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Monday August 22, 2005
Everyone's Waiting

Last night was the series finale of Six Feet Under. You must excuse me because I am about to gush. This was the best series finale I've ever seen. By the end, I was sobbing and laughing at the same time. It was an incredible way to end such an odd and dark series. The family has indeed healed, and it looks like Nate's death was what enabled them to do so.

Brenda's daughter is okay, Claire has finally found love but also knows it's more important to find her own life first, David has exorcised his demons and finally has the family he always wanted, Ruth ends up getting to live in an all-female house, and Rico buys his own funeral home. It was all so perfect, but believable enough that it didn't feel like Alan Ball was just tying up loose ends. When the screen faded to white after Claire's farewell dinner ("To Nate!"), I thought the show was over and wailed, "Nooooooooo" and was immediately treated to Nate's all-white music video. Awesome.

The actual ending of the show - the montage as Claire drives into the desert - will stick with me for a long time. If you didn't see it, we got a flash-forward to everyone's deaths, up to the year 2083. I cried and cried, from the moment I saw Ted in the cemetary until Claire, blind and 102 (!) died. It was all so beautiful, that's the only word I can come up with. Things of interest: Durrell goes into the family business with David. Anthony grows up and finds himself a boyfriend (well, he DOES love Project Runway). Gay marriage becomes legal! Brenda finds love again and even has another child. Claire, 40, marries Ted! Maya never lets go of her stuffed monkey (take THAT, Mrs. Chenowith). Keith is murdered but David is able to find love again before he, too, passes away. Rico dies on a cruise with Vanessa. And, in my all-time favorite moment of the entire series, Brenda literally dies from boredom as Billy drones on and on and on.

RIP, Six Feet Under.

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Friday August 19, 2005

Image hosted by
I'm really gonna miss these guys.

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Monday August 15, 2005

Last night was the penultimate episode of Six Feet Under. Six weeks after Nate's death, his loved ones are having trouble moving on. Claire goes on a drunken rampage that was horrifying to watch and ends up flipping her hearse-car into a field and totalling it. A fitting end to the Claire we've known for these five seasons - she's always been defined by her car, and now I think we'll see her shed that image of being the weird mortician's daughter. David can barely get out of bed and he's practically smothering the children. Looks like Keith will be sending him off to some sort of hospital. Ack, he needs it. Rico is understandably tired of his role in the funeral home being up in the air after Nate's death, and Vanessa tries her hand at being a funeral home wife. She takes to it well. Fisher, Diaz & Diaz? Or will they go off on their own?

Ruth and George are taking care of Maya, and getting along quite well. Brenda comes back to get her, though, and FINALLY someone actually removes Maya from the room before they start screaming at each other. And Brenda's water broke!

Obviously the most hair-raising part of this episode was Dead Nate trying to goad Brenda into sleeping with her own brother. Nate is right; those two have a bond that no one understands, but I think Nate was also challenging her to take the "easy" way out. Then, in a dream sequence, Billy and Brenda seduce each other and I have never been more uncomfortable.

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Monday August 8, 2005
All Alone

I knew that last night's Six Feet Under would be hard to watch, but I didn't think it would be as sad as it was. Watching David struggle with his grief and anxiety over losing his big brother was heartbreaking. How is Michael C. Hall so damn GOOD? I have a very difficult time seeing people grieve, so this episode caused a lot of tears to roll down my face - from Ruth starting to help David wash Nate's body, to Nate's photo at the funeral, to David refusing to get out of the car. The scene where they all started shovelling dirt into his grave was well-done, too. So final. It was a very interesting parallel to when Nate buried Lisa...her body wrapped in plastic, Nate dragging it alone and crying, digging and filling in the hole himself.

And how about George's speech about love at the funeral, eh? I know he was talking about Nate, but everything he said applied to himself as well. Is it possible Ruth will give him a second chance? And Maggie, bringing Brenda a QUICHE? Yeah, that would have been shoved right up her Quaker ass if it had been me. Then Brenda's mother comparing getting dumped to Brenda losing her husband. Then Nate appearing to her and shitting all over her. And poor Maya. "Where's my daddy?" :: sniff ::

And you guys, Claire is in love with a guy who listens to Kelly Clarkson. For some reason, that gives me incredible comfort.

