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Monday November 14, 2005
Seriously, This Is What It's Come To

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They graduated a farking DOG, people.

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Tuesday November 1, 2005
The Entire House Got A "C"

Is anyone still watching Starting Over? You KNOW I am. It's a very strange group of women this time. They really aren't cohesive and they don't seem to like each other. I blame the Life Coaches. The season is rife with conflicting messages, pitting housemates against each other, punishing the women for not "getting it," and it's all just a little nutty. I think the house is actually doing Alison in particular more harm than good. She is on a hair trigger. I hope when she finally explodes, she goes after Iyanla. That woman is INSUFFERABLE. No wonder Oprah dumped her ass.

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Friday September 16, 2005
Season Premiere Alert!

ohmygah, you guys, Starting Over premieres on Monday! Bring on the crazies!

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Wednesday May 25, 2005
Season Finale

Today is the season finale of Starting Over. As usual, I imagine it will end with a whimper, and not a bang. Thoughts on this season compared to Season One? Favorite moments? Worst moments? Predictions for Season Three? In the meantime, this should give you a giggle. "The only reward is personal growth." And maybe a tiara, a glue-gun, mannequin heads, glitter, and magic markers.

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Friday May 20, 2005
Poor Karen, She Has No Pants

Wow, Starting Over today was a doozy. I would enjoy it a lot more, though, if I didn't have to keep remembering that these people are real and have families. Ugh. The whole Karen situation paired with Lane the New Mentor doesn't quite sit right with me; I smell some sort of setup or something, I don't know. I'm not accusing production of fabricating anything - I believe Karen's drama was very real - but it seemed odd that the Life Coaches would, for the first time ever, graduate someone and then assign them basically Sheriff status. And the very next day, Layne is dealing with what could have been a very tragic situation. There was also something odd while she was going through the medicine cabinet - try to notice when you watch it. She looks in the cabinet and then goes to close it, then suddenly looks directly at what I assume was the cameraman and then goes back into the cabinet. It just seemed off.

Anyway, what a nightmare. And the whole Megg/Karen freakiness was totally out of left field. Can't wait to see how THAT all plays out.

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Tuesday April 12, 2005
Starting Over Roundup

I am so embarassed to admit this, but I just watched Bethany graduate, and I cried. I CRIED! Even Rhonda was practically sobbing at one point. However annoying she could be sometimes, that girl is just filled with goodness. I wish her luck in the future. Okay, how about the rest of the wackos? Unless she has some sort of massive breakdown, Tess will probably be thrown out. She just does not get it. Also, she comes across as a real snot. And how about Karen? I sort of want her to just leave (or be committed to a mental facility) because she is too painful to watch. She is so wounded and so close to crazy that I cringe whenever she's onscreen. And how about her frenzied stabbing of Alison's styrofoam head with a pencil? What was up with that? Speaking of Alison, I'm still liking her, but I am looking forward to her dropping her smiley face and admitting that she is afraid of cancer and of being alone. She seems like a wonderful woman. Rachael is gearing up to graduate, I reckon. I don't like her all of the time, but her growth in the house has been tremendous. I think she's going to be fine. As for Vanessa, please girl, dump your boyfriend. As Janet put it, "'s as if she summoned forth every bad thought about herself and transformed them into her mouthbreathing loser boyfriend." Word.

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Thursday March 10, 2005
Starting Over and Over and Over and Over

I think it's time for another chat about Starting Over. Renee has graduated, and I'm glad for her. She made a lot of progress, but seemed to maintain her independence (i.e. NOT become a mini-me of her Life Coach, CASSIE AND RACHAEL). I hope she does well in her life. What do we think of the new housemate, Allison? I kind of feel bad for her that Iyanla is her life coach, as her views on cancer are