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Monday August 16, 2004

Hereís a phrase you donít hear often enough: Thank god for Debi Mazar. With only a few moments of screen time each week, she makes Entourage worth watching. Clearly, each episode, she delivers the best lines, usually slapping down the annoying-as-fuck Turtle. In a series filled with useless characters, Shauna is cutting, intelligent, on task and not blind to the stupidity of the boys-to-men around her. In a show that portrays most women as materialistic star-fucking anorexics, Shauna is a much needed addition. I give nearly equal praise to the stunningly beautiful Samaire Armstrong, The O.C. alumna. She plays Emily as a serene soul in Ariís combat-heavy environment. I have serious doubts that Eric will ever have the character or the substance to handle a relationship with Emily, though I think weíre suppose to think heís got the potential to evolve.

Every Monday, I pretty much have the same thing to say. I really like this show, but I have no idea why, since these young guys are just tools. Shauna and Emily, however, are giving me some hope for a more sane Hollywood.

And, Iím all for more scenes with Jeremy Piven shirtless. However, his chest seemed pretty smooth last night for such a hairy actor. Someone is so getting a full-body wax, man. Isnít this the type of insightful commentary that you expect from Too Much Free Time?

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Monday July 26, 2004

Since I stopped watching Six Feet Under and The Sopranos, my roommate and I finally found another reason to gather around the television on Sunday, thanks to Entourage. As Max stated last week, I'm not sure I actually like our cast of hangers-on. I'm kind of offended by how quick Turtle and Drama are to exploit their buddy. While I admittedly get a few laughs out of the show, I also feel like I'm just hanging out with the guys, not going anywhere. There really doesn't seem to be a forward-moving plot yet, other than Vince letting Eric make decisions for which Ari will slaps him down.

Over the weekend, I had some n-degrees of seperation with the show. On Sunday, I got an email from my friend Josh that he went to school with Adrian Grenier, which freaks him out. I'll get dirt.

Now, since Mark Whalberg is exec. producing the show, I've been wondering if Drama is a dig at his older brother Donnie, because the character seems like a tool. On Friday, I learned that my friend's new wife once dated Donnie during her Boston club days. She met the New Kid at a bar and appeared in the "No More Games" video. They dated for a few months, but she stopped returning his calls when Donnie set a hotel room on fire or something while on tour. She said that Donnie and Mark seemed to have a great relationship, but that both of them were short (like 5'8''). She doubted Mark would play out their relationship through the show, but that's just a guess. Also, Donnie doesn't have a myserious third nipple.

So, what'cha think of the show?

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