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Monday August 1, 2005

Last night's Six Feet Under was, in my opinion, one of the very best episodes this show has ever created. Last week I was shocked to see Nate collapse, and had all week to decide that he was dead. We expected to see him as the Dead Guy Du Jour in the beginning of the show. Instead, a cougar attacking a hiker scared me so badly I started screaming, and got my adrenaline up as they started an episode that obviously wanted us to know that death can come out of nowhere.

There's so much to talk about, as this episode was so packed, so I'm going to just try to be quick about it. The Maggie/Brenda tension was nauseating and so well-done. Claire's Republican date really came through for her, and the political argument sort of fell by the wayside in the face of more personal tragedy. David's face was priceless when Maggie was trying to explain to the doctor that Nate had been having sex before his "NARM" moment. Rico and Vanessa are still trying to work it out. Ruth seems to finally release all the men she has gotten herself involved with (Arthur! Let's rub heads!), and unknowingly misses her final moments with her son. I am glad she wasn't there, because it allowed Nate to pass on exactly the way he wanted - peacefully.

I realized Nate was going to die when we saw him in his dream, wearing the same running clothes he was wearing during his dreams after his first brain problem. The one where he didn't know if he should get on the bus. What I loved about this scene was that Nate had no hesitation this time. He just "went with the flow," and the Fisher men took him there. I'm not 100% sure about why David was a stoner dude in his dream, but I love the fact that Nate and David had a shared dream in Nate's last moment. It became David's dream when Dream David suddenly had a suit on.

I also have to say that Nate breaking up with Brenda was not a "prick move," as I have been reading all over the place online. I think it was realistic and almost kind of him to do it. Perhaps he knew deep down that he might die soon, and he wanted to have the peace of knowing he had closed that chapter of his life. When he told Brenda that they weren't "meant to be," I finally believed it. It's just too hard with them. And I think it was a blessing that Brenda can go through the rest of her life without wondering, "What if? What if?" and knowing for sure that she had closure in that relationship. She'll never be able to make him a villian or a hero in her mind - he'll just be part of her past. My theory for the future of Maya is that she will end up with Lisa's sister. And Brenda will leave town and start over somewhere, just her and her baby.

One more thing. ECOTONE: A transitional zone between two communities containing the characteristic species of each. As the geekboy pointed out last night, the Fisher home is the ecotone between the dead and the living.

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Monday July 25, 2005
Singing For Our Lives

All I can say about last night's Six Feet Under is HOLY. CRAP. Everyone in the Fisher family starts moving toward some sort of happiness and stability - moving away from the bloodsuckers in their lives and into more safe partnerships. David and Keith begin to build a future with their children, Ruth and Hiram get back together, Claire leaves her friends behind (including a lollipop-attacking Russell!) and Nate and Maggie become even closer. Like we were talking about last week, Nate has finally achieved some peace with Maggie, hasn't he? The writers laid it on a little thick this week, making Brenda into the world's most obnoxious harpie, but I get where they were coming from.

Maggie is centered and balanced and has a sort of quiet power that Nate's former lovers haven't possessed. And so, just as we knew would happen, Nate and Maggie slept together. Finally, a happy ending, right? Except for the part where Nate got up to leave, slurred a word or two and fell to the ground, apparently DEAD.


I did NOT see that coming, but after re-running the episode in my head, how could I have missed it? Nate talking about his funeral preferences, how death is such a natural part of life, how it surrounds him every day...after thinking about it, I truly hope that Nate is dead and they don't fake us out next week. Nate finally achieved clarity - he can die. I love it. The only thing that saddens me is Maya. Poor kid will have lost both her parents. What will become of her?

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Monday July 18, 2005
The Silence

Another excellent episode of Six Feet Under this week. Let me start by saying if I had to work in Claire's office, I'd commit suicide. The next person to say "yah, baby!" gets a stapler shoved up their ass, okay? As for the rest of the Fishers, holy CRAP, George is getting married again. You know, Ruth probably didn't go about it the right way, but I was glad she told his new fiancee the deal. Obviously George isn't going to tell her. My favorite part of the episode was the fiancee sobbing and choking out, "Why did you even HAVE a bomb shelter?" So funny.

Keith and David seem to be making a bit of progress with the boys, but I think they're really going to have to sit down and explain their relationship. These boys have been calling them "faggot" and watching gay porn. A bit of rational explanation is called for here, no? Although they may be making progress, Rico and Vanessa are not, and I'm already tired of their story at this point.

