eps, don't you think? Usually when we watch this show, we ask questions out loud to the screen that never get answered and it pisses us off. This week, every time we asked a question it was immediately answered in exposition and I liked that. For example, I thought that Bree accepting George the Murderous Pharmacist's proposal was idiotic and totally out of character. But then they showed Bree telling her therapist that she only accepted to be "polite," and that totally made sense to me. Also? Remember last week when I said that George is totally not the kind of guy who could kill someone with his bare hands? Uh, I guess I was wrong.

Gabrielle's storyline, shockingly, continues to interest me. But it looks like she may be having her soap-opera-convenient miscarriage and bleh. Speaking of soap operas, though, hello prime-time Linda Dano! Susan and her ex hooking up was kinda cute, but god, don't make me feel bad for Edie. The Scavos ruled this week, trying to decide whether or not it was worth giving up their playdates over a homemade porn tape. Doug Savant is the king of the blank stare. Peek-a-boo!

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Tuesday November 8, 2005
Caleb, We Hardly Knew Ye

I'm simply dying to know what this is all about.

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Monday November 7, 2005
I Wish I Could Forget You

Last night's Desperate Housewives was better than usual, I guess. I'm still feeling a bit disappointed in this season. I enjoyed Lynette and Tom's struggle over spending money on a suit...his face when he held that golf club was priceless, and I agree with Lynette. Parents deserve nice things, too. "I feel like a better parent already" cracked me up. Although if my entire office sat in front of me and made fun of my clothes, I wouldn't be returning to the office the next day wearing Chanel; I'd be clad in weapons and hand grenades. Gabrielle's storyline is actually starting to interest me; I'm enjoying her newfound faith in her marriage. But why doesn't she look pregnant yet? Susan finally had to pay for sending Zach away, and she deserved all of Mike's anger. But I have to admit I felt terrible for her as she stood in the street in her mother's wedding dress, crying. Yuck. As for Bree, SIGH. Why is she so stupid? What happened to her? And what in the hell is up with George? He drugged her and then expected her to sleep with him because he DIDN'T take advantage of her? And she fell for it? Blegh. And no boy-in-the-basement storyline this week. Not even a mention. Whatev.

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Monday October 24, 2005
They Asked Me Why I Believe in You

Due to circumstances involving neighbors and a crockpot of mulled wine, freakgirl has not yet viewed Desperate Housewives.

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Feel free to discuss the show here.

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Monday October 17, 2005
My Heart Belongs To Daddy

Up is down and black is white because this week I actually enjoyed the Carlos/Gabrielle storyline. I guess I like that they both understand exactly what their marriage is about, even if it's about mutual disrespect. And Adrian Pasdar looks delicious! Susan's storyline? My god. I GET IT that she's "protecting" her daughter, but if HER daughter had gotten in trouble and run away from home, and she found out that Mike not only knew where she was, but paid her to leave town? Ack. Very, very bad decision there, SusieQ. The story of Bree and George is upsetting me a bit, as I didn't think that Bree was that stupid. I suppose we are to chalk it up to being clouded by grief and confusion, but COME ON. If anyone, ANYONE, ever raised a hand to my child, no matter what a bastard my child was being, well, let's just say they'd probably limp home minus one hand. Make no mistake, Bree's son is a real shit, but he doesn't deserve to be shipped off to torture camp. Again. And, lastly, Lynette did make me laugh this weeek. "I killed my son's imaginary friend." Snicker. Doug Savant was so funny in all those scenes, with the rolled eyes, barely suppressed laughter - he is a riot. Of course I am totally not digging on the fact that Lynnette is being punished for not being a stay-at-home mom. What's up with that crap?

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Monday October 10, 2005
You'll Never Get Away From Me

This week on Desperate Housewives, we almost saw the person in Betty Applewhite's basement escape. Still couldn't get a good look at him, though. He appeared to be younger than I expected. Anyway. Lynette's storyline this week was cute, actually. From Tom pointing out that she let her son manipulate her to the videoconferencing setup ("he wants to show you his new cubby") to the coffee spillage on her hosebeast boss - fun. Gabrielle's storyline is still lame, and when is she going to start showing? I can't really get a handle on how much time has passed. We also had the return of Mrs. Huber's sister, who I love, with some sage words for Mike: "You should have killed Zach when you had the chance." Indeed. Meanwhile, Susan and Edie are fighting over Julie, which is weird, and what kind of mother would make her daughter choose like that? Psychos. Speaking of psychos, hello, George! Way to pass that lie detector test! Yipes. I am a bit afraid for Bree. She has no idea. Lastly, what in the hell is up with Nicolette Sheridan's and Teri Hatcher's necks? Seriously. Is that what it looks like when you've dieted yourself into nothingness, is it age, or is it what happens when your plastic surgeon has nothing left to pull tight? Scary.

