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Monday September 13, 2004

Last night was the Six Feet Under season finale. IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED THE EPISODE YET, DON'T READ THIS POST ANYMORE!

I have to say, after an up and down season in terms of quality, in my opinion, this episode delivered the goods. It was heartbreaking (in the way we've come to expect this season), but not in a way that made me feel manipulated. We've finally found out George's big secret. Not a mass murderer, not a cheater...he's mentally ill (likely paranoid schizophrenic). So sad. We've finally found out Lisa's big secret. She was having an affair with her sister's husband, and he may have killed her. That scene was terrifying and awful. I am glad that something finally came of that book from Michaela (and what the hell is up with her? and don't tell me she's a ghost). David finally gets closure as the power shifts from his attacker to him ("maybe you could come visit me again sometime"), and Rico unfortunately gets closure as Vanessa asks for a divorce. Heartbreaking. Claire continues her one-woman campaign to make me hate her, as her head grows five sizes and she manages to piss off every single one of her friends. And she ends up with Billy. Who, sadly, is probably the best thing for her right now. Getting to see the Late Nate talk to David at the end was the icing on a very good episode. He summed up the whole season with the line, "You carry around your sadness like it's worth something, but it's not worth shit." Edited to add: I forgot to mention the TOTALLY OBVIOUS SHOUT-OUT TO ME with the cameo by Nicole Richie. ;)

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Monday August 23, 2004
The Black Forest

Is anyone still watching Six Feet Under? There are only two episodes left in the season, so you might as well. It has been pretty decent lately, but the critics are right - this show is too depressing. Ruth and George's Troubled Marriage! Claire's Drug Problem! David Wants Kids and Keith Does Not! Nate Got Caught Over the Whole Lisa's Ashes Thing! Rico's Wife is Dating Again! Come on, Alan Ball, give me the show I fell in love with. Give me feet in lockers, ecstasy in the aspirin bottle, Dead Pa Fisher monologues, weird Rico/David conversations, cool Claire, etc. etc. I'm DYING here.

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Monday August 16, 2004
Grinding the Corn

GRINDING THE CORN? You know, ever after he explained it, I still don't get it. But, apparently it gave Claire her Very First Orgasm, so let's just roll with it. Yep, another Sunday gone by, another episode of Six Feet Under. I really enjoyed this episode, although I found it very disjointed. The Comic Book Guy/Superhero subplot was wickedly funny. I don't know what the hell Anita and Edie's problems are, but they both suck. Big hooray for the return of Billy! Great parallels with Brenda's patient who is afraid to cross a bridge. He's afraid to cross a bridge, not because he's afraid of the bridge itself, but of what's on the other side. "I'll throw myself off halfway." Which is so totally the way Brenda has been living her life. Seems like she and Nate and Maya are going to have a happily ever after. Not so much Ruth and George, I reckon. The bullet killing the horse may be the bullet killing her marriage. As Bettina said, "It's not your fault; there was something wrong before you got it." Best quote of the evening goes to Keith, who channeled his inner Dante from Clerks when he yelled to David not to "suck any cock on the way to the bathroom."

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Monday August 9, 2004
Coming And Going

This week on Six Feet Under we learned that sex is bad! SEX IS VERY, VERY BAD! Sex is NOT THE WAY TO WORK OUT YOUR ISSUES, PEOPLE. I think that with this episode, the show is back to form. The Am-I-a-Lesbian storyline with Claire seems to have wrapped up in a nice, mature way. David is slowly exorcising his demons, although he has a ways to go. My friend Laura's prediction from the first episode comes true and Keith has sex with a woman. Nate and Brenda end up in the only situation they were going to end up in. Ruth goes off on George and then actually runs off, presumably on her way to Topanga so Kathy Bates can entertain me next week.

Rico and Vanessa split up, causing the single most delightful scene in a long time on this show - Vanessa and her wackjob sister beating down Rico's whore. Taking off the earrings, vaseline on the face, baseball bat - so very ghetto. And Vanessa's flip, "We have to pick up the boys from school" - perfection. I hope they're not splitting up permanently, because I am loving the new Vanessa With Balls.

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Monday August 2, 2004
The Dare

Six Feet Under was decent this week; mostly because of the triumphant returns of Kathy Bates, Lily Taylor, Claire's personality, and Vanessa's rage. Yah! I love that Lily Taylor basically showed up to tell Nate what we all said last week - Brenda isn't good for you and you should look for something more meaningful. But you probably won't find it. Ruth's hallucination of George's wives heads in jars was kind of ick. I wonder if she'll ever find out his secrets...I know what his secret is. He's an asshole. Oh, I guess not so much a secret. Also, I saw glimpses of the "old" Claire last night, and it made me happy. I wonder how long they'll keep going with the girl-on-girl storyline - that bores me, but if it brings her back to her cynical yet naive self, all right then. And I'm glad David asked Keith that they not "cheat" on each other any more. Oh, and Shut Up, Keith's Co-Worker.