Biggest story? Brenda and Nate. I have always been on their side, always saying they belong together. After watching last night's episode, though, and seeing the amazing performances by Rachel Griffiths and Peter Krause, I think I've changed my mind and agree with the rest of you. Brenda wants a child more than a husband. She wants a husband who is with her by choice and not out of some sense of guilt. Which is why Nate was with Lisa, and we see how well THAT worked out. Nate just wants someone who understands his loss. Maggie does. Is Maggie his real, true love? Was the whole George nightmare inflicted on their family so Nate and Maggie could come together? Or is this just one more distraction on Nate and Brenda's rocky road?

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Monday July 11, 2005
The Rainbow of Her Reasons

This week's Six Feet Under was interesting - it seems like everyone has ended up in a very different place than they expected. I'm glad George and Maggie figured out what Ruth was doing. At least George was able to end things with a shred of dignity. Speaking of dignity, Rico has none. Vanessa basically hired him as a live-in nanny. Do you think she's going to date other men even though he's moved back home? Claire's ode to pantyhose, "You Ride Up My Thighs" was awesome. Billy going over and over Claire's emails and voicemails was very disturbing, although I liked when Nate said, "As long as you're here, and not out stalking my sister." But hands down, my favorite part was Patricia Clarkson's kitchen rant about everything that ended with screaming about Bush being re-elected, complete with a drunken leg kick in the air. And hey, Susie Bright!

What do you guys think about Keith and David? Are they going to have a breakthrough with these kids? How do you think they're doing? And will Nate and Brenda manage to stay married for the rest of the season? My money's on "no."

Discuss this episode in the forums.

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Tuesday July 5, 2005
Eat a Peach

Last night's Six Feet Under wasn't as good as the week before, but it was still okay. Keith and David and Crazy!Surrogate!Brady! become pregnant, then oops, not so much with the pregnant, and then our favorite gay couple falls in love with a little boy at an adoption fair because he is persnickety and doesn't like getting sand in his shoes. Looks like they'll be adopting his brother as well, and, judging from the previews, not really a great idea. Sigh. Meanwhile, Ruth is really working my last nerve. Having sex with George and still acting like the big fat martyr at her knitting group. Poor George. Did any of us think we'd EVER say that? So now she's planning on leaving him, but is setting him up in a nice apartment first. If she has enough love for him to take the time to find a place that will make him happy, that is near all the things that give him pleasure, if she's making that effort, why can't she just suck it up and try to remember she used to love George? On to Brenda and Nate. I'm creeped out by the fact that Maya calls Brenda "Mommy." At first I thought it was cute, but it seems wrong. They're arguing about when to explain Maya's family history to her, and it looks like Brenda ends up winning, sort of. Oh, and Nate invited Maggie over for dinner, like way to actually try to date while your wife cooks for you, jerk. Claire and Billy are broken up and Billy's mother is nuts and Claire ends up having to sneak out of a restaurant to avoid supposedly back-on-meds Billy's sobbing and begging. As for Rico, he's an idiot and a moron and he's lucky Vanessa didn't hit him with a shoe.

Oh, one more thing. Was last night the first time we've heard anyone say out loud that Hoyt might be Maya's father? Do you think this storyline will be picked up, or do you think the writers just threw it in to shut us all up?

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Tuesday June 28, 2005
Time Flies

On Six Feet Under, time flies...when you're killing a bird with a broom at your own surprise party. Time flies...when you're hating on your husband so hard you're breaking his heart. Time flies...when you're off your meds and can't wear clothes. Time flies...when you sleep with a divorced sleazebag instead of going home to your unhinged boyfriend. Time flies...when you're flirting with the hairdresser and dealing with a very weird surrogate. Time flies...when you use your own ex-husband for a one-night-stand. Also, for me personally, time really flies when Roger's wife shows up and I squeal because I remember her from 1985's "The Homecoming Queen's Got a Gun."

This was my favorite episode so far this season. It was dark and uncomfortable and I laughed a few times. Thank god for Keith and David. So, the big question is, what did the bird represent? You'll remember a bird showing up at Nate and Brenda's wedding and picking at the wedding cake...we assumed that bird was Lisa, haunting Nate's ass in the afterlife. At the birthday party, was it still Lisa? Was she expressing her displeasure at their family unit? Or, since the bird was blue, was it the actual bluebird of happiness that Nate bludgeoned to death with a broom? Par for the course for this show.

