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Wednesday November 16, 2005
The Prodigal Daughter Returns

OMIGOD, YOU GUYS, LUKE!!! This should be interesting and I'm sure it will throw a monkey wrench into their engagement, which will highly piss me off. Even though I'm glad Rory's home, she still needs to shut the hell up. I can't believe that guy gave her a job and not a restraining order. She's so annoying.

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Wednesday November 9, 2005
Let Me Hear Your Balalaikas Ringing Out

Oh, Jess. I know everyone hates you, but I love you for being the voice of reason. You wrote a book! YOU WROTE A BOOK! Who knew that you would be the one making something of your life while Rory ended up as designated driver for a bunch of drunken Yalies? And Logan, you may be gorgeous, but you're a dick. It looks like Rory will go home to her mother next week, but I wish she was going home because she realizes she needs to make a change and not because her grandmother is getting too strict with her. The Lorelai/Luke/Soccer storyline this week was wonderful, and a great subplot to the tiresome spoiled brattery of Rory and Logan. Rogan?

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Wednesday October 26, 2005
21 Is The Lonliest Number

What an excellent episode of Gilmore Girls last night. I realized at the end of the episode, when I was devastated that Rory and Lorelai were not going to be playing blackjack in Atlantic City, that the Will-Rory-And-Lorelai-Reconcile storyline is the new Will-Luke-And-Lorelai-Get-Together storyline. The pain of their estrangement is palpable, and didn't your heart just leap a little bit when they had their short conversation? "Your drink is disgusting." "I know." "I got a dog." "NO!" "Shut up, he's fine." I miss them. Richard is finally in agreement with Lorelai about Rory throwing away her life, but he wants to handle Rory the same way he tried to handle Lorelai - with money. She's right - Rory needs to go back to Yale on her own, not because somebody bribed her. And way to blow it, Ace, PARIS is the editor of the Yale Daily News now. That's gotta hurt. Good. And how much do we love Luke for giving Rory that necklace that belonged to his mother? So much.

One more thing. When Rory had her little "virtue" talk with the minister, and then relayed that story to Logan, did she not totally lie? Didn't she tell Logan that she already gave him her virtue and now she'll have to buy the next guy a sweater? Didn't she give MARRIED DEAN her virtue? Shouldn't she be buying Logan a sweater? And oh my god, people, Jess is coming back! Cannot wait for the dose of reality he'll be handing out.

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Wednesday October 12, 2005
We've Got Magic to Do

Wow, Rory has really taken to being a DAR, huh? She threw a fundraiser and it was a huge success. Even with Paris working as a server! I love Paris. I love that she rented "Working Girl" to collect bon mots so she would know how to talk to people on the job. She kills me. Lorelai and her father argue over whether or not the Huntzbergers really did treat Rory like crap. Richard confronts Logan's dad and finds out that, oops, yes, Lorelai and Rory were telling the truth. In one of the greatest scenes ever on this show, Emily DESTROYS Mrs. Huntzberger with nothing more than some pointed threats and a sweet smile. I am hoping this leads to some sort of reconciliation with Lorelai and her parents...but hoping it does NOT lead to some sort of Romeo and Juliet story with Rory and Logan. You know he'll dump her in a second if his family pulls away his money. In Luke and Lorelai news, Luke likes to spend time with Lorelai. He's going to feel a bit abandoned when Lorelai and Rory make up, I bet. Also? Kirk's mime routine was awesome.

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Wednesday October 5, 2005
Always a Godmother, Never a God

Oh, Lorelai. Rory gave you an opening last night, right at the end there, and you didn't take it. Why? I think Lorelai has forgotten that Rory is her daughter first and her best friend second. This whole rift between them is depressing, and speaking of which, could there be anything more depressing than watching Riding The Bus With My Sister all by yourself? I enjoyed the episode - can't believe the boys in the band bought $9K worth of equipment without consulting Lane. Of course, they can't believe she saved $9K and didn't tell them, so I guess it sort of evens out. Enjoyed Kirk busting out a Dandy Warhols/Brian Jonestown Massacre reference - guess Stars Hollow got DiG! on video. All in all, good stuff, but I missed Luke at the christening. Was that service right in the middle of the week or something? Why was Logan at school? Oh, and Rory playing the role of her grandmother at the DAR party was CREEPY AS HELL.

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Wednesday September 21, 2005
Paul Anka!

