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Tuesday August 17, 2004
X-Treme Suckage

Seriously. Could this season of MTV's Road Rules be any worse? The kids are boring, the missions are idiotic (extreme TANGO?), and my brain is melting. And Angela? SHUT UP.

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Wednesday June 23, 2004

Is it even worth mentioning the latest episode of Road Rules? The show has become EXTREME!-ly tiresome. And The Real World is almost over and it's going out with a whimper. Last night wasn't even an episode; Charlie doesn't go to work and Cameran gets mad? THAT'S A STORY? Kill me. The editors must be using up all their energy trying to cover up any evidence of the rape that occurred in the house. Feh. Bored now.

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Monday June 7, 2004
X-TREMEly Stupid Name

Remember, kids, the new Road Rules X-TREME premieres tonight! Tune in to see which drunken, sexist, ignorant jackass you'll love to hate when they show up on the next Challenge.

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