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Monday October 3, 2005
You Could Drive a Person Crazy

Lynette, Lynette, Lynette. Wouldn't it have been easier to just hire a housekeeping service? A rat? Seriously? Also, I may have nightmares about Edie's rollerskating outfit for the rest of my life. And the mystery of the person in the basement gets more interesting. Is it an abusive ex-husband, like Betty Applewhite told the doctor? Did he really kill her child? Does she have a child? Is Josh really her son? How long before Susan sticks her nose in where it doesn't belong and ends up in trouble, with Mike having to save her? And poor Bree. Her MIL won't give her a chance to grieve, and now it looks like Bree may be accused of killing Rex. Oops. Also, how many of us were yelling "Two dollars!" at the television while Susan fought with the paperboy?

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Monday September 26, 2005

Last night on the season-opener of Desperate Housewives, Bree buried Rex. In Tom Scavo's tie. Poor Bree. Watching her wait until 9:00am, the "proper" time to make a phone call, was maddening and pathetic at the same time. Good to see that the writers remembered she has a daughter, too. In other news, Mike now realizes he is Zach's father, and won't press charges even though Zach intended to shoot him. Meanwhile, Zach is missing, and Mike and Susan are called to a morgue to identify his body. It wasn't him, and thank god for that, because that would have been the most worthless storyline EVER. However, Susan realizes the connection between Zach and Mike, and calls off their plans to move in together. Lynnette is interviewing for a corporate job, and nails the position while simultaneously lecturing her interviewer and changing a peepee diaper. Nice! Gabrielle's storyline is still boring. She wants her marriage to work, and I have no idea why. I guess they both deserve each other, but their characters seem a bit underdeveloped.

Lastly, the new neighbor has a secret. We thought it might be that her son isn't actually her son, but it appears that the two of them are keeping someone hostage in their basement. Interesting. An abusive husband, perhaps? I guess we'll find out soon.

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Tuesday May 24, 2005
That Voice

A writer at Slate has a little problem with the narration--both the content and the delivery--on Desperate Housewives. I don't watch the show, but back when I did (the first half of the season), I do remember thinking that Mary Alice's voiceovers were a tad abrasive on my ears.

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Monday May 23, 2005
One Wonderful Day

The season finale of Desperate Housewives promised some answers, and didn't disappoint. Mike takes Paul Young hostage in order to kill him for what he believes Paul did to Diedre, but in the end, we find out that it was all Mary-Alice's idea. And that, as a very young child, Zach saw his parents standing over the dead body of his biological mother. The lies that he was told in order to cover those memories are a good explanation of why he's now beaten Mrs. Huber Sister with a lacrosse stick, and taken Susan hostage and will presumably shoot Mike.

Tom Scavo quits his job and takes up air hockey hustling at Chuck E. Cheese. Doug Savant's manic performance was fun to watch (remember the time Matt got addicted to speed on Melrose Place? good times). He's decided that he's going to be a full-time dad and commanded Lynette to go back to work. Her reaction was half disbelief and half thrilled.

The truth finally comes out to Carlos about his wife and Lawn Boy, right in the middle of proceedings for his hate crime. Gabrielle has also decided that Carlos is going to do all the work in taking care of the baby, and really, Gabrielle, if you're that pissed off and selfish about having a child, you might want to look into other choices - or risk ending up with someone like Zach.

Bree and Rex make peace with each other as he recovers from his Creepy Pharmacist-induced heart attack. Rex's doctor informs him that he's been slowly poisoned, and Rex assumes it was Bree. He writes her a note of forgiveness (awww) and then, DIES! Oh, Rex, we will miss you and your handcuffs. RIP, freak. Still no sign of their children - it would have been much more poignant if we had gotten to see them grieving as a family.