Lorelai gets a dog. Rory picks up trash and gets the maid fired. TJ puts a hole in Lorelai's house. Luke spills the engagement beans. Rory snots to her mother about finding out from Luke, and bitch, I haven't seen you picking up the phone to talk to your mother about YOUR life at all. It's hard to watch Lorelai be this angry with her feels so wrong.

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Wednesday September 14, 2005
New and Improved Lorelai

Gilmore Girls returned last night, and we jumped in right where we left off. If you haven't seen it yet, I won't spoil you on Luke's answer to Lorelai's proposal (but feel free to discuss in the comments). Nothing is ever easy in Star's Hollow. Anyway, it was a nice season opener, featuring lots of the townsfolk (as well as much talk of the knowledgeable "East Side Tilly"), and Michel got the line of the night when he said to Emily, "...and instead I am here, opening doors for people like Benson." Rory is still on my nerves - if she needs her things from her mother's house, why can't she go get them herself? And how is she supposed to living this life of sloth that she bragged about so much when she has to get a job and perform community service? The preview with her picking up trash on the side of the road gave me a very perverse thrill. Take that, rich girl!

I am actually looking forward to seeing Lorelai gain some independence from her daughter this season. I want her to have fun again, to be in love and be selfish. Do you think that will happen?

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Tuesday May 31, 2005
See What You Missed When the WB Screwed You

Tonight at 9:00pm is the re-airing of the doomed Gilmore Girls finale. [via tv tattle]

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Wednesday May 18, 2005

I don't have a lot of time today, so I'll spend my GG post ranting about how the WB ran the show about a minute long so that any of us watching on TiVo MISSED THE END! Where, presumably, someone proposes to someone else, and we were left to guess who it was. I assume I correctly guessed that Lorelai proposed to Luke and we were left with a cliffhanger. Anyone care to share other details? Super-irritating, especially because it was a season-ender and an enjoyable episode to boot. It breaks my heart that Lorelai keeps going back to her parents and trusting them, and every time they just poop on her. I'm glad she has found someone like Luke.

The whole thing with Rory leaving Yale - whatever. I don't think her mother was really upset about her "losing momentum." I think she was flabbergasted that her daughter would give up on a lifelong dream because one stupid a-hole told her she couldn't achieve it. I'm sure it caused her to question her skills as a parent, for raising a child who would bail so easily. Also, Mrs. Kim rules my world and welcome back, Grant Lee Phillips. And - "BIG HOLE!"

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Wednesday May 11, 2005
Shut Up, Rory

Wow. During last night's Gilmore Girls, I nearly went insane with Rory hate. From her refusing to even LOOK at Sookie while she's in labor (hello, how are you going to cover wartime, Little Miss Foreign Correspondent?) to her utter disbelief at her performance review, she really worked my nerves. And then, at the end, insisting that Logan steal a boat? Oh, whatever. I get it, Rory is tired of doing what she's asked, blah blah blah, but her sense of entitlement really shined through this week. Snotting to Logan, "Don't you have another yacht?" made me want to slap her. Sigh.

As for the rest of the show, the Lorelai pregnancy scare wasn't much, was it? Although I had a weird feeling she was lying to Rory about it being a false alarm. Luke versus Kirk is always a riot, and speaking of Kirk, what in the HELL is that thing on his chest?

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Wednesday May 4, 2005
Wow, Emily's a Real Bitch

With all the Amazing Race excitement, I completely forgot about this week's Gilmore Girls. Emily was a complete and utter witch to Lorelai at Friday dinner. I was sad that neither her father or Rory stood up for her. Speaking of Rory, she is the most annoying intern on the planet. And who takes off their shoes in the office? I can see while sitting at your desk or something, but running down the hall? Ew. My friend Lisa pointed out that we just got the explanation for Dean's bizarre appearance the other week. He told Luke that Lorelai will never accept staying in Star's Hollow; that she's got bigger dreams. And lo and behold, a job opportunity has come up for Lorelai that will allow her to travel all over the place. In the meantime, Luke's plans to buy Dead Guy's house are going full-steam, and I think we can see where this is all headed. Plus, the previews for next week? Lorelai might be pregnant? WHOA! I don't read spoilers, so I was shocked and totally excited by that snippet. Also, Paris singing into a hairbrush = Funny.

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Wednesday April 27, 2005
But I'm a Gilmore!

