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Thursday December 1, 2005
Lost...My Birth Certificate

I was unable to watch Lost last night because I had to do something much more fun instead. My husband and I will be visiting Freakgirl and Geekboy this weekend, and to do that we need to cross the border and to do that I need to prove my citizenship. Jeremy and I turned our entire house upside down last night, searching for my birth certificate. We recently moved (6 months ago) and some things are still in boxes, so I have no idea where anything is. Anyway, we found my birth certificate - the trip is still on, I am still sane, the party will go on, the wine will be drunk.

So, how was the show? Discuss.

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Thursday November 24, 2005
Mason, This is For You

Dear reader Mason faces this American holiday with non Lost-watching family (gasp!) and threatened to cry if there was no Lost post, so I shall make Mason a thankful dude.

Another great episode, particularly because they chose to eschew the vengance angle. Ana Lucia bullied Libby into tying up Sayid because she was afraid he'd come after her. She expected loyalty from her group of tailaways and while they acknowledged that she kept them alive thus far, they did not support her choices following Shannon's accidental shooting. Eko grabbed Sawyer and went off to find Jack.

Ana Lucia decided it would be best for her to leave and live on her own, so she sent Michael to camp to fetch ammo, clothes and supplies, then she would let Sayid go. I thought that could get interesting since Ana had no idea who Sayid was. If he wanted to, I expect he could find her. Soon afterward Libby, Jin and Bernard left as well. Ana Lucia and Sayid were left alone to talk. She identified herself as a cop and Sayid related the time he tortured Sawyer last season. He speculated perhaps she was meant to kill him.

Eko found Jack and Kate playing golf. They brought Sawyer into the bunker and Jack doctored him up with a cold shower and tried to administer some antibiotics without much luck. Kate stepped in and had an intimate moment with Sawyer, urging him to take the medication. Jack looked a little jealous and made some glib remark about not learning the ear-whispering technique in medical school.

Locke questioned Eko about what had happened and learned that Shannon had been shot. When Jack found out he demanded to go with guns blazing until Eko mentioned Ana Lucia's name. Jack remembered Ana Lucia from the airport bar, and became very sad. From what I remember their time together in the bar was rather brief, so I am not entirely sure why Jack reacted to her name so emotionally.

Sometime prior to Flight 815, Ana Lucia was a police officer who worked under Captain Madre: La Madre del Ana Lucia. At first we were led to believe she had been suspended for inappropriate action but finally found out that she was actually on a forced leave after having been shot during a burglary. On her first call back on the job Ana Lucia was overly aggressive during a domestic dispute. On her way back to the station that day, she was informed that her shooter had been apprehended, had confessed and all that was necessary was for Ana Lucia to identify him. She denied that the man in question was responsible.

Not a surprise based on what we know of her character, Ana took matters into her own hands and killed her confessed shooter herself, telling him she was pregnant just before she shot him. She told Sayid the story of the burglary but omitted the actual ending. She released him and lay the gun at his feet, telling him she deserved for him to kill her. He elected not to, and was carrying Shannon out of the jungle as Jack and Eko arrived. Ana and Jack shared a silent, meaningful look that for reasons I mentioned earlier I didn't quite understand.

I cried for Rose and Bernard, then I cried even more when Jin and Sun met again. Theirs is a miraculous love.

Michael's reunion with Walt's dog was very bittersweet.

Next week: Time's up!

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Thursday November 17, 2005
Bernard and Dead Guy Sitting in a Tree...

Loved. It.

Watching life on the island from the perspective of the tailaways was a lot more interesting than I thought it was going to be, and very suspenseful even though we already knew the general outcome of their story. The tailaways began life on the island with so much less than the survivors from the front section. The tail of the plane sunk into the ocean instead of falling onto the beach, so there wasn't much to salvage. They had no doctor. The Others took three survivors away on their very first night. They were hunted right from the beginning. The abduction on the twelfth night was downright savage and frightening.

The main things I noted include the teddy bear which suggested the children were still alive and the same kids whose legs we saw in a previous episode; Goodwin, once he was outed as one of the Others, saying that Nathan from Canada was "not a good person" and that's why he wasn't on the list of people to be abducted; Bernard making contact with Boone over the radio; the word "quarantine" painted on the inside of the door of the bunker; the fact that the tailaways didn't seem to experience any strange, surreal or paranormal episodes like the survivors of the front section did.

I thought the paranoia and aggression of Ana Lucia and Eko were justified after having seen that they had to kill in order to survive and protect the rest of their group. The change of Eko's gentle character was particularly sad; emerging from a long, remorseful silence only to become the man who grimaced so violently while beating Jin, Michael and Sawyer with his club.

Can't wait to see next week's show. Okay everyone, have at it!

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Thursday November 10, 2005
Somewhere, Boone Is Probably Pretty Psyched

I'm not sure if Maggie's around today, so I'm just going to open up a comment thread for last night's Lost. Go!