Lastly, there are new neighbors and they obviously don't want anyone sniffing in their business. I guess this will be our mystery for next season. I wonder how many times Susan will fall down trying to peek into their windows? All in all, I thought this was a good finale and I'm grateful that the creators of the show made good on their promise to let us in on Mary Alice's big secret. But now that the "hook" of the show is gone, will it retain its steam next fall? I think it will, but I'm sure there are tons of naysayers out there just dying to complain.

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Tuesday May 17, 2005
Goodbye For Now

Sorry my Desperate Housewives commentary is late - I watched Survivor on Sunday instead, so this got viewed last night. (Also, I forgot to tivo Grey's Anatomy - can anyone let me know if I missed anything good?)

Anyway, the latest episode got us ready for the finale and (in my opinion) gave us more insight into what these women are all about. Susan desires love so much, she'll move in with someone she was having investigated only a week ago. Edie wants attention so badly, she'll sleep with a construction worker just to prove that she's still got it. Lynette used to be a razor-sharp shark in the workplace, and can't stop competing even as a wife and mom. Gabrielle can't control her mouth or herself, and another gay boy gets beat up by Carlos. Bree is so desperate to have a perfect marriage that when her husband is dying, all she can do is make the bed.

I really enjoyed this episode, and Felicia is SO my tv girlfriend. I just love her. She's basically set up Mike to kill the man who killed her sister. Sweet. So, will we find out next week exactly what happened to Diedre? Did Paul kill her, too? Or, like the geekboy thinks, did Mary-Alice? What about Alfre Woodard? What are her deep secrets? Oh, and also? Erections at mini-golf are never a good thing.

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Monday May 9, 2005
Sunday in the Park With George

EXCELLENT episode of Desperate Housewives last night. We got some interesting action. Susan's mother finally leaves, newly engaged to Bob Newhart. The PI corroborates Paul Young's b.s. story about Mary-Alice/Angela to Susan, and advises Paul to leave town. We find out that Paul has indeed been feeding Zach medication, as many here have been speculating for months. My new favorite character, Mrs. HuberSister, takes Zach to her house and calmly explains to Paul that he will be leaving town without Zach. I loved that; I believe that there is a part of her that loves Zach like a son but doesn't quite know why. Also, the reveal that she was clutching a knife at the ready while speaking with Paul was superb.

Meanwhile, Lynette and Tom's sex life seems to be slowing down, and she is nervous that he's losing interest. You know, the producers are telegraphing Tom's infidelity so strong that I'm starting to wonder if something totally different is going to happen; like maybe he's impotent. Anyway, all you Tom fans probably enjoyed Doug Savant in a speedo. I know I did, but seriously, no one looks good in a speedo. Bree and George are continuing their "friendship," and Edie is onto them. Rex is a mean old jerk, and their kids are still nowhere around. Gabrielle and Carlos still deserve each other, as he blames the birth control tampering on his dead mother, and Gabrielle tells Lawn Boy that she's pregnant. Blahdeeblah blah.

And, lastly, Susan finds out the truth about Mike - the truth I'd been hoping for. He wasn't a drug dealer; he was protecting Diedre, who was a heroin addict. Which fits in with the theory that she is Zach's real mom, right? And Mike didn't kill someone in cold blood; he killed someone who was raping Diedre. Unfortunately, that someone was a cop. Anyway, Susan and Mike are back together now, and I don't know about the rest of you but Mike has a TON of baggage, doesn't he?

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Monday May 2, 2005
Fear No More

Great episode of Desperate Housewives last night. We got confirmation that Mary Alice did indeed kidnap Zach as a baby, from a drug addict - and Mrs. Huber knew everything. Was this "drug addict" Diedre, then? I suppose that fits in with the fact that Mike was once arrested for selling drugs. Paul Young gets creepier and creepier, but he can't hold a candle to Zach, who apparently sets fire to Susan's kitchen. That's messed up, yo. Over at the Scavos, Lynette goes crazy with jealousy when she finds out that Tom's ex is working with him. I would have been hella pissed if my husband didn't bother mentioning something like that to me, but I don't think I would have lost my mind like that. I imagine that, even though he hasn't said anything, Lynette is subconsciously aware of Tom's infidelity. And what he said to her about making him want to leave the marriage was nearly unforgivable, and I felt awful for Lynette. I did very much enjoy the scene between Lynette and Edie, though - very funny. I will readily admit that I really disliked Edie's character in the beginning of the season, but I have come to really enjoy her. Glad the writers are understanding how to use her character.