Very entertaining episode of Gilmore Girls last night. And we even got a little shout-out to our other fave, The Amazing Race, with Lorelai remarking to Sookie that if she and Jackson were going for "weird and eccentric couple on The Amazing Race, [they're] winning!" Or something like that. She also got in a little dig on New Jersey, too, but I'll let that go. ANYHOO. I really enjoyed Rory tonight, isn't that weird? Telling Logan she couldn't handle "casual" and that they should just be friends really surprised me with its maturity. Of course, she got exactly what she wanted, Logan as Boyfriend, but I don't think she was expecting that to happen at all. As for the whole "But I'm a Gilmore" exclamation, I didn't take it as selfish. For her entire life, her grandparents have been grooming her and reinforcing the fact that Gilmores are special and powerful and wealthy. Meeting the Huntzbergers and realizing that there will always be people who look down on her family was probably a little bit shocking. I did think she would react with more passion when Logan's mom made that dig at Lorelai, though. I would have punched that stress smoker in the nose.

Did I miss a split second where Rory took the internship Logan's father offered? I assumed he is offering her this in order to get her away from Logan, and I was so proud when she refused it. Then I look down at my knitting for one second, and when I look up, he's telling her what time to show up for work? The hell?

As for the whole Dragonfly storyline, there is nothing hotter than Luke cooking for large amounts of people.

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Thursday April 21, 2005
To Live and Let Diorama

Okay, finally. Tuesday night's Gilmore Girls? Did I miss the part where Paris and Doyle broke up? I felt like some of that story was missing. Her barefoot walk down the street, drunk and begging for change was quite funny, although seeing Paris in that sort of emotional state kind of upsets my worldview. As for Luke wanting to settle down with Lorelai and perhaps raise a family, Lorelai's house is nicer than the dead guy's place. I wonder how she will react when he buys the house? Dean's return and insistence that Luke will never be enough for Lorelai had no point, other to perhaps cause Luke to do something stupid. And after their first breakup, one would think the two of them would talk about things before doing something stupid. But again, this IS Stars Hollow. Lane's storyline was kind of meh, although I did enjoy the outfit she wore to go shopping for cleaning supplies. As for Rory, the crying in her mother's lap at the end of the show, drunkenly weeping about Logan, was exactly what we've what been expecting. But it didn't make it any less heartbreaking.

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Tuesday April 19, 2005
Finally, A New Episode

Just wanted to remind you all that Gilmore Girls "fresh episodes" return tonight. I won't be home tonight, but I will try to post about the show sometime tomorrow afternoon.

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Wednesday March 9, 2005
Naked Kirk!

The highlight of last night's Gilmore Girls wasn't the Luke/Lorelai plot, or the Logan/Rory plot, or even the Michel/Motorhome plot. It was naked Kirk, sleeping in Lorelai's garage, wrapped in a Superman blanket. Absoutely hilarious. Although I do have to wonder - Kirk has like fifty jobs and doesn't pay rent. Shouldn't he be a millionaire by now? Why didn't he go to the inn or something? Alas, it's Kirk, and we'll never understand him. So, big high fives to Lorelei and Rory this week. Lorelai's for telling her mother to "SHUT. UP. MOM," and Rory's for not having a hissy over seeing Logan with that girl. I thought it was very bad form for her to accept a date with one of Logan's friends, but her Jealousy Plan worked, so I guess she got what she wanted. It's Rory's world, people, we're just living in it. I'm glad L&L; are back together; their argument over the reggae CD is why I like them as a couple. And I would kill to see footage of Michel on The Price is Right.

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Wednesday March 2, 2005

Let's discuss last night's Gilmore Girls. Obviously the end (the Kiss!) was wonderful, but Rory giving her grandmother the silent treatment and then yelling at her was uncomfortable. Their family dynamics are crazy. Loved Kirk and his newfound taste for burned food. Loved Sookie pre-planning her maternity leave menu and trying to take Lorelai out for a night on the town. Loved Lane and Zack's date, and Lane's horrifying realization that some of her mother's lessons have stuck with her. Watching Rory drop her mother (and her job?) like a hot potato when Logan called made me cringe, only because who here has never done that and came to regret it? I'm still not 100% behind Emily's visit to the diner and Luke's subsequent visit to Lorelai's front porch, though. They broke up over Emily's meddling, and her meddling gets them back together? Someone needs to sit L&L; down with Iyanla so they can have a fierce conversation.

