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Thursday May 26, 2005
I Watch 24 Episodes and This is All I Get?

I'm a tad nervous that you're all going to beat me down in the comments for this, but I thought last night's Lost finale sucked rocks in hardcore fashion. Seriously. Was a single thing resolved? So not satisfying. Ugh. I was expecting some big reveal, and we just learned that truckers on boats are so not your friends.

Yes, I was freaked out when the truckers demanded Walt, but we didn't learn why. Such a freaky moment, though.

The most annoying part of the two hours? The dynamite. Yeah, we get it, it's sensitive, so walk slowly or you'll go boom. That was a time suck.

The second most annoying thing? In the final minutes, when we should be learning something NEW about the island, we're watching the castaways board the plane. Nothing new here, people, we already knew they were on a plane. Learning that Hurley needed a seatbelt extender was so not the closure I was looking for.

The third most annoying thing? Jack is all sexist protective macho loser.

Okay ... let the comment assault on my mad hate for this episode begin!

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Thursday May 19, 2005
Goodbye Castaways. Hello Danger!

An entertaining and emotionally-full episode of Lost last night. Finally. I thought this was a return to what made the show so fantastic back in the fall (rather than the stalled spring). Let's hear it for Walt, who is so clearly a mutant. Great moments between Walt and Shannon; Jack and Sawyer (finally); and Sun and Jin. Yunjin Kim is the superstar of this show, as far as I'm concerned, other than Matthew Fox's foxiness. The goodbye on the beach was played well as the raft launches. So, the new mystery? How did that boat get in the middle of the island? What did Hurley write on the bottle? The lottery numbers?

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Thursday May 12, 2005
Born to Run

Since Lost's recap episode, JJ seems to have given us two additional placeholder episodes, just taking up sweeps space untilthe big three-hour finale. Last night's installment revealed more of Kate's backstory, but didn't really tell us anything new or give us a glimpse into her current motivation. Yeah, she runs away from things. We got that in the first episode when we saw her in handcuffs.

Walt freaks me out, man. Clearly, when Locke touched him, he knew something bad was happening with the hatch. Does that mean Locke knows what's inside? Also, it was good that Walt confessed to the boat burning incident, which gives some closure to a plot point. More importantly, good for Michael for offering to remain on the island for his son.

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Thursday May 5, 2005

I thought Lost finally delivered the emotional response to Boone's death that I thought was missing from the actual episode in which he kicked it.

Did we know that Locke was the one that sucker punched Sayid so very long ago? It surprised me, but I'm thinking it shouldn't have. I know you guys will set me right.

What are they feeding the baby if Claire is sleeping? I mean, there can't be naturally occuring formula on the island.

Great backstory on Sayid, but, you gotta feel for the guy (even though he professionally tortured people at one point). Karma. The guy can't get a break. First, he does the right thing to claim his friend's body (after he killed himself for Sayid's betrayal) and gets on a later flight. We know how that turned out! On the island, he saves Locke, but loses Shannon.

Even when full of rage and low on blood, Jack still looks good. That's why he's the hero people.

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Wednesday April 27, 2005
The Journey

Don't forget the Lost "catch-up" special is on tonight. If you haven't watched the show, tonight is the night to do it and get up to speed. If you do watch the show, it's a great way to see things you may have overlooked and get ready for the season finale in a few weeks.

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Thursday April 7, 2005
A Wedding and a Funeral

Here's my first question? Did we know Jack was/is married? I don't pay attention much, so it could have slipped by me (though, I do spend lots of time focusing on Jack). Thank goodness that ABC was able to cast and promote the same actress who is guest stinting on Jake in Progress as Jack's bride. Love synergy.

The first half of Lost had me on the edge of my seat due to the adrenaline and the action. Jack can shout! I don't ever want to see a leg set again! Though, I do love Sun. Love, love, love. She's got inner-strength in staggering amounts.

Towards the end, I kinda stopped caring. As soon as the baby was coming, you knew Boone was going to die. Way too circle of life (which no one has done well since Thirtysomething). I also thought Boone's death was handled without a lot of emotion. He kicks it, and I'm just feeling kind of let down. I wanted to cry dammit, but didn't feel like there was an opportunity or a motivation.

