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Friday May 27, 2005
Dream A Little Dream for Me

Now that we're done hating on my Lost opinions, let's chat about Medium's season ender from earlier in the week. My major complaint goes to NBC's promotions department, which teased the episode as something involving our favorite psychic's kids (which I think they've done before). In fact, it had nothing to do with that other than a 10-second nightmare by the husband. I felt betrayed.

As always, I'm entertained by this show and it keeps me pretty engaged. See, I can like an hour-long drama. I actually was happy to see our Texan return and glad that hubby is getting annoyed with the 24-hour-nonstop nature of his crime-busting wife. You can only be understanding to a point, right? And, I'm still loving Patricia Arquette.

So, the end? I think Tex is trying to kill himself, so he can tell Alison who the next victim will be in her dreams. If so, is that brave or stupid?

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Tuesday March 29, 2005
Replacement Killers

Do network censors even review Medium? I have to admit, last night's episode was heavy on the graphic. I had to change the channel when the kidnappers went after that boy's pinky. And, the roadside rape was intense and graphic. Not your usual network fare.

Despite the horrible pinky thing, I thought it was a strong episode. Those crazy drug kingpins will do anything to escape the electric chair. And, the annoying detective is chilling out, so he's annoying me even less. Once again, the interplay between Allison and Jake remains a strong point for this show.

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Tuesday March 22, 2005
Made for Television

I thought Medium lacked some energy last night, mostly because it involved a crime that occured decades ago. No urgency. On top of that, the people involved were pretty self-centered and indulgent drama freaks, so who cares, right? Also, Allison can be such a bitch to her overly-understanding husband.

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Tuesday March 1, 2005
Get Out of My Head

I really have nothing to say about last night's Medium. I sat on my couch, the show was on my television, and, I just didn't care. I think I was flossing or something, which seemed more interesting. I couldn't even pretend to know what happened, other than the kid got in the head of another kid (not literally) who had a gun or something. Was this episode about gun control? Two lame episodes in a row. Is the magic fading?

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Tuesday February 22, 2005
It Runs in the Family

I'm seriously getting tired of Medium. Every episode has a new family member coming out of the paranormal closet. By the time the show hits season three, the entire family can repopulate Delaware (because, no one is there now, right?) and become America�s psychic state. I also thought last night's episode was morally ambiguous. If you know that someone is going to die, and he'll get you killed, is killing him beforehand really a bad thing? It's very "the needs of the many, out way the needs of the one."

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Tuesday February 15, 2005
Wasn't being in The Single Guy Enough Trauma

I thought last night�s Medium was decent. Not the best of the series. I found the tension between Allison and Joe much more interesting than the crime-busting part, which often is the case. Foretelling a friend�s death is an interesting aspect to explore, and a natural one for a show about a psychic. Honestly, I wouldn�t want to know these things in advance. But, with Joey Slotnick as the guest actor, we knew it was coming. I�m also finding Allison a bit selfish these days. It�s always about her struggle with her �gift,� but rarely does she think about its impact on others. Oh, and lawyer guy is creepy. And, was the son the kid from the American Pie movies? I could look it up, but I�m tool lazy.

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Tuesday February 8, 2005
Don't Get in the Car!

Sorry for the late post and thanks to S.John for sending along his own review of last night's Medium. Once again, a pretty solid installment. This show gets better with each episode, though there's always one thing that doesn't click for me. Last night, it was the odd cardboard-constructed sets of her dream world, which seem too child-like for such violent activity. Are her dreams always like that? It just unsettled me, but, believe me, I noticed the license plate, so the effect worked on one level.

Here's S.John's recap:
"Allison is all wrenched-and-angst by Reed Diamond (Stu, from Judging Amy [and Homicide]). He's evil! Or he will be in 7-10 years, as is established once the story line gets untangled. Secondary plot: Ariel (the oldest daughter, not the mermaid) reads minds too, and is certain to score 1600 (or 2400, or whatever perfect is now) on her SATs."

What did you think?

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Friday January 28, 2005
Litte Red Riding Hood

Okay. If you want to hide from a crazed killer, don't wear a primary red poncho and hood ensemble at the airport. It stands out like a trucker hat in 2005. This week's victim on Medium so can't play on the down low. Which, was my major complaint. How contrived was the whole wolf chasing Allison in an airport thing? It was a tad obvious for a show just starting its run. Despite the lameness of this week's crime element, I still thought it was a good episode, saved by the storyline involving Allison's daughter, Bridgette. Very touching, and the young actress is just too adorable. What'cha think?

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Thursday January 20, 2005
The Psychic with a Bad Memory

Medium. Loving it? Hating it? The first episode left me a little interested, but not impressed. In the first half hour of the pilot, Allison is in denial about her psychic gifts. Then, in the second half hour, she acts like she�s been a crime-solving supernatural sleuth all of her life. From where did the bravado come? Since then, the episodes have been rather strong, though graphic in the gore department. Gross. The highlight of the show has to be Allison�s interaction with Joe, her husband. They two seem super cute. This week�s guest cop was annoying, however. Whoever wrote his lines has watched way too many cheesy police movies.

So, are we into Medium? Want me to add it as a regular thing here at �Too Much Free Time?�

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