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Wednesday February 16, 2005
I Want a Blue AND a Pink Ribbon

Tell me you didn't cry watching Gilmore Girls last night. That was one of the most uncomfortable hours of television I've seen in awhile. I was actually looking forward to the Rory/Logan storyline because I simply couldn't look at Lorelai's face anymore. Lauren Graham was wonderful. How many of us have made that awful, humiliating phone call before? Oh, it was painful to watch, because we all know that never ends well. She was talking for so long I was convinced Luke would run through the door while she was still going on and on about The Way We Were, and when he didn't, I was like, "Oh crap." Then she went and stole the tape, and got home, and he was there, and they were so damn close! There is never a time in your life lower than when you realize that you've pushed it too far and forced someone into a decision they never intended to make. HEARTACHE! Both Gilmore women are totally out of their comfort zones right now - they are both in love with men whose feelings aren't clear. Loving the parallels.

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Wednesday February 9, 2005
Rory the Tramp

So last night was the 100th episode of Gilmore Girls. It also appeared to be the All Alcohol, All The Time Episode. Emily pulls her worst stunt yet, by telling Christopher to come to the wedding and claim Lorelai so she won't end up marrying the undesirable Luke. HOW RUDE! Obviously this all ends terribly. In other news, Rory is a champagne-swilling Logan kisser, and gets caught by her mom in a compromising position during the wedding. Nice one, Ace. Luke is cute, the bachelorette party is rather funny, and Marion Ross reappears as Mother Gilmore. Considering the way she's always treated Emily, why was she in such a good mood at the wedding? edited to add: neveryoumind those last two sentences. I'm stoopid.

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Thursday January 27, 2005
Finally, the Gilmores are Back

Gilmore Girls finally came back from its hiatus Tuesday. Lorelei seemed extra-manic this week; I guess it's the combo of getting regular sex and seeing the first snow. Loved Emily and Richard's storyline with the stray dog; especially when he was showing her Louis Vuitton luggage websites. I totally understand why Lorelei would go to Christopher's and get him drunk when his father died (I would hope my friends would do that for me), but I don't understand why she had to lie to Luke about it. Why is she acting guilty if she didn't do anything wrong? I hate when characters I like make dumbass decisions like that. Also? Kirk rules.

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Wednesday November 10, 2004
Sorry, Mr. Branson

I, uh, forgot to watch Rebel Billionaire last night. And I'm really not all that upset about it. I've got enough on my plate right now. If anyone watched it and thinks it's REALLY AWESOME AND I SHOULDN'T EVER MISS IT, let me know. I mean, goddamn, it's on against Gilmore Girls. Where, much to my horror, Logan is growing on me. But I think I'd choose Finn.

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Tuesday October 26, 2004
Heads Up

For all you Gilmore Girls fans, Norman Mailer will be visiting Stars Hollow tonight. Fire up the TiVo for Bravo's 100 Scariest Movie Moments, a five-night series. Jason Priestley is once again coming back to FOX, if you're still nursing your old Brandon Walsh crush from the 90's. Also, it looks like the first Starting Over graduate from the first season, Maureen, will be returning to the house tomorrow, after a fire has left her and her husband homeless. I'm hoping that some of these women will recognize what true devastation looks like and start acting like humans.

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Wednesday May 19, 2004
So Disappointed

Rory Gilmore is a slut! Dean is a shaggy slut. I hate to use such strong and inflammatory language, but last night's Gilmore Girls has left me upset. This cute little show with its perfect people seems to be spiraling out of control. The elder Gilmores are separated. Rory is a horny home wrecker. Dean's in a loveless marriage, just weeks after his wedding. Lane's been disowned. Sookie had gastric bypass, which pisses me off, because the chick was cute before. It seems Stars Hollow has gone from cute to real and messy. Though, in last night's season finale, Kirk's night panic was pretty hilarious.

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Wednesday February 25, 2004
Emily with the Sad Face On

Since the start, I've been big into The Gilmore Girls and its caffeine-enriched dialogue. While I adore the funny dished out by Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel's mother-daughter team, the show is at its best whenever Kelly Bishop is on the screen. Her portrayal of matriarch Emily Gilmore is spot-on perfection. It's her ability to make Emily difficult and cold, yet starved for connection, that takes the show from frothy confection to quality dramedy. Last night's episode was another example of Bishop's perfection, taking away another layer to show Emily's pain and loneliness within her marriage. Next week's episode looks to showcase her even more.

While discussing the Girls, let's just confess, that this season has been weak. The first half just seemed to exist with no plot, drama or conflict, rather just a lot of phone calls with Lorelie and Rory. It's improved thanks to an increased storyline for Keiko Agena's Lane. I need to see more Melissa McCarthy, however, because the chick just cracks me up. She actually makes me giddy with infectious enthusiasm about the food her character creates. How sad is that? She needs her own show, especially since I find her bearish husband very cute.

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