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Monday July 26, 2004
Terror Begins At Home

Well, it's obvious I enjoyed last night's Six Feet Under more than I did last week's. This is really painful for me to say, but I cannot stand Claire. She has turned into this bizarre, pretentious, and totally idiotic version of herself. RIP, Claire, hope you come back soon. Oh, and Claire and her friends are the precise reason that I don't do drugs. Art school jackasses. Oddly enough, I was satisifed to see the Nate/Brenda kiss, because I feel like they are the only characters lately that are being true to themselves. When Brenda was shopping for comforters, I was having a hissy because the old Brenda would NEVER be so domestic. And she didn't let me down...I did get the feeling, though, that Nate and Brenda will end up together because they're too tired of fighting it, not because they're really all that drawn to each other. Do you know what I mean?

Anyway. George is starting to frighten me. And what kind of ass gives someone a neti pot for their birthday? I kept hoping Ruth would brain him with a skillet or something. A girl can dream. David's storyline is brutal; his post-traumatic stress is tough to watch and I'm wondering how else it might manifest itself. As for Rico, he's a lying dumbass and I'm tired of watching him think he can get away with this. The scene at the end, though, where Nate comes back to work, and he and David smile at each other? Was just so touching and reminiscent of the first season. All in all, I'm still not back on the SFU bandwagon, but I'm still hoping for the best.

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Monday July 19, 2004
That's My Dog

Well. Last night's Six Feet Under was hands-down the WORST episode I've ever seen of this show. I am quite unhappy with this season; everyone is totally out of character and I'm totally uninterested in them and their always-asinine decisions. Last night's episode took the cake, though. I actually got angry about 3/4 of the way through, because I just couldn't believe I was sitting through all that torture. AND FOR WHAT? FOR WHAT? Someone explain it to me, because it made no sense, couldn't possibly move the plotline in an original direction, and was extremely STUPID and excessively long and violent. And I can't believe I'm saying this, but Claire? SHUT UP.

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Monday July 12, 2004
Can I Come Up Now?

Last night's Six Feet Under was pretty good, but still not great. I feel like this season hasn't hit its stride yet. Oh well. Anyway, it had some great moments - Nate interrupting Brenda and Joe's bondage scene, David's answering machine message, the return of Brenda's mother. I am still totally NOT digging the Claire storyline. It's too heavy-handed and there is no way in hell that I'm going to believe the girl has never masturbated. Sorry, nope.

Nate has totally lost his mind, talking to dogs and smoking weed in the graveyard. During that whole storyline, I had a terrible thought that maybe Lisa ISN'T really dead and she faked her disappearance to punish him for not loving her and she's living with her weird family and that's why they took Maya for the weekend and that would also explain Lisa's sister's freakout. But it can't possibly go down that way and, if it does, this show will officially suck.

Also? I hate George.

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Monday June 28, 2004
Parallel Play

Last night's Six Feet Under was interesting. Personally, I didn't love it. I did really like the image at the end, though, with the fire and the burning. Brenda and Joe's relationship is becoming a big yawn for me, and that's saying a lot considering how much I enjoy naked Justin Theroux. I guess my theory on Arthur and the poo was probably who was it? Loved the fruit-feces basket. Perhaps one of George's children? One of his many ex-wives? And we all know that George is not what he seems, but what's his secret? Nate and the Mommy and Me lady was painful, I'm finding Keith and David cute again, but I'm still not sure how I feel about this whole Mena Suvari and Claire storyline. It just doesn't seem like Claire would find performance art anything less than stupid. Oh, and Rico? Get a freaking clue, you ass.

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Monday June 21, 2004
In Case of Rapture

Boos and Yays for this week's episode of Six Feet Under: YAY to a humorous opening scene! YAY to Keith attempting to pretend that he would "tap that...ass." BOO to George and his bad knowledge of Formica! BOO to David for pretending he was in a porn movie. I mean, the plumber, for god's sake! BOO to Nate and his obnoxious "there is no god" grief and despair! YAY to the actress who plays Maya, when she put her head on Peter Krause's shoulder! YAY to Buffy's Andrew reciting a poem about a clitoris! WHATEVER to Mena Suvari and her vagina of empowerment! BOO to George eating Arthur's yogurt, and a final YAY to whoever (my money's on Arthur) sent him the "steaming pile of dookie."

Edited to add the biggest YAY of all to JUSTIN THEROUX'S EXTREMELY! HOT! ASS!

I am pleased to see this show return to the dark humor I enjoyed so much when it began.

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Monday June 14, 2004
Falling Into Place

Six Feet Under returned last night, picking up right where it left off. Next week's episode takes place about three months or so later, so I was glad we got some resolutions and storylines wrapped up. It seems obvious to me now that Lisa's death was a suicide, and Nate was carrying a tremendous sense of guilt. He did right by her in death, though. I'm guessing we haven't seen the last of her family. I was annoyed by the mere presence of Russell, and I'm guessing they brought him back just to remind us what a selfish little pig he is. Also hoping that I don't have to watch Keith and David break up and get back together fifty thousand times this season. And I can't imagine that Ruth and George are still going to be married by the end of the season, either. Lastly, loved the tricky Dead Guy sequence in the beginning. Also, could Justin Theroux BE any hotter? Oh, and poor Arthur.

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