In other stories, Bree and Rex continue to entertain. "Would you like to go to the bonsai exhibition, Rex?" "Wouldn't it be easier if you just shot me?" Love it. He's such an ass, though. It's so obvious she's dying for affection - of course she'll go somewhere else to get it. And, Gabrielle is pregnant. Ha ha. This should be interesting. I'm still not all that invested in her storyline, but it did strike me as odd that Carlos would make her man the grill at their fancy party. Hello, caterers?

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Monday April 18, 2005
Can You At Least Wait Until Dessert To Call Our Son A Sodomite?

On this week's Desperate Housewives, we learned that the mysterious Diedre is, indeed, the body in the toy chest. Of course, most of us here at TMFT had predicted that already, so yay for us. So it stands to reason that Diedre might be Zach's biological mother, if our kidnapping theory stands up as well. Interesting. And someone here raised the theory that Mike could be Zach's father, too. Since there are just a few episodes left in the season, we'll probably get a cliffhanger at the finale.

The Susan and her mom storyline isn't all that interesting. Although I did like Peppermint Schnapps guy - "Dude, you totally felt up her mother!" Carlos and Gabrielle continue their Marriage of Total Dysfunction by cutting each other off financially and sexually until Carlos finally rips up the post-nup. Lynette helps out the mean old lady neighbor (who also plays God on Joan of Arcadia), and ends up with an unwanted new friend. I thought that storyline was kind of sweet, though, in its own weird way. Although I don't know what Lynette was thinking with her fantasy of the perfect Swedish family. Her husband would probably just sleep with Mrs. Swede eventually.

Bree continues to have the best storylines on the show by rescuing Andrew from Hot!Boy!Camp! and attempting to have her priest un-gay him. The part where she sadly told Andrew that if he was gay, he couldn't go to heaven? Broke my heart. Because it saddens me that people believe that crap, and that Bree so obviously believed it and was terrified he would burn in hell. Bree, he's going to burn in hell, and being gay is the least of your worries. Anyway, Andrew goes to visit the priest and, in confidentiality, tells the priest that he really isn't gay and just wanted to leave camp early. I was confused here. IS he gay and lying to the priest? Or, was he just experimenting and basically wanted to freak out his mother? Also, his promise to do "something terrible" was very scary. Especially since he's already drunkenly run down an old woman in his car and doesn't seem to think THAT was anything big.

TIVO ALERT! The clip show episode next week won't show up in your DH Season Pass because it's listed as "Desperate Housewives: Sorting Out the Dirty Laundry." Make sure you add it manually.

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Monday April 11, 2005
Children Will Listen

Apparently, the theme of last night's Desperate Housewives was Violence, And How To Use It to Get What You Want. Susan's mother getting shoved her boyfriend, Carlos pinning Gabrielle down, Bree spanking Porter Scavo, etc. I'm surprised they didn't have Edie come over and punch Susan in the face or something. Then include the Paul "I Chopped A Lady Up and Put Her in a Box" Young storyline, and last night's show was probably one of the darkest episodes they've done. So, let's recap:

Gabrielle is going to get pregnant? But whose baby will it be? And will she keep it? Or have one of those convenient and easy soap opera miscarriages? Zach Young's original name was Dana? Wha-wha-WHAT? So, is he a kidnap victim? Did Mary-Alice steal him from Utah and then kill the mother when she came to claim him? And is the dead mother the woman Mike the Plumber has been looking for? How much do I love Mrs. Huber's sister. Lynette gets the Creative Parenting Award of the week, by using the threat of Bree's spankings to discipline her child. I can already hear you all complaining about that, but that really made me laugh. Hearing that Lynette's mother used to beat her and her sister explains a lot to me about why these kids are so out of control. As for Susan and her mom, that storyline was useless and only so they could put Leslie Ann Warren on as a guest-star. She was great at Susan's mom, though. But a fluff storyline that dipped into bizarre as she beat Bob Newhart with her purse. Huh? As for Carlos and Gabrielle, nice healthy marriage there, pigs!

