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Monday April 25, 2005
Something Wicked This Way Comes

Is anyone still watching Joan of Arcadia? Friday was the season finale. It could possibly be the series finale, which would really suck, considering how it ended. The show is moving in a new direction, giving Joan a nemesis by the name of Ryan Hunter (who also appeared in a hilarious episode of Popular, playing Adam). Joan has been asked by god to "help contain" Ryan, a man who, like Joan, also talks to god, but has rejected him and is out to wreak havoc. God says that this "battle" is the culmination of all she's gone through. This inevitably causes comparisons to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and I can see the parallels. However, aside from the surface similarities (teenage girl, band of misfit friends), I think this has the potential to be different and interesting. It's not a battle of God versus Satan, as much as a battle of faith. Can you use faith as a weapon against someone who has no faith? If he doesn't believe in your weapon, how can your weapon work?

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Tuesday February 22, 2005
Joan and the Camper Van

Joan (of Arcadia) is a big girl now! She's old enough to defy her mother, play street games with bad musicians and reject her boyfriend's advances. Seriously, Joan. Didn't you think Adam was going to offer up deflowerment in the camper? Hello, campers are second only to vans in mobile sexiness! For the most part, I found the subplots of this episode rather lame and pointless, which makes me wonder if Will has any point to the show, now that he's not a potential dirty adulterer, because the cop thing is getting pointless. Thank God (not the Black Eyed Peas one) that Joan confessed to defying her parents, and that she returned to Helen emotionally. Individuation is hard, but being alone is even harder. Also, I'm super happy that Adam and Joan are struggling a bit! Does that make me bad? I just think they are too intense for their age.

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Thursday January 20, 2005
Those Zombies Can Sing

God, I�m practically a week late with this, but I have to force my views onto the internet somehow. I loved last week�s Joan of Arcadia. It was happy and fun and it resolved all of the things that were troubling me. I know musical theater is pretty gay, so maybe that�s why I so loved the episode, but there was this great energy about the episode. Congrats to Joan for finally realizing that she and Adam don�t need to be attached at the hip and attend the same college. They could be individuals first, and see where things go with the relationship. Also, I thought Joan looked like she was going to boot her lunch from the nerves before her solo, which, by the way, wasn�t that bad. Maybe Amber Tamblyn will be the next Hilary Duff. Also, glad to see Will finally find some happiness with his family and release some of his anger. If Kevin can forgive the kid who injured him, so can Girardi Senior. Two weeks in a row, I�m thinking Joan�s back on track from its darker days.

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Monday January 10, 2005
Rumble in the Halls of Arcadia High

Join me in celebration. I really liked Friday�s Joan of Arcadia. Maybe the season�s best? To me, the show has returned to what it does well, offering meaningful messages in a light-hearted and touching manner. Maybe I�m shallow, but it makes me uncomfortable to watch the Girardi�s suffering too much. I�d much rather be entertained, shed a tear and have a laugh.

I thought this episode borrowed heavily from Buffy. Just as God wanted Joan to play the game of life, Buffy had to learn the hardest part about life was living it (especially when you return from heaven). For Joan, that means going to college, while, for Buffy, it meant bumping uglies with a vamp and saving the world from all evil. But, hey, Joan�s young.

Loved: the sweaty rock-paper-scissors showdown, Joan comforting Kevin after he was dumped, the ex-nun tutor (as always) and Joan falling for the advances of the college boy.

Hated: Helen giving up her search for answers (to make Will more comfortable), Joan�s expectation of being with Adam forever and Will�s whole boss thing.

What'cha think?

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Monday November 22, 2004
Confidentiality Agreements Be Damned. It�s his Birthday.

While I wasn�t impressed by the most recent Joan of Arcadia, the show seems to be moving in a more entertaining direction for my tastes. I�ve felt the season has been a tad flat, and ratings have fallen, which led Entertainment Weekly to offer some helpful suggestions this week to get the show back on track. From the previews, I expected Friday�s ep to rip out my heart with a rollercoaster of emotion over the night of Kevin�s accident. Instead, they broke up the narrative of that evening between all the characters, and it never packed the emotional punch that I was expecting. I wanted a good cry, but never got it. However, the ending brought a smile to my face, and reminded me why I liked this show so much. Joan shines when it focuses on how we impact each other for the positive. To me, the show has been dipping too much into reality, showing how we impact each other for the worse. And, way to go Grace, who is growing by leaps and bounds this season.

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Monday November 15, 2004
Just Concentrate on Catching

The latest episode of Joan of Arcadia was heartbreaking. The whole Judith storyline wraps up, as it were, and once again I am stunned at the talent of Amber Tamblyn. Watching her crying and screaming through the hospital room window was unbelievable. So well done. A very sad episode, but I think it showed Joan that even though everything can't be controlled, god will be there to help her through it.

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Monday October 25, 2004
Conservatives Ruined My TV

I should be writing about Joan of Arcadia this morning, but I missed the episode. My local CBS affiliate is part of Sinclair Broadcasting, so it replaced Joan with the Kerry-bashing documentary that's been in the news lately. So, tell me, what'cha think of the episode?

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Monday October 11, 2004
Cry Me a River on Demand

Another okay installment of Joan of Arcadia. I continue to love the show, but I'm not fully embracing this new direction, which seems both darker and more melodramatic. It seems that creator Barbara Hall is really stealing a lot of plays from her other show, Judging Amy, which I also enjoy, but it's overly dramatic and manipulative. I fear Joan is headed in the same direction with really heavy handed messages and obvious emotional ploys. When watching on Friday, my roomie turned to me and said, "I'm so going to cry now," the minute Kevin rolled into the lawyers office. Last season, there were many weepy moments, but they surprised you, making them more charming and heartfelt. Now it just seems they want me to cry for the sake of crying. Reliving the family's trauma just seemed so manipulative, and didn't really advance the story or further develop the characters. Am I being too cynical? Okay. Big props to Adam, who is sweeter than pie; and Luke, who is really evolving from dork-to-young man in a believable manner. What'cha think?

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Monday October 4, 2004
God is not subtle

This week, there was improvement in Joan's bangs on Joan of Arcadia, but, otherwise, not one of my favorite episodes. I continue to love the family dynamic, and think the show is at its best when these relationships are explored. Mary Steenburgen continues to amaze me, because her struggle to let go appears so real and hurtful. I think this episode kind of lost me when there was the back-to-back-to-back examples of people not intervening when others are at risk. I just rolled my eyes and went, "yeah, I get it, already." It also seemed like Joan patched things up with God rather suddenly, when I would have just been pissed that he blamed me for the chick getting alcohol poisoning.

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Monday September 27, 2004
Joan, head toward the light...

I expected Freakgirl to be all over Joan of Arcadia's season premiere. Who watched? I was really surprised by the episode's darkness. Each member of the Girardi clan is struggling on their own, which is hard to watch. Big ups to Adam for not pathologizing his girlfriend about the God thing. I found it sweet, though, if I didn't know Joan spoke to God, I'd think he was insane too. This episode made me work a little harder than in the past, mostly because it seemed less humorous and kind of heavy. More importantly, I didn't like Joan's bangs. What'cha think?

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Friday September 24, 2004
CBS - All God, All The Time!

Don't forget, Joan of Arcadia kicks off its new season tonight. I'm thrilled to get back into some meaty drama after a summer of reality television.

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