Also, I totally called the Maggie/Nate moment last week, did I not? Hee hee.

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Tuesday June 21, 2005
Hold My Hand

Last night's Six Feet Under featured the triumphant return of Illeana Douglas, one of my favorite actresses. She hooks up with Rico at a funeral director conference, who is easy prey after running into Vanessa at a singles mixer. Vanessa is really torturing him, eh, with the "it was just sex" and "there's that guy I want to meet" stuff. I don't blame her. In other news, George feels his symptoms are returning and asks his daughter for more electroshock. Does Maggie know about George's mother? It seems that George could benefit from some heavy-duty therapy, rather than frying pieces of his memory. Of course, Ruth probably will never even look at him closely enough to ask him how he's doing. Both she and Claire are getting on my nerves. Claire has lost her mind, but she is young and intoxicated with the excitement of Billy. Once this whole thing crashes and burns, as we all know it will, she will probably be grateful that Ruth wouldn't give her the rest of her inheritance. On a manic day, Billy could obviously blow through all that cash in one shopping trip.

Brenda, on the other hand, seems to be longing for normalcy and still doesn't feel like she deserves it. My question is, when did she and her boss become friends? Last week that woman was practically pooping on her head. Nate's storyline sort of freaked me out a bit when I saw how closely he was bonding with Maggie. Please, come on, I am not ready for him to cheat on Brenda yet. Sigh. As for Keith and David, David's Vegas arrest has come back to haunt him, and it looks like surrogacy may be their only option. This option comes in the form of the girl who used to play Jan Brady in the movies, and I might be cynical, but there seems to be something WAY too good to be true about her. I guess we'll find out...

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Tuesday June 14, 2005
Dancing For Me

Last night's Six Feet Under felt transitional...basically a set-up for future plot points. I didn't enjoy it as much as last week's, but it was still a decent episode. These people and their decisions. Is this week's title a nod to the selfishness of everyone? Rico lying and telling Vanessa that his girlfriend died? Where the hell did THAT come from? Keith and David asking Claire to donate her eggs? Claire refusing because she finds it creepy? Brenda choosing the swank internship over the scary one that needs her more? Billy flushing his anti-psychotics down the toilet so he can feel creative again? Ruth treating George like crap because she feels betrayed?

All this behavior feels selfish to me. I'm not judging it, because I would probably do the same thing in several of those situations. I'll tell you this, though. The Ruth/George storyline is already tiresome. It's difficult to watch and I just don't understand Ruth's rage. Yes, I realize that she's angry with him for not disclosing his illness, but isn't that sort of the nature of the illness? I'm not much of a George fan, but I hate that he seems to be trying to get along and she snaps all over him. I'm not even discussing the whole Rico thing, because, wow, what a dumbass.

Nate was great in this episode. I really believed him in that scene in the bar where he said that he's right where he wants to be in his life. His friend was CREEPY and can anyone remember where I've seen him before?

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Tuesday June 7, 2005
A Coat of White Primer

Six Feet Under's final season premiered last night with an excellent episode. We started a few months after the season finale, I believe. Claire and Billy are still together, with Claire having "taken a semester off" from school. George, as we realized last season, was mentally ill and committed to a hospital where he eventually got shock treatment and now was ready to come home. Ruth is furious with Claire for leaving school and terrified to bring George home and take care of him. Nate and Brenda are planning their wedding, along with Brenda's new pregnancy. David and Keith are going through the process of adopting children.

The scene where we saw the wedding video was brilliant. I was thinking, "There's a neat way to show us that Brenda and Nate already got married," and then I saw Catherine O'Hara, and then the dead brother-in-law, and the close-up of Lisa saying, "I'm so happy," gave me goosebumps! Brenda's miscarriage and attempt to pretend everything was okay was disturbing and sad; she really broke my heart this episode. Ruth's story is also very sad, although George seems okay to me, just a bit confused. She is acting like he is an invalid - why? Keith and David's relationship seems strong; hoping it stays that way. Loved the little Surrogate Mother Game David saw in his head. Rico and Vanessa are still separated, both dating other people, although obviously Rico is still not over his wife. His and Ruth's post-date Sambuca moment was very sweet. As for Claire, I think Billy is off his meds and something very dark is in her future.

All in all, a nice kickoff to the final season. The theme of this episode was whitewashing over old problems so that everything looks okay on the surface. We know our Fishers won't be able to keep that up for long.

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