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Sunday December 4, 2005
Project Runway 2

Let's not forget that a new season of Project Runway kicks off this week--and with a double-header of episodes, no less (though I am sure that the first one is a "meet the contestants" deal and not an elimination round).

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Thursday February 24, 2005

Project Runway ended its exceptional run with a truly magnificent finale. Seriously. And, my beloved Jay won, and deservedly so, since he showed a true vision.

Here�s what I found delicious:
1. The segments with the designers in their homes were sweet. I didn�t hate Wendy as much, and I fell in love with Jay even more. His connection to his family made him seem even more sincere and grounded.
2. Parker Posey was so high.
3. Jay�s collection had such power and presence. I couldn�t turn away.
4. I even liked Wendy�s collection, more than Kara�s, who seemed to be almost robotic in her perfection. Does she have a soul? She could have used it in her collection.
5. The editors so made Kara move from perfect to bitch in 10 seconds. The chick made Wendy seem ALMOST sane. Don�t get me wrong; I still hate Wendy Fucking Pepper.
6. I love that we got to see the actual runway show, and not some super strong edit of it. And, I loved Jay�s music. I wonder if he used it in the show, or if the producers just dubbed it in?
7. Parker Posey looked like a white Macy Gray.
8. Tim earned his title of HOT BITCH by taking on Kara�s shoe issue. It did seem unfair to me. I�m glad they called her on it.
9. Why does Wendy Pepper have so many clothes with her name on it?
10. Martinique is so the hottest model ever.
11. I am amazed by the power of models. The presence. They have so tapped into the power of the walk. Us mere mortals are so weak.
12. I am so giddy that Jay won. And, that Nina from Elle actually seemed human and sweet at the end.

So, what did I miss? What else was spectacular? I want to learn to sew and go on this show!

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Tuesday February 22, 2005
Getting Trashed on the Runway

Sorry for the delay in posting this, and thanks to those who passed along emails asking for a discussion of the Project Runway reunion and recap show. For the most part, PR presented one of the better reunion shows for a reality series. I say this because MTV's attempts to gather the troops usually fall horribly short.

Thank god Austin dressed for President�s Day in his ode to Washington (though I thought Lincoln was the gay one).

Jay (who I find oddly charming) and Kara Saun are all about the soul. They took the high road, but it seemed a bit too lecturing to me. Though, that could be the 1,445 previews I caught during the marathon. Jay says Vanessa doesn't have one and Kara thinks others (namely Wendy) spent theirs and it won't be available to withdraw later. The editors made it seem like Vanessa just lost her soul in a bath of wine and sour grapes, possibly temporary conditions.

On to the evil mofo! I hate Wendy Pepper, and shaving off pounds and getting some makeup doesn�t change who you are. I�d love to see this chick on Survivor, because she�s way too intense and manipulative for a show about making dresses. Hate her.

I barely remembered you, but I adored Mario, simply for stating the obvious. Tim is a hot bitch. The man is cool, calm and collected.

So, tomorrow is the big finale. My money is on Jay. Wendy must go down in a flame of humiliation for me to be happy. Who's gonna take home the prize?

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Tuesday February 15, 2005
In Case Any of You Were Wondering

Nancy O'Dell at the Grammys. [via tv tattle]

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Thursday February 10, 2005
Project Runway Blows My Mind

I love Jay. I love that he just put it out there: �I hate Wendy.� Yeah, I�m so right there. Can you believe that horrid middle-aged bitch? �I just love to see people squirm,� she says with her nasty-ass hair. �I could just sit in that minute forever. These people have made my life hell.� YOU DELUSIONAL FASHION ASSWIPE! Wendy is the schemer. She�s the one who plays people and has strategy. She�s the one who manipulates and lacks a soul. I am so sick of her victim act. Hey, Wendy, here�s a news flash: it�s all your fault and you�re a bad person! Do you see how she stares straight ahead during the runway shows, like she�s been programmed by the military to handle POW and reality show situations.

Okay. Back to last night�s Project Runway. I feel horrid for Austin, but, again, Jay says things perfectly. I want to marry Jay. Anyway, Austin is young and he�ll break out of his controlled world once he gets knocked around a bit. I thought Jay and Kara continued to do well, but neither rocked the fashions, though I thought both were better than Wendy�s outfit. Ugh.

If you caught the Fashion Week gossip, you know that Austin also showed his collection, just to keep spoilers away from last night�s episode. So, at least he had that opportunity.

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Thursday February 3, 2005
Wendy is the New Omarossa!

I am filled with rage right now. After last night�s episode of Project Runway, Bravo ran the promo for next week�s installment, claiming an �elimination that no one expected.� Clearly, Wendy is making it to the top three, and one of our beloveds (Jay, Kara and Austin) will not be part of the perfect Fashion Week trifecta. If this occurs, I will cry and boycott Michael Korrs.

Okay, so back to last night�s catwalk. My big love continues to grow for Jay. He kept it calm when his model went AWOL, his design was okay and he compared Wendy to a cockroach. Also, I admit, Kara�s design was rather spectacular. Even Miss Postal Service 2005 adored it. I�m glad that the judges called Austin on his costume-like design. Though, he earned points last night for trashing Wendy as she �strategized� outside and modeling for Jay, looking more like a man in women�s clothes than he ever did in his regular attire. Personally, I think Austin is brilliant, and he just needs this smack down to expand his vision and style a bit. He's only 23. Personally, I was an ass through my entire 20s.