So, next week, the hunt for a murderer!

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Thursday March 31, 2005
Locke, Minus One Kidney

Last night's Lost was pretty much worth the wait. We got Locke's second backstory episode, and learn that his own father conned him into giving up a kidney. We still don't know how he lost his ability to walk, although I do believe that in our first Locke episode we saw him on a dialysis machine. On the island, as Locke and Boone get closer to getting into the hatch, Locke's legs start to get weaker and weaker. The island is going to punish Locke if they find a way off. The island obviously needs them all, so why were Locke and Boone led to a plane with a working radio? My guess is that Boone will die without telling everyone about the radio, and Locke will remove it so no one finds it. We'll see. I'll tell you this, when the light went on inside the hatch at the very end of the episode, my hair stood on end. :: shivers ::

Is anyone else sick with worry that Charlie is going to find all the drugs on that plane? In other stories, Sawyer needs glasses and Jack torments him over it. So funny. We saw little of the others in this episode, as it mostly focused on Locke and Boone. Looks like Claire goes into labor next week, so that should be exciting.

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Thursday March 3, 2005
A Little Validation

Finally, some plot movement on Lost. I mean, even though we don't know more, we know that something's up with those numbers. It's seems very much like The Ring, where something paranormal keeps getting passed along, destroying lives and creating trouble. The final shot of the "hatch" with the inscribed numbers totally freaked me out. I wasn't expecting it.

So, I love me some Hurley. Jorge Garcia seems a good actor, able to pull off more than the comedy. I love the fact that he's spry. I also found his interaction with the French lady priceless. I'm glad she could validate the curse for him.

And, Claire, honey, we could all tell it was a cradle. I worry about your parenting skills, if you can't identify something like that after a million hours.

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Thursday February 24, 2005
Sun on the Rise

Lost continued it�s holding pattern during February sweeps as another episode passes without more of the island�s big mysteries being revealed. At least this week, I found Jin�s history interesting, admittedly, only because his wife�s previously-aired back story was one of the series� strongest. Seriously, Sun�s decision to stay with Jin in her �spotlight episode� broke my heart. So, it was fascinating months later to see the other side of her relationship with a very controlling hubby needing redemption. Despite this, Jin didn�t fill me with a lot of warm feeling, and, in the end, I didn�t care if Michael beat the crap out of him. Though, by breaking away from his wife, he has set Sun free, and that freedom is beautiful.

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Friday February 18, 2005
I Never...Thought Sawyer Was Hot Til The Other Night

Sorry, J.Go, but I'm opening up a thread for Lost because people are really wanting to discuss it. Go for it, kids! (J.Go - if you want to post your thoughts, just edit onto this post)

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Thursday February 10, 2005
Episode 15

Wow. Jack beat the crap out of Tom Cruise�s cousin! And then Charlie killed him, proving he�s no longer a peace-loving hobbit! Things are getting freaky on that island, people. Overall, I didn�t develop mad love for Lost this week; however, I did have crazy lust for Matthew Fox�s recent TV Guide cover. Of the two, I�d rather love the show more. Claire is back, but her memory isn�t. That's a tad too clich�d. The group finally gets defensive about the nastiness on the island, bringing Ethan down for his crimes against the group. I found the rain-filled fight scene pretty intense with all the fists and the shooting (and Matthew Fox all wet).

Overall, I�m finding it interesting that in J. J. Abrams world, people act in opposition to their past, rather than repeat it. I think many people just relive patterns, getting into similar relationships or continuing to struggle against the same demons. On Lost, however, the castaways seem to act in opposition to their past. Jack couldn�t save his father, so now he has to save everyone. Charlie couldn�t take care of people, so now he will take care of Claire to the point of homicide. Just a thought.

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Thursday January 20, 2005
The Mind's Eye

More of the mystery is unraveled on Lost, as we discover that Walt's got some supernatural things happening on and off of the island. Once again, very Stephen King. As a side note, I went to high school with Stephen's son, Joe. Back to Lost. First, the baby model who played Walt in infancy is the cutest thing ever. I have to wonder if the kid was CGIed or something. Second, I just don't like Michael. So much of his energy (which is pretty angry) about being a father was in having this kid be an extension of him, rather than allowing the child to be his own person. He couldn't handle competition with Locke. Ego much? To his credit, I am glad that he lied and protected the kid from the truth about Brian. Third, why is Locke the only one able to see that this kid can conjure the crazy?