Sorry everyone, I haven't had a chance to watch Lost yet, and I probably won't until late tonight. Thanks for opening up the thread, Freakgirl.
- Maggie

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Thursday October 20, 2005

No real plot development this week, but I enjoyed it just the same. Sun freaked out after losing her wedding ring because she thinks Jin is dead. The tail section survivors decided they wanted to go to Michael, Jin and Sawyer's camp, so Bossy McBosserton ordered everyone to collect food and water for the trek. Michael took the opportunity to run off and look for Walt. Jin and Mr. Echo went after Michael and almost ran right into the Others (was that a child with that teddy bear?). They found Michael soon afterward.

The flashbacks this week told the story of how Sun and Jin met, from each of their perspectives. I really like listening to Korean. (The only thing that took me out of the story was when Sun's mother was on screen because every time I saw her I had to shout, "What? No Bette Midrah?" Be glad you don't watch tv with me.)

Sun told Kate about the bottle she buried last week and Kate rummaged through the messages, looking for Sawyer's until Sun stopped her and said they were private. Kate explained that she didn't get a chance to say goodbye to Sawyer, then spotted Sun's ring, which she must have lost while burying the bottle.

I guess Kate's going to be a bit jealous when Sawyer shows up back at camp with his new girlfriend, Female Sawyer McBosserton. Her attitude's getting old. I loved that at the beginning of the episode Sawyer speculated that the tail section survivors were planning on eating them...straight out of the comments from last week, heh!

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Thursday October 13, 2005
Cluck You

Hurley's backstory tonight took us to his last day as a civilian - the day before he cashed in his lottery ticket. It seems he lost his friends and the life he knew because of the money and he was terrified the same thing would happen on the island. Jack wanted Hurley to inventory and then ration the food in the bunker storeroom to make it last as long as possible. Hurley wanted to share it so that he didn't have to be the evil Food Fuhrer. Actually, Hurley wanted to blow up the food but Rose helped him come to a much saner resolution, and Charlie (spoiled brat that he is) was finally able to give Claire her peanut butter.

Sayid and Jack have been trying to determine what is in the bunker. Sayid had been unable to get through the concrete wall which houses the mystery magnet, so they crawled underneath the bunker to explore. Sayid noted the thick concrete below the room they were trying to breach and told Jack it reminded him of Chernobyl. Jack heard a noise and followed it, only to re-enter the bunker from below and catch Kate coming out of the shower.

Sawyer, Jin, Michael and Walt took a bottle full of notes from the survivors to their loved ones with them on the raft, hoping to deliver them. The bottle washed up ashore near Claire, who gave it to Sun. Sun buried the bottle; either she thinks Jin is dead and she was symbolically burying him, or she was hiding the bottle, not wanting the others to lose hope in rescue.

On the other side of the island, we learned that Michael, Jin and Sawyer's captors really were Flight 815 survivors. They had imprisoned the three men until they were satisfied that they were telling the truth, then let them out and led them to their camp...another bunker? On the hike to the bunker Michael learned from a woman, Libby, that there were 23 tail-section survivors, but when they entered the bunker it looked like much less. Michael said he thought there were 23 of them; Libby replied that there were. A man at the bunker asked Michael and Sawyer about a black woman in her fifties and we finally got to meet Rose's Bernard.

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Thursday October 6, 2005
What the Hell is Going on Here?

Last week I was feeling kind of meh but this week my head exploded.

The standoff between Jack, Locke and Desmond ended when Kate shot up Ye Olde Computere with a shotgun. The display reading "108" turned out to be a countdown in minutes to some mysterious yet absolute doom, which could be averted by entering the infamous numbers and bringing the clock back up to 108 minutes.

What the hell is Dharma? What is the disaster Desmond and Dead Kelvin were saving the world from? Could Desmond be just a regular guy coerced fearsomely into this insane duty when his boat crashed during his race around the world? Is he a big sketchy freak because the poor man hasn't been able to sleep longer than 100 or so minutes ever since Kelvin became Dead Kelvin? Where is Dead Kelvin's body since we know Desmond has been afraid to leave the hatch due to the quarrantine? Have Sayid's fingernails grown? What is Station 3? Where are reels 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6 of 6? Has this mission of entering the code and pressing the button been happening since 1980, the date at the end of the orientation film? What about the vision of Walt warning Shannon, "Don't press the button; the button is bad"?

I enjoyed Locke's flashback of his relationship with Helen, although it was difficult to watch because through his other flashbacks, we know it doesn't work out. And we still don't know why he lost the use of his legs.

Jack interested me most this week. He was really upset about Desmond, and I think it was the revelation that Desmond is just a regular man that set him off. I think he may have seen Desmond as being responsible for the miracle of his wife-to-be's recovery, and it was at that point in his life that Jack actually began to have faith. Now that Jack is faced with the knowledge that his wife healed without divine intervention, he has suddenly lost all faith. I'm suddenly very interested to know why he and his wife are no longer together - does it have something to do with his faith or lack thereof? Something for which he now blames Desmond?

Anyway, after Sayid had fixed the computer and despite Hurley's protests about the numbers, Locke convinced Jack to press the button and reset the clock. The two of them have assumed the responsibility without knowing why, just as Desmond had without knowing why. I assume Dead Kelvin had no idea himself or he would have told Desmond. Has this duty been passed on for 25 years without anyone knowing why?

Oh yeah...Jin, Sawyer and Michael got captured by the Others. Michelle Rodriguez posed as a fellow captive in order to gain information and also stole Sawyer's gun.

Still loving this show.

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Thursday September 29, 2005
This Raft is My Raft, This Raft is Your Raft

Michael and Sawyer find themselves alive and alone in the ocean. Sawyer still has the gun and while checking to see if the rounds in the magazine are dry, he drops them all over the place and I slap myself in the forehead. The men are frightened by something disturbing the raft from beneath and Sawyer placates himself by deciding it's "only" a shark. Being unable to find Walt and Jin turns the men into a couple of kindergarten babies, and as such they fight over the raft. Sawyer jumps onto another piece of raft and then proceeds to pull the bullet out of his shoulder with his bare hands, because that's just the kind of guy he is. As Michael and Sawyer are trying to blame each other for what happened, Sawyer comes to the conclusion that the Others were after Walt in the first place.

Back at the bunker, Desmond asks of Locke, "Are you him?" Locke plays along but doesn't know what one snowman might say to another, which seems to have been a passphrase because Desmond decides Locke isn't "him" after all. Desmond wants Locke tied up, but Locke convinces him to tie Kate instead, and Kate gets thrown into a dark closet but not before Locke shoves a knife into her pants when Desmond can't see.

A brief scene of camp in the jungle brings us to Charlie, Turniphead and Claire. Claire finds Charlie's secret Virgin Mary of Heroin in his pack; Charlie grabs it away and gives her crap about how it's just a nice thing to have around.

Kate, in her closet, cuts herself free with Locke's knife, finds a lightswitch, and finds herself in a storeroom full of non-perishable food marked with the mystery company's logo (octagonal yin-yang symbol). She grabs a few candy bars and escapes the room through an air vent in the ceiling. Meanwhile, Locke and Desmond are getting to know each other. Locke asks Desmond if he ever leaves the bunker and Desmond demands to know if any of the survivors have gotten sick yet. Locke asks about the quarantine warning on the inside of the hatch door, but one of Desmond's alarm systems goes off, and he brings Locke into the room with the ancient computer.

Locke is being instructed at gunpoint to enter certain numbers we all recognize into the computer, and then hit "execute". Locke does, and the sum of the numbers (108) appears in an old display. We then hear Jack's voice, and we've caught up with last week's episode.

The flashbacks this week centre around Michael and the memories of his struggle to keep Walt's mother from taking him away. Michael agreed to let Walt go in the past, and he decides now that it was a mistake. He vows to find Walt and get him back. When the sun comes up, Michael and Sawyer find themselves back on the island, and they come ashore to find Jin screaming and running toward them, hands tied behind his back. As they untie him, they finally understand one of the words he's yelling: "hundreds". Looking up, we see Jin's captors approaching.

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Thursday September 22, 2005
Chills, Brother!

The new season of Lost started with a pretty strong opener. The show began with what we thought was a flashback from the early 80s but turned out to be a montage of a mysterious stranger who was actually living inside the hatch. Above ground, Jack decides for everyone (to Locke and Kate's dismay) that it would be too risky sending everyone down because the ladder inside the hatch is broken. Meanwhile, Shannon runs into the jungle to find Walt's dog and has a frightening experience. She hears voices and sees Walt, soaked and bleeding, trying to communicate with her. Sayid leads her back to camp where she freaks out and scares everyone else.

Jack has flashbacks of meeting his wife (last season it was revealed that Jack married a patient whom he had saved from paralysis) and giving her a grim prognosis. His father imparts some wisdom about giving patients hope even when they're screwed. Jack calls upon this and promises everyone that while they won't be going into the hatch, everyone will be just fine and the sun will come up tomorrow.

Locke announces that he is going to return to the hatch anyway, and Jack allows him this even though he doesn't approve. Kate surprises Jack by opting to follow Locke, and finds herself being lowered down first. Locke loses control of the rope, a floodlight streams from the hatch opening, and Kate is gone. Locke goes in after her. Jack apparently feels Kate is in danger so he ends up returning to the hatch with one of the guns, enters and discovers the den of the mysterious stranger. He is about to fiddle with an ancient computer when Locke reveals himself. Jack points his gun at Locke and demands to know where Kate has gone. The mysterious stranger, hidden behind a wall, also points his gun at Locke's head and orders Jack to lower his weapon.

During one of Jack's flashbacks, he inexplicably promises his patient that he will fix her spine during surgery and is devestated when he cannot. He meets a mysterious stranger while running his frustrations out, a stranger who talks about miracles. When Jack returns to his patient's bedside to give her the bad news, she stuns him by wiggling her toes and presto! No paralysis.

Surprise! The mysterious stranger from Jack's flashback is the same stranger who is holding Locke at gunpoint. Mysterious!

Unfortunately, we got not a peep about Sawyer, Michael or Jin.

Loved it, but I was disappointed that Locke kept addressing Hurley as Hugo, without any reaction. Am I missing something? Did Hurley react to Locke somehow knowing his name at the end of last season?

What did you all think?

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