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Monday April 4, 2005
There Won't Be Trumpets

I thought last night's Desperate Housewives was a bit weak and uneven, so I'm bringing back my original haikus for recapping it:

Mama Solis wakes / Hospital staff on break / Falls down stairs and dies

Carlos off to jail / Gaby gets a big surprise / Pssst! One million bucks

Lynette makes a friend / Whose husband is a big jerk / Lynette tries to help

The husband leaves her / I felt bad for her daughter / That story was dumb

Bree's gay son smokes pot / And kicks his mom in the shin / Enjoy juvee camp!

Oh, Susan and Mike / Your story is boring me / READ THE DAMN LETTER

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Monday February 21, 2005
Big Gay Pool Party!

Last night's Desperate Housewives: Poor Susan, finding out all that stuff about Mike. Poor Lynette's husband, losing/getting/losing the job he wanted. (although she was right; he is going to be sorry he missed all the growing-up moments with the kids.) Poor Bree, her family is now so full of secrets that she might just implode. Poor Rex, whose "I feel lousy today" comment reminds us of Creepy Pharmacist filling his prescription. Poor Zach, fool for the popular kids. Poor Gabrielle, not being able to turn a gay teenage boy straight. In other news, where was Edie? Mrs. Huber Sister? How is Mama Solis?

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Monday February 14, 2005
Palestine. PALESTINE!

I loved this week's episode of Desperate Housewives. The humor was sharp, the stories were outrageous, and there were some great revelations. Mrs. Huber's sister knew Mary Alice! As Angela! Working together in Utah at a rehabilitation center. Hmmmm. Do you think Dana was in that center, after having been hurt or brain-damaged? And Mike gets shot while snooping in a neighbor's house. And then sits through Susan's prattling about babies until he passes out from blood loss. Mike, you're supposed to shoot yourself WHILE she's talking, not before. Lynette's story, oh, Lynette. You have no impulse control. But you will fiercely protect your sons, even when they're wrong. I guess that's good. The whole spanking threat scene was kind of ugh, though. And Bree! Slapping Rex across the face, running handcuffs through the dishwasher. Even though I'm happily married, the thought of Bree slipping into a black leather dominatrix outfit had me a bit on the edge of my seat. She's going to be so good at it. Gabrielle's storyline was funny; I love how her maid hates her so much. I was impressed that she's finally swallowed her pride and it seems like her marriage is doing better than ever. Wait until he finds out what she did, though. No Edie this week, but I'm sure she was up to something dirty.

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Monday January 24, 2005
Your Fault

This week on Desperate Housewives, we learned that people like to blackmail each other. I was impressed with Gabrielle when she did the "right thing" and chose her husband over Lawn Boy, but I don't think we've seen the last of him. Ryan O'Neal (who is still not dead) guest-stars as Tom Scavo's cheatin' dad, and we find out that Tom may have cheated on Lynette at some point. One of you readers called that a while back - nice job. We find out that Zach didn't kill Dana after all...but who did? And why is Mr. Young letting Susan believe that he did? And DANA IS STILL ALIVE? Wtf? She'd have to be around 13 years old or so, yes? Where is she? Mental institution? Foster home? What happened to her? Also, raise your hand if you think Creepy Pharmacist messed with Rex's heart medication. Is he not the worst pharmacist ever?

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Monday January 17, 2005
Every Day a Little Death

Okay, those of you that have been treating Desperate Housewives as a drama and not the satire/soap that it is probably hated last night's episode. This one was jampacked with children with fake cancer, toes being shot off, human remains thrown in the face, and birth control pills being replaced with fakes. Seriously, these people seem to have the moral centers of Jerry Seinfeld and his friends. On the Mystery side of things, Mike's boss is growing impatient with his non-progress on who killed Deidre. And apparently he had a romantic history with her and killed for her before? Interesting, interesting.

Also, congratulations to DH on their Golden Globe wins. Yay!