And, the baby momma is back!

Did the preview for next week's �new� episode look like a repeat or is Sayid going to get beat on again?

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Thursday January 13, 2005
Ew, Ew, Ew, Ew. My Eyes!

I am so late for a meeting, so I have to keep this short and no obvious links to the ABC site. First, Ew. I was so grossed out by the Shannon-Boone thing on Lost. Yeah, I know, I must be a Puritan, because they're not blood related, but well, Ew. I know they gave us plenty of warning, but it still seemed so dirrrty. And, honestly, Shannon is a bad person. Like, she's a horrible bitch. A user! A manipulator! So, island might have a dark side? It can give you what you want, or what you need, but what if that end result is the death of another. Though, in this case, it was more enlightenment than action. I think Locke is setting up a cult of those who believe in the island's power. Maybe it will reflect America's own divide between fundamentalists (faith) and well, those who are not. Just a passing thought I had, not a theory. As always, Hurley is hilarious. And, I'm glad that Sun chatted up Kate in the garden.

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Thursday January 6, 2005
Somewhere, beyond the sea...

I know it�s not the right thing to focus on, but how many guns does a federal marshal need, and how many do they allow on a plane? I am not comforted by the fact that any crazy-ass gumshoe can bring an arsenal onto a commercial jetliner. Okay, rant ended.

So, finally, Lost returned with new episodes, but didn�t pick up on the metallic thing in the dirt found by Locke and Boone in the last installment. We�ll have to wait next week for that mystery to be partially revealed and evolve into another mystery, because, let�s face it; we�re never getting all the answers on this island.

For example, we discovered last night that Kate (if that�s her real name) killed a man she loved, which led her to rob a bank (armed-robbery style) for his plastic plane and eventually flee the country, where the marshal nabbed her. Her back-story left me with more questions about her past. Have I missed something? Who was this man? Why did she kill him? I�m a dude who needs instant gratification, and this so is not the way to win my heart. JJ Abrams is a tease.

Oh, and just because I'm shallow, the bankrobber boyfriend was hotness.

So, in the end, Jack learns that Kate is truly untrustworthy, which makes him sad, because she was his best bet for repopulating the island. Though, after what happened with Claire, who would want to get pregant.

Just to touch upon the other points, I was surprised by how obvious the �salvation in god� message was last night. Maybe it will help Charlie heal a bit. Also, Shannon has a lovely singing voice, and her French really doesn�t suck if she can tell the difference between eternity and infinity. The chick has mad translation skills. Though, I�m not sure why she wouldn�t just sing �Beyond the Sea� in English.

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Tuesday January 4, 2005
Catching Up With Lost

Kim (of Fresh Hell fame) has written an article about Lost for MSNBC. All you dumbasses who haven't been watching the show can read it and be all caught up for tomorrow's new episode. Enjoy.

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Thursday December 9, 2004
Dude. Chill Out.

Here�s my script recommendation for season three of Lost:

The Scene: A small group of castaways appear from the dense jungle, looks around suspiciously and then enters a small cave.
Jack: I�d like to start off today�s Al-Anon meeting. My name is Jack, and my father was a narcissistic drunk who never loved me. As a result, I�m a control freak with a God complex who is charged with keeping the world safe. I am the island�s caretaker. Oh, and I think I stood up to my dad once, and he went to Australia to drink himself to death as a result. So, some guilt going on inside.

Lost was fantastic last night with the perfect amount of action, emotion, mystery and creep. Jack totally freaked me out with his intensity. Matthew Fox (who looks nice in a wet tee) gets acting points last night for conveying a very scary guy. Also, he looked skinnier in the face, which just added to his desperate effect as he searched the jungle. I�m just glad that he found Charlie. I got all wigged out when he wasn�t reviving. On one level, I knew he wouldn�t die, but you can never tell in today�s crazy television world. I totally got sucked into the moment. If I were Charlie, I would have been yelling, �Jack, stop beating me, I�ve just been through a trauma.�

Why did they want Claire? Is her baby okay? Where did Ethan get the moves? What did they find in the jungle? Who is the kid�s father? Why are Locke�s eyes so green? How many people are out there?

