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Wednesday December 14, 2005
Potentially Awesome News

Arrested Development rescued? Oooooh. [via tv tattle]

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Monday November 14, 2005
More on Arrested Development

Just wanted to let you guys know that Arrested Development (as well as Kitchen Confidential) is scheduled to return with new episodes on December 5th. The original episode orders have been cut back, so AD will complete its third (and final) season with only 13 episodes, if I remember correctly. So, at least we will probably get some sort of wrap-up, and I imagine a DVD set at some point with "lost" episodes. Here's more.

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Friday November 11, 2005
Say It Ain't So, Hermano

It looks like Arrested Development is being cancelled. I'm hoping another network buys it, but you know what? Eff you FOX, for screwing up yet another high-quality show because you don't know how to market anything other than Trading Spouses.

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Tuesday November 8, 2005
Why Arrested Development Is The Greatest Show On Television

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Tuesday October 4, 2005
Arrested Development

Seriously, how great is Arrested Development? Bob Lablaw, the greatest character name EVER. Tobias, the analrapist. GOB and his forget-me-now roofies. STEVE HOLT! The third version of Marta. "You're kidding us, Buster." I can't believe we have to wait a month for new episodes.

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Wednesday September 21, 2005
Fifteen Beers

Freakgirl is totally welcome to replace this lame post with something a little more substantial, but I just had to get on here and say that I LAUGHED LAUGHED LAUGHED at My Name is Earl last night until my stomach hurt. Seriously. Great. Pilot.

I honestly don't know if it can keep up the pace and the consistent hilarity we saw last night, but it's already earned a place in my sitcom-lovin' heart. "It takes two to make a thing go ri-ight..." :-)

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Tuesday September 20, 2005
What Did We Think?

Last night we saw the premieres of Arrested Development and Kitchen Confidential. I really enjoyed them both! Obviously, AD is just about the funniest show on television (STEVEHOLT!), and KC is a very good fit for the 8:30pm slot. The show felt like a weird combo of AD, Keen Eddie and Hell's Kitchen. Good fun. We haven't watched How I Met Your Mother yet, but feel free to go off on it in the comments. Also, - ha!

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Wednesday September 7, 2005

OMG I like am totally going to like pee my pants! I heart you, Arrested Development. [via tv tattle]

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Tuesday May 17, 2005
Conservatives Are Not Funny

After two painful episodes, I've decided that American Dad is so not funny. It's anti-humor. It's horrid. It's all about this ultra-conservative CIA agent and his family. I know the main character is suppose to be so extreme that it's funny, but, well, it's not. I think it's because this animated series offers nothing to counterbalance the insanity. Have I lost my sense of the funny? This is no Family Guy.

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Friday May 13, 2005
I Won't Believe It Until I See It, But...

...there are reports that Arrested Development has been renewed.

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Friday April 15, 2005
Arrested Development

Arrested Development's season finale is on Sunday. Don't miss it. It may be the last episode we ever see, which really is an effing tragedy. Also, visit here and make your pledge! [warning: audio]

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Tuesday March 15, 2005
Jake in Progress

Did anyone see the new John Stamos show on Sunday? They did a sneak peek; I believe its regular night is Thursday, against Survivor and The OC, so I'll probably never see it again. Anyway, I liked it! The little in-jokes (ripping off David Blaine, the Gaymigos) were very cute, and seeing Wendie Malick on my television again is always a happy occasion. Thoughts?

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Thursday February 10, 2005
FOX Can Kiss My Ass

FOX is reducing the number of Arrested Development episodes to make room for American Dad which, while I do like Seth MacFarlane, is just Family Guy in disguise, so why do we need two? I have to think, though, that if FOX is dumb enough to cancel AD, another network would gladly pick it up. RIGHT? RIGHT? Also, Defamer reports on David Cross's reaction to the whole thing.

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Thursday September 9, 2004
I'm Gay for David Cassidy!

Well, I figure that there will be a whole lot of Apprentice talk around these parts tomorrow, so I wanted to see what folks thought of the first episode of Joey tonight. (I'm going to wait and watch a TiVoed Trump-a-thon this weekend, since I have to fast-forward through a lot of those type-A antics that make my stomach hurt.)

Personally, I think the Friends spinoff got off to a very strong start--probably one of the best pilots I've seen in a long time. I'll admit it--they had me at the "Dallas" joke before the credits. Seriously, how can you not love Matt LeBlanc? You have to give him credit for taking the chance on the Frasier model and possibly winding up with a couple of decades worth of solid TV work when it's all over. (Okay, so I'm a little optimistic.) I liked his semi-serious moment in the last scene--it was a good nod to the original show without too much sentiment.

Drea de Matteo does comedy just as well as we all thought she would--how nice to see her in a role where most of her suffering is related to hairdressing and not beatings and/or drug use! What's up with those splotchy arms, though? I kept wanting to adjust the tint on my TV.

The supporting case was fine, I suppose--the bland son got a few decent lines, and the bland neighbor girl managed to convey a nice mix of affection for Joey and amazement at his stupidity (come on, you know you laughed at the "Romeo, Romeo" bit). I hope the cast expands a little bit more (is Jennifer Coolidge going to be on every show? God, I hope so...)--four characters just doesn't seem like enough for me. But maybe I'm thinking in Friends terms (actually, I'm thinking in King of Queens terms).

Enough of my blather. Your thoughts?

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Friday May 7, 2004
The One About the One Where it Ended

So, last night was the Friends finale and yep, I watched. I'm glad I did; I enjoyed it immensely. It was a decent wrap-up for the show, with some tears and comedy, and no stunt-casting or anything stupid like that. My friend Laura and I watched it together, which made it much, more enjoyable for me. She is a true Friends fan, and her excitement about the finale was contagious. While we were waiting for it to start, she remarked, "You know, you and I have been getting together on Thursday nights to watch this show for TEN YEARS." And I looked at her baby sleeping in my arms and then at my engagement ring, and I had to laugh so I wouldn't cry at how meta it's all become.