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Monday January 10, 2005
Move On

Last night's Desperate Housewives didn't have a lot of the intrigue I'm used to. Not to say that it wasn't enjoyable, but it lacked a bit of punch, I think. I expect this is normal for a new show - Lost was a bit flat last week as well, and we honestly should expect a "meh" episode every now and again. This week was high on comedy, though, from Gabriela's car modeling to Susan's new and improved version of New York, New York. Bree is still awesome and scary, but I don't understand why she lets her son talk to her the way he does when all she has to do is make one phone call and send him to jail. Of course, she would be arrested too, I guess. The whole Hot Nanny subplot was kind of "eh." As the geekboy said, the Scavos are obviously very sexual people; why turn into prudes all of a sudden because the nanny has a nice rack? I guess Lynette really is a lot less confident than we thought she was. And lastly, Mike is going to get framed for Mrs. Huber's death? I wonder in what MADCAP way Susan will react to that news.

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Monday December 20, 2004
Come Back to Me

Last night's Desperate Housewives was good, as usual, eh? Now we know what Rex likes in the bedroom and, really, it's a shame he never asked Bree to dominate him because you know she would really apply herself and be the best dominatrix on the block. I did find it hard to believe that nobody notices the men traipsing in and out of Maisy's house, though. In other stories, Lynette finally has a nanny and has time to actually go pick up her drycleaning, Gabrielle now knows what it feels like to be lied to, and Susan is way too skinny for me to watch her humping Mike all over the place. Zach is back home with Murderous Father, and I wonder what "awful things" he's remembering. Also, Edie is the only one who cares that Mrs. Huber appears to be missing, even though she really just wants her laptop.

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Monday December 13, 2004
Um, Talk Amongst Yourselves

I watched the Survivor finale last night and recorded Desperate Housewives. I haven't watched DH yet, but feel free to discuss it right here. I'll chime in later tonight after I see the episode.

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Sunday December 5, 2004
Desperate Administrators

Lynette Scavo, high school principal?

(I couldn't resist--via the obscure store)

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Monday November 29, 2004

This week's Desperate Housewives haiku:

Mama Solis sleeps / In coma at hospital / Andrew not sorry

Gabrielle tells all / Confesses to Catholic priest / Carlos wants a child

Lynette crashes hard / Imagines her suicide / Asks her friends for help

Susan finds Mike's cash / Meet the world's dumbest snooper / Falls through the old floor

Very Money Pit / Mike is furious with her / Have sex anyway

Not Edie's paper / Mrs. Huber wrote the note / It's Death by Blender

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Monday November 22, 2004
Anything You Can Do

More DH haiku:

A lush and green lawn / Mrs. Huber wants so much / Puts dead guy on Bree's

Kendra visits Mike / Somebody killed her sister / Bull knocks out Susan

Gabrielle still sucks / Tries to send Danielle away / Caught by mom-in-law

Rex moves out of house / Buys his son's love with a car / Son runs down Mama

Lynette needs her crack / Ends up stealing from a child / Real nice behavior

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Wednesday November 17, 2004
Desperate Housewives and the BEST WEDNESDAY NIGHT EVER

I know it's a little like cheating to link to a Yahoo! story, since you don't exactly have to search for them if you subscribe to the right categories, but this was too good to pass up--and it hits two of our favorite obsessions around here.

Okay, here's the article. Read it, and then discuss:

*Do you agree with the "go for the comedy awards" strategy for DH? It seems like a lot of the discussions we have in the comments center on the non-genre-specific nature of this show--and how some of us love that, and others of us are irritated by it. I think it's a smart move--God knows it's a funnier show than that poop-pile Ally McBeal.

*This raises another question: If, by some fluke, all four of the leads were nominated for best comedy actress, who should get it? This reminds me too much of my yearly "Which Golden Girl really deserves it?" angst of the 80s! Too much pressure! (Who am I kidding--Marcia Cross gets my vote, with Felicity Huffman a close second.)

*Buried in the story is what I consider to be the most exciting news of all...Alias is not coming back to the Sunday-night slot, but will instead be moved to (deep breath) Wednesdays following Lost! Yes, I realize that this makes it compete with some CSI or Law & Order stuff, but what a double-header (a triple-header if the awesome Wife Swap stays around)! Could this be the lead-in that Sydney and Vaughn have been waiting for?

