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Friday June 24, 2005
Hit Me Baby One More Time

I was out last night and did not get a chance to watch the show yet, but feel free to discuss it here. I will edit this post after I see it. Hope it was fun!

Okay, I saw it. LE SUCK! Glass Tiger and Greg Kihn were the only ones that didn't suffer at the hands of my TiVo fast-forward button. Thelma Houston looked like my grandmother. Also, the dress? Fug. I am giddy with anticipation for next week's combo of The Fixx and Missing Persons. Don't let me down, Cy, you single-handedly got me through a year of high-school.

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Friday June 17, 2005
Hit Me Baby One More Time

The giant ripping sound you heard last night was a hole being torn into the time/space continuum, as everything I knew about the 80's and everything I knew about today collided in one big ball of "huh?" as I watched Wang Chung perform "It's Hot in Herrre." AND I LOVED IT.

The rest of the show went something like this... Sophie B. Hawkins=Crazy. Cameo=Fun. Howard Jones=Still Adorable. Irene Cara=Hot Caramel? Ugh. Also, when did Irene turn into Maya Rudolph?

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Monday June 13, 2005
Hit Me Baby One More Time

Sorry I forgot to post about this last week. Things were busy. Anyway, Vanilla Ice? Gross. What happened to his big "I will never perform that song again, I am a metal god, I am no longer a rapper" thing from The Surreal Life? He's such a tool. My favorite performances were The Knack and Tommy TuTone. This week? Howard Jones! Yay!

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Friday June 3, 2005
Hit Me Baby One More Time

So, who watched it last night? [link has audio] I enjoyed it! It was just cheesy enough to almost be embarassing, but not so bad that you couldn't watch it. The host is the same guy who hosted the show in Britain, Vernon Kay. He startled me because a) he looks unnervingly like one of my cousins, and b) the last time I saw him was in Shaun of the Dead.

Anyway. Let's rate the lineup. Loverboy - Time has not been on their side, and the lead singer's voice has gotten very, very nasal over the last twenty years. "Working for the Weekend" was pretty awful, but, shockingly, they nailed "Hero" (Enrique Iglesias) by turning it into a power ballad. CeCe Peniston was fine. Her performance of "Finally" was quite good, although I was very distracted by her dancing boys. She covered some Faith Hill song called "There You'll Be" and there was my fast-forward. Next was A Flock of Seagulls, although if you ever saw their episode of Bands Reunited, you know that wasn't even close to the real band, just the lead singer and a bunch of other dudes. They performed "I Ran" and Mike Score sounded really flat. Later, they covered Ryan Cabrera's "On the Way Down" and I have to say that they turned the song into a punk rock dirge and it was actually interesting. Next up, Arrested Development did "Tennessee" and they looked and sounded pretty much the same, except they don't jump as high as they used to and the old man looks pretty decrepit. They covered "How Far is Heaven" by Los Lonely Boys and, again, really made the song their own. It was fun. Lastly, we got Tiffany, who chose two of the world's most unfortunate outfits. At first I was pretty sure she was pregnant, but I think it was just a spare tire. I KNOW! She's still very pretty; she just chose some very unflattering outfits. Anyway, she did "I Think We're Alone Now" and the crowd loved her; then she did "Breakaway" by Kelly Clarkson which is a nice song and all, but sorta boring. End result? Arrested Development won. Yay for them.

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Tuesday April 12, 2005

Let's get interactive. Who's your favorite television bad guy or gal of all time? If we're talking reality shows, I have to say Puck from The Real World San Francisco. That man was a creep. If it's scripted, I've got to say Angelus from Buffy and Angel.

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Wednesday November 17, 2004

I must have shared a psychic moment with freakgirl today--she knew that I would tear into this report of Star Jones's heinous post-wedding commentary on The View. Seriously, the rudeness! Did anyone see this? I'd love an eyewitness/TV-witness report.

I'm sure Joy held her own and Meredith was all peacemaker-ish, but watching Star rip Elisabeth a new one in front of an audience would have made me squirm--and I HATE Elisabeth with a passion! Star can put on all of the fur and gold and sexually-ambiguous accessories that she wants; the woman only proves her true inner tackiness more and more each day.

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Tuesday August 24, 2004
Jon Stewart is My God

Last night, at the beginning of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart said, "And tune in tomorrow for our guest, Senator John Kerry." The geekboy turned over in bed and went, "Huh. Really?" And Jon Stewart yelled from the television, "YES REALLY!"

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Monday July 12, 2004
Maybe it IS too soon

I Love the 90s kicks off this week on VH1. We saw "1990" yesterday and, although quite funny, it didn't have the same impact as the 80s one did. I can't really feel nostalgic yet, but I'll give it some time. It's totally worth it just to watch Dominic Monaghan recite "Ice Ice Baby" in his sweet brogue. I also laughed during the Twin Peaks part, only because it reminded me that my friend Lisa once dressed up as the Log Lady for Halloween. I'm looking forward to what they have to say about 90210, too.

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Tuesday June 22, 2004
Saturday Night Not So Live

TV's Loneliest Night of the Week Is Starting to Look Very Familiar

So now the networks are starting to realize that the idea of airing a show more than once in one week could actually be a good one. About damn time, I say--one of the things I like about many cable channels is knowing that I can always catch a repeat of a show, even if I miss the first airing. Granted, some channels take it a bit too far (Bravo, MTV, etc.), but more often than not it's a real convenience. I'd have no problem with Saturday nights becoming a "rerun dump" night for good.