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Thursday May 6, 2004
The One Where It Finally Ended

As any of us who don't live under a rock already know, Friends ends its run tonight. My feelings are mixed. I think the show should have called it a day about two seasons ago, but when it didn't, I still watched. Back in the day, I loved this show. It was hysterical. There are still Friends quotes I use on a daily basis. But yeah, the past two seasons or so have been quite "meh" and frankly, I'm not sorry to see Monica Geller leave my television screen. However, I think the show deserves its props if only for its vast impact on pop culture. It's how my British cousin perfected her American accent, for the love of god. Anyway, MSNBC has a number of pieces about the show - check them out.

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Tuesday May 4, 2004
The First Half of the Last One

Okay, spoiler queens--time to go off and sulk or pray for our souls or whatever you people do: New L.A. blog Defamer has already proven its mettle by getting an account of what happens in the first half of the Friends finale (the second half was apparently filmed on a closed set). Who knows if it's reliable--I just love anything spoilerish.

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Monday April 26, 2004
Arrested Development Redux

So last night's episode was the finale? I'm wondering if I've lost my mind - every article I'd read about last night's show mentioned George Sr. escaping from prison and fleeing to Mexico. I don't remember seeing a single thing about that last night. Anyone?

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Friday April 23, 2004
Watch It

Sunday is Arrested Development's season finale and unfortunately, might also be the series finale. Tune in and then bang your head against the wall as Fox screws it up once again.

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Monday April 19, 2004
Come on Aaron, Just Give Her a Job

Tori Spelling proves she just never learns and takes a sitcom deal with UPN. Because The Help was such a showcase of her stunning talent. Ack.

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Wednesday March 24, 2004
It's More than Perfect

I have the pop culture sensabilities of a 12-year-old British girl. I've said it before, and I'm typically proud of the statement. Despite this, I still feel a little shame in how much I love ABC's Less than Perfect. Last night's episode, a new-to-me repeat, had me laughing out loud several times, which is more bang for my comedy buck than most shows offer.

While the series started out with Claude (played by Popular's Sara Rue) as the center of the ensemble, the show is best served by its second-string players. Seriously, when you get Ramona, Owen and Carl into a room, there's gonna be some delicious slapstick. Sherri Shepherd's Ramona might as well be a sight gag with her outrageous body proportions and I'm-tiny-but-mean attitude. And, I've said it before, Will Sasso is my dream man. Love. Love. Love. Even Andy Dick hits comic gold as the strange, but accepted best friend. In last night's episode, Owen and Carl rough house like six-year-olds in the office, and their reenactment of Jaws had me cackling. And, have you seen the episode when Owen's two gay moms come to Claude's for Thanksgiving? Also, big shout outs to Andrea Parker's icy cold Lydia and Zachary Levi's Kipp (who seems very gay to me). These characters are everything Jack and Karen from Will & Grace are not: outlandish and zany, but never caricatures of themselves.

So, tell me I'm not the only one loving this nugget of office sitcom gold.

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Thursday March 11, 2004
Cracking Up

Has anyone caught Cracking Up on FOX? It's a new sitcom with Molly Shannon, Jason Schwartzman, and Chris McDonald. We watched the first two episodes - pretty funny. It was created by Mike White, who I love, so I'm hoping it sticks around for awhile. Of course Mike also created Pasadena, so who knows.

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Saturday March 6, 2004
Tori Does Comedy

So, J.Go, did you watch The Help? God help us all. I don't even know what to say. David Faustino didn't have a single line, except a grunt, and the studio audience went berserk with applause. I can't even discuss Tori and her wacky dog-walker character right now. Oy. Wow.

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Thursday March 4, 2004
Real Live Sims?

Has anyone heard any buzz about this show Game Over on UPN? The cast looks so fun - Artie from Howard Stern, Puddy from Seinfeld, Rachel Dratch from SNL...I'll be checking it out. [warning: site has audio]

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Wednesday March 3, 2004

The Family Guy is coming back to tv with new episodes. This show makes me laugh out loud. Then, I realize that I laughed at something very inappropriate, and fall into a shame spiral. It's rough. Damn, that talking baby is funny when he tries to enslave the world.

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Wednesday February 25, 2004
The Greatest Cast Ever

Oh. My. God. While watching The Gilmore Girls last night, I caught a preview for The WB's new series: The Help. Hello, it stars Mindy Cohn's triumphant return to television. Let's give it up for Natalie! I mean, sure the show looks ridiculous, but I'm comforted by familiar faces.

So, I check out the show's home on The WB's site, and am floored by the cast of fantastic b-list celebrities:
1. Al Santos: The hottie from Grosse Pointe is back on television. I hope there are lots of plot devices to get him shirtless.
2. Tori Spelling: This is just too much. She plays the dogwalker.
3. Antonio Sabato, Jr: Another hottie who can't act his way out of a paper bag. I'll always think of him as the hot guy in Janet Jackson's "Love will Never Do" video.
4. Brenda Strong: Probably made famous by her bra-less bit part on Seinfeld, I adored her as the aggressive producer on Sports Night.
5. David Faustino: Billed as a special guest star, you can only hope he can move past his Bud Bundy past.

The show debuts on March 5, part of The WB's guilty pleasure Friday. I've hinted that I adore What I Like About You, Reba and Grounded for Life in a bad-television sorta way, so this just adds some perfection to a pathetic Friday night in front on the couch.

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