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Monday November 15, 2004

Please, god, let this rumor be true. Robbie Williams to join Desperate Housewives? [via tv tattle]

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Monday November 8, 2004
"Running to Stand Still"

Last night's Desperate Housewives did not disappoint. Lynette versus Sharon Lawrence, with a side of ADD meds? Hilarious. Susan's daughter versus bulimia jokes? Love it. Bree versus the scrotum and a cheesesteak? I'm dying here. Gabrielle versus her mother-in-law? Meh. It's the only storyline that is starting to actively annoy me. Ah well, I can't complain. Anyway, I think my original prediction is still coming to fruition - that Zach killed a member of his family while having some sort of psychotic episode. And it's starting to look like it was a baby girl. This is a truly disturbing storyline, so I'm wondering if that IS actually the truth, how it's going to be handled on a show that hinges on the wacky and absurd.

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Monday November 1, 2004
Come In, Stranger

Another great episode of Desperate Housewives. I totally called that Zach is the one who had something to do with the toychest full o'human remains! He says his mom killed herself because of something he did. I think he has some serious rage issues. He beat up his own father, yo. Poor kid, he's messed up. Yet another Melrose Place alum visited us this week, with Steven Eckholdt as the cop. His character was kind of lame, how quickly he turned into a jerk. Whatev. So, what is Mike looking for? What's up with his boss and his general creepiness? What do we think of Carlos siccing his mother on Gabrielle? Lynette making her kids dig a hole for a "pool"? Fun, fun, fun. Sidenote: This year for Halloween, I was dressed as a Stepford Wife but was mistaken by a party guest or two for Bree. Consider it a tribute.

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Monday October 25, 2004
Desperate Housewives Haiku

Susan is blackmailed / and says that she hates Hitchcock / Daughter becomes thief

Gabrielle in tub / Cable guy slips and cracks skull / Then he is gay-bashed

Lynette has the meds / Kids have ADD from hell / She loves them that way

Bree wears a nice scarf / Even to the nudie bar / Kills everyone's buzz

Mrs. Huber needs / a brand new water heater / Susan hates your guts

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Monday October 18, 2004
Desperate Housewives

So, the trunk Mary-Alice's husband threw in the water had....duh duh DUH!!!! Human remains! I knew it. Whose are they? A child who died? Someone they killed? I feel bad for her son; his father is obviously twisted. "Not if I outlive you." Ack. Onto the living women. The housewife I'm finding myself not quite disliking but not connecting to at all is definitely Gabrielle. The whole kid next door storyline was kind of funny, but give me a break. Like that little girl's mom wouldn't have asked, "Why the hell are you buying my kid a bike?" Bree was in rare form tonight. From cutting the coils in the mattress to the Greatest Line Ever Uttered in Primetime - "Rex cries after he ejaculates" - Marcia Cross is rocking her character. Lynnette is still bringing the funny with her kids, but I didn't like her husband's snotty, "Don't you remember what it's like to work 60 hours a week?" I'm glad she retaliated by sugaring up the kids. Susan is also quite funny; liked the naked-in-the-hedges thing. Silliness. But she's no Lorelai.

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Monday October 11, 2004
Ah, But Underneath

So, what the heck did Mary Alice's husband pull out from under the pool on last night's Desperate Housewives? It was a trunk, but not big enough to fit an adult body (unless it was chopped into pieces). It had teddy bears on it, so it might have belonged to a child. Did Mary Alice's weird son kill something? And now whatever it is floating on the lake! INTRIGUE. Anyway. Lynette's attempt at scaring her children straight was hilarious. Loved how the hellspawn all ganged up on the woman to protect their mother. Bree in marriage counseling was also a hoot, what with her fixation on the loose button and nothing else. The therapist was all, "Is she really that bad? She takes good care of you." SHE'S A ROBOT! And, for those keeping score, Susan has now burned down one house and nearly killed one dog. Adore her.

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Monday October 4, 2004
Desperate Housewives

LOVES IT! Loves it, loves it, loves it. This show is right up my alley - great cast, quirky dialogue, and fluff everywhere you look. Having Marcia Cross back on my tv screen, and in her Melrose Place "Betsy" persona no less, is serious fun. The show got off to a great start when, during the opening scene, I turned to the geekboy and said, "This feels like a Tim Burton movie." So we laughed when we noticed that Danny Elfman scored the episode. And, really, how cool is THAT? Seeing Doug Savant in his brief appearance as a sex-crazed husband was fun, and the rest of the cast is good, too. I've never been a Teri Hatcher fan, but I'm liking her character. She gives good eye-roll. What did everyone think? Are nighttime soaps back, baby?

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