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Sunday May 2, 2004
A Discussion Topic of Great Importance

Jimmy "Coasting on his cuteness for too long" Fallon and Horatio "Talent-free" Sanz cracking up every freaking week on SNL=An urge to throw a brick through my TV screen.


Rachel Dratch completely losing her s**t last night during the "Debbie Downer" skit=Unparalleled delight for the viewer and some of the biggest laughs the show has gotten all season.

Any theories to explain this seemingly contradictory state of affairs? Actually, I guess we all know the answer (it's funny the first time, but not so much on the hundredth)--the real question should be "How can we get Sanz to follow Fallon's lead and get off the show?"

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Wednesday April 28, 2004
Does Anyone Even Care?

I'm not quite sure I understand Elton John's assertion that American Idol is "racist." As the geekboy said this morning, "It's not racist - it's stupid." The voting model doesn't work anymore - and now all the weirdo Clay Aiken fans are trying to annoint John Stevens, who is a cool novelty and everything, but seriously, please, give me a break. And that's already too much of my time spent thinking about THAT.

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Sunday April 18, 2004
Never Scared

I hate most stand-up comedy, but one person I will always make an exception for is Chris Rock. I know he's loud and strident and bordering on self-parody at times, but his stuff hits the nail on the head too often to be ignored. His latest HBO special, Never Scared, premiered last night and is definitely worth catching (it will repeat about a jillion times in the next week or so). I admit that the last 20 minutes or so are kind of tiresome (marrriage is boring women are bad blah blah), but Rock is really on fire for the first half of the show. There's one segment about defending hip-hop--with a hilarious bit about Lil Jon* (warning, link has audio)--that will just crack you up. Some good editing would have served Never Scared well, but it's still better that 99% of the "Comedy Central presents..." crap that's always on.

*Lil Jon couldn't pay for all of the publicity he's gotten in the last few months, getting namechecked by Chris Rock and imitated on a regular basis by Dave Chappelle. I hope he pays his publicists well. To the windoooooow...

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Monday April 12, 2004
That's so distracting...

I swear, I didn't watch the The Nick & Jessica Variety Hour last night. However, I did see two of the musical numbers while flipping channels. To be fair, I thought Jessica and Jewel sounded really good together, but Jessica's facial contortions during the song were disturbing. She did these odd things with her lips. It totally was a seizure. She wanted to sound Jewel-like, I assumed, so maybe it was a technique for changing her tone, but she did the same thing for the final number with Nick. Am I alone on this? It's so wrong.

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Monday April 5, 2004
'Fess Up!

Okay, fellow pop culture freaks. What did you guys make on the Entertainment Weekly Pop Culture quiz in this week's issue? (This competitive streak when it comes to scores is what I get for teaching advanced high school students--their cutthroat grade-comparing must be rubbing off.)

Oh, I got a 111. Now you know how sad I was in the 90s (did I even go outside?) and I know why my students love those bonus points!

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Tuesday March 2, 2004
Average Viewers

On Sunday, my darling friend JoAnn came for dinner and to trash talk the Oscar's Red Carpet crowd. Between our snickering spells, JoAnn mentioned her tears during The Bachelorette finale, as well as a recent Average Joe episode. Now, my silly friend is a wholesome girl from Downeast Maine who considers herself a very "Average Jane" (despite some stellar breasts). She suggested that the networks launch a reality series in which a bevy of hunkish men fight for the affections of a rather, well, average woman. To me, Bachelorette Meredith was pretty average, but JoAnn thought you could go even more average. She's talking Wal-Mart average.

So, we began arguing about the popularity of such a show. I think it would tank, because men aren't going to watch an average chick get pursued by hotties. Gay men could never take the frustration of it, unless there was a speedo-themed episode. And, I suspect women would hate the idea of a hottie male going for a rather normal woman. "I'm prettier than that bitch, why aren't you with me!" Furthermore, I have a hard time believing that a group of men would actually compete for this average chick. I mean, they're men. "Um, no dude. You go out with her. Seriously, did you see her split ends?" Straight guys talk like that, right? Plus, there isn't enough humiliation with just one average person for an entire series.

So, am I wrong? What would be your dream dating series combination? And, speaking of dream, have you seen the next Bachelor? Wow.

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Monday March 1, 2004
I'd Like to Thank The Academy

Read my Oscar comments here.

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Monday February 16, 2004

If you were ever into the whole Sid & Marty Krofft thing, TV Land is running a one-night-only sampler of some of their (in)famous creations tomorrow night. I was never really into any of it--I thought most of the shows were boring, but I do remember watching a bizarro Saturday-morning show that featured "Electra Woman and Dyna Girl,"* "Dr. Shrinker," and segments featuring the Bay City Rollers. This article gives a quick overview of the shows being featured (and explains why they were really so crappy). I may watch them anyway, just for the kitsch value.

*Starring Ms. Diedre Hall!

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Thursday February 12, 2004
Simpsons Movie?

Hot on the heels of my reply to this post comes news that yes, there really will be a Simpsons movie. Now I need someone to convince me that this is a good idea. Please.

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