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Thursday December 2, 2004
Your Name isn't Hurley?

My friend Christine called this morning from Maine, yelling into the phone: �It�s coming, the baby is coming.� I didn�t know she watched Lost, but I instantly knew what she was talking about. Yes, my sexy friends, Lost is officially the big show of 2004. I mean, even my dad, the lumberjack is hooked, though, admittedly confused by much of it. I can't offer him much explanation at this point.

With that said, I didn�t love last night�s episode. I think JJ Abrams had outlines for 20 episodes, and he needed one more, so he just created this as a place holder. This installment was really a teaser for next week, because I found it kind of dull until the last minute. Though, let�s face it, it was a great 60 seconds. I'm psyched for next week.

First, I found Clair's back story kind of dull. I was spooked by her initial encounter with the psychic, but, after she hung out with him for four months, I was over it. It was a quality spook, though we knew the psychic would predict the crash (though, at this point, maybe he didn't). Also, her boyfriend drama seemed to lack actual drama for me. I also thought she was dreaming up her attacks, so didn�t get all bothered by it. Maybe I was wrong.

And, It was obvious that Canadian guy was going to be a bad guy. Thank god they were doing a census to figure all this stuff out � in the last second.

So, it starts to unfold a bit more next week. Who is on the island? Why do they want the baby (or the hobbit)? Will the group come together to fight for their own? Will Matthew Fox get his shirt ripped off and run around in all his greatness? Will Sawyer exact revenge? Stay tuned true believers.

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Thursday November 18, 2004
Dude. What is that French Chick Talking About?

Sorry this is posted late, but I've had technical issues. So, don�t hate me, but, I didn�t love last night�s episode of Lost. To me, there was so much emphasis on curling back a layer of the island�s mystery, that the emotional component was lost. Apparently, I have a limited amount of cognitive function, because I spent so much energy trying to figure out what was happening and understanding our French lass�s tale of woe, I really didn�t connect with Sayid�s back story. It seemed flat. In other news, it was nice to see our castaways enjoy themselves, except for Michael, who hasn�t learned how to be a father to his very isolated kid. From the previews, it looks like next week�s episode will be a stunning return to the dramatic form that my simple mind adores.

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Thursday November 11, 2004
The Cycle

Another great episode of Lost this week, which makes me super happy after last week's weaker installment. I'm so not surprised that Sawyer has a traumatic past (and that's why he's an asshole today). Unhappiness seems to be a connection for everyone on the island. It's interesting how fast the group has moved into a community, offering up "security" and "punishing" those who move against them. How many days have they been stranded now, anyway?

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Wednesday November 10, 2004
Before It Was "Lost"

Here's a quick and delicious article (registration required) about how Lost came together as a series in a blindingly short time by network standards. I say it's delicious because there are all sorts of "might have been" issues discussed. Jack dead after the first episode! Sun playing Kate! Now we need a spinoff with the alternate Lost characters and their backstories...

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Friday November 5, 2004
Finally, LOST

Sorry the Lost recap is late...J.Go is in the midst of getting ready to move and we wanted to be able to give you somewhere to talk about The Moth, so let's do it. Charlie went to drugs like a moth to a flame? And ended by throwing the drugs in the fire instead of himself? Good stuff. A bit heavy this week, with the man-love in the cave and all that, but still heads and shoulders above most other television. Love that Charlie and his brother are obviously the Gallaghers, love that Charlie was religious, and Dominick Monaghan did a wonderful job portraying that lost little boy who feels useless in a big world. Who hit Sayid? Do I spell his name differently every week? Did the monster eat the pregnant girl? Are you dying for Sawyer's backstory? Do you love Locke? Will we ever find out what Kate did, and will she just kiss Jack so I can get on with my life?

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Thursday October 28, 2004

Honestly, I think last night was Lost�s strongest episode since the fx-mad pilot, which of course, matches Kristin�s intel from E Online. I�m starting to think the show is really about community, and not some monster in the woods. It was a reminder that the people around us, strangers, are struggling silently with their own issues and grief. Whether they had crashed or not, Sun would be married to a misogynistic asshole, Walt�s mother would still be dead and Jack would still be reeling from his father�s death. Maybe together, they can make it through.

I thought Yunkin Kin was amazing last night. I so wanted her to run from the airport, leave her husband and family, even though I already knew what path she chose. Her inner struggle moved me. Locke continues to be the real leader of this group, though it seems like Charlie�s going to have it rough next week. Also, big shout outs to the real chemistry between Jack and Kate. And, more shirtless Jack, please! Please tell me that this episode rocked your TV life.

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Thursday October 21, 2004
Grieving on an Island

Lost continues to pack an emotional punch. I just need to say, Matthew Fox is so hot, I almost didn't notice his rather powerful acting last night. So much emotion in the eyes. He's crying away about his dead dad, and I'm like, "he's so pretty." All kidding aside, I thought last night's episode was so sad for Jack, who's now dealing with two massive traumas back to back. In terms of everything else, Sawyer is an ass. If I were in that situation, I so wouldn't be competing for America's Biggest Tool. Also, I love that a guy named Locke seems to have unlocked the mysteries of the island. Tell me what you thought, please!

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Thursday October 14, 2004

J.Go appears to be out of town today, so I'm going to go ahead and start a commenting thread about last night's Lost. Because - HOLY CRAP. Yep, I cried at the end. I can't remember seeing such an incredible reveal on television before. Maybe that episode of ER when Hathaway left and we saw George Clooney waiting for her at the end. Or the episode of Melrose Place where Kimberly was standing on the beach. But last night trumped them all.

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Thursday October 7, 2004

Okay, so I missed last night's episode of Lost because I was having dinner with friends. So, I called my friend Deb and forced her to watch and then report back to me, just so I could write something pithy and fun this morning. Well, Deb isn't pithy or fun (though I love her like a british pop star). So, here's what she said (with my own edits):

"It was a very laid back episode, even though there were intense things happening, which is odd. I think we keep comparing things to the insanity of the first episode, so everything now seems tame. Here's the deal: Locke is a creepy mofo. What's up with that? Also, this cast is so huge, I'm not learning anyone's name. Also, totally expecting Kate to do the number on the marshal from the previews, so was shocked when she wasn't Ms. Trigger Finger. JJ is God."

What did you think?

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Thursday September 30, 2004

After last week�s adrenaline-filled premiere, the most recent installment of Lost seemed rather tame. I enjoyed the hour, but I spent most of it scratching my head. Every second was a reminder of how little the audience knows about the cast or the island. When things are revealed, such as Kate�s a criminal or Charlie�s a cokehead, you know it�s just the first misleading layer of the story, so you still don�t know anything. Because JJ Abrams is amazing, I know the payoff is going to be worth this feeling of limbo. Of course, my favorite thing about the show remains Matthew Fox. He�s so the best eye candy on network television. I even got a haircut this week, just like his (well, not really). So, what did you think of the episode? Also, I'm assuming it�s dinosaurs and that the title of the show is based on Land of the Lost?

For more Lost scoop, check out Kristin�s chat column at E! Online this week.

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Thursday September 23, 2004
Charlie Salinger + Jungle = Woo!

Last night was the premiere of Lost. Very cool pilot - I did a lot of "oh no!" and "watch out!" and covering of my eyes. The premise of this show is great - it's a nightmare that just about everyone has thought about when they get on a plane - and I'm very curious to see how the show progresses (if it is given a chance). I mean, they can't stay there forever, can they? This ain't Gilligan's Island.

Anyway, so far I'm liking (obviously) Matthew Fox's character, Jack. From the brief bit of him we saw in the flashback, he may or may not have a bit of a drinking problem. Dominic Monaghan's Charlie is a riot - what was he doing in the plane bathroom? Drugs? Oh, and the monster? Is scary. I wonder if we will ever get to see it. I keep thinking it's like a dinosaur or something. My hopes are already high that it will eat Complaining Girl on the Beach. As geekboy said, "I definitely want to see the next episode," so the buzz in our house is "Season Pass." What did you guys think?

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