Wendy or Rob? Honestly, Wendy�s designs are inconsistent, but she�s had some winners, while Robert�s only had his charm. I hate Wendy, but I don�t disagree that Rob had to leave the show. My big problem will be if Wendy makes the top three. This woman is pure evil. As Beau and I discussed last night, she�s just not a nice person, and all the bad makeup in the world can�t hide it.

My beloved friends; promise me two things. First, read Tim�s take on last night�s episode. I swear that this catty queen is my new hero, and I find him kinda handsome. I died laughing when he compared Austin to Helen Lawson in Valley of the Dolls in a previous "Take." J�adore! Second, tell everyone you know to watch the marathon on Sunday!

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Friday January 28, 2005
Wendy Must Go ... NOW!

Sorry for the delay in the Project Runway posts, but I can't watch it until Thursday. Wendy is so horrid. Her designs are weak. She seems to have no talent, and is relying on strategy/scheming to get her through. Surprisingly, it's working for her. At least the cool kids hate her. Oh, and she can't apply makeup to save her life. Such a mess, that pathetic woman is desperate to escape her dreary life. Kevin got tossed. He didn't stick with the theme, so I can see it, but, well, Wendy had cat vomit on the runway. J'adore that the judges are aware that Austin's a bit intense with his vision, which makes Jay and Kara stand out a bit more. I love Jay, but the future thing wasn't working for me. Robert continues to charm the judges. They just fall over themselves applauding his intellectualism. Whatever! Morganza is gone. Yippy skippy. Kara continues to show talent, grace, leadership and maturity. This show pumps my nads. I'll be sad when it's over.

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Tuesday January 25, 2005
Get it Together, Gurrl!

Project Runway's Morgan makes "Page Six."

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Monday January 24, 2005
Project Runway

I know. It aired forever ago, but I still want to talk about Project Runway, the best damn reality show competition ever (well, after the Real World/Road Rules eye candy challenges). The recent episode was fantastic, however, I�m disappointed that Wendy didn�t get cut. It might be the first time in the show that someone�s entertainment value came before their value as a designer. The producers just like Wendy because she�s a mom from Virginia trying to live her dream. Honestly, her dream should be a makeover at the Clinique counter, because this girl�s make up is atrocious. Back to the show! I agreed with the judges that Alexandra�s bathing suit was unoriginal, but, at least it was a bathing suit. Wendy�s suit was crotchless! Once again, I just really like Jay, for qualities I simply can�t articulate or identify. Though, I thought his model this week was on the ugly side. Austin continues to be a caricature of a real person. The dude is so gay; he walks around with a purse! I felt bad for Richard Johnson, however, because no one wants to be seduced/molested by a 16-year-old Russian model on national television. Sex trade, much?

So, in the end, I�m guessing we�ll have Jay, Austin and Kara. We�ll have to say goodbye to Wendy, Robert and Kevin (in that order, I predict).

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Friday January 7, 2005
I would never work at Elle, people.

Thanks to Max and Beau for turning me onto Project Runway, which might be one of my favorite competition-based reality shows in a long time. Why? Well, it�s not about alliances, degradation or humiliation. It actually seems to focus on the talent of the contestants, which I find very refreshing. This week�s installment brought the first bought of bad behavior from our wannabees, when Nora lost it. Clearly, she�s a control freak and started acting out to get more attention, which then spiraled into more ranting, alienating the other designers. Her �I�m too good for this� attitude pissed me off, and I so wanted her to get cut. And, speaking of irritating, can we just beat Wendy down. First off, she looks like a clown on the Bravo website. Secondly, she keeps �plotting� and �strategizing� rather than focusing on her work and the process. This week, when the group was instructed to work in teams, she wouldn�t speak as a strategy, so her leader would go down in flames. I�m sorry, but shouldn�t you try to win with talent, and not scheming? Hate her. Also, Austin, stop crying.

Let�s discuss those I love really quickly. Jay totally rocks. I�m not sure I love his style, but his attitude seems great, and he�s taking it seriously. Plus, he reminds me of a close friend, though he�s more punkish than eccentric than Jay in his style. Kara is simply cool, but she better stop the name dropping. She�s better than that. I liked Austin at first for his talent, but he can�t seem to adapt his designs beyond his own personal style, which can easily be described as swishy. So, he�s dropping.

And, while we�re not on the subject, I hate Bravo�s new branding campaign from the graphics to the tagline.

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Sunday December 5, 2004
Project Runway

Beau reminded me that Project Runway premiered this past week, and I managed to TiVo a repeat of it over the weekend. This show is goooood, y'all. I mean it--it's some pretty fascinating stuff to watch. Maybe I'm a little more into it because I like fashion so much, but the contestants are interesting and the challenges look like they're going to be demanding and fun to watch. And when the final creations are judged, the judges are people we actually know! Well, in the first episode, anyway--and it looks like Michael Kors is going to be on the show every week. None of this unknown "celebrity stylist/photographer" crap.

The best part about the show's first episode was that the judges made exactly the right decision, booting off the boring design of pompous camera-hog Daniel, meaning we're spared his ridiculous "follow your bliss" nonsense for the rest of the season. Right now (based on personality) I'm liking Nora, Wendy, and oh-so-needy Austin. I'm hating Mario and Jay, who both look like they'd smell pretty gross up close. Since we're only one show into the season, I can't really pick a contestant I like, design-wise, though I thought Alexandra's pantyhose-and-sock dress was pretty major. Anyway, I recommend the show--give it a shot if you can, if only to hear Heidi Klum struggling through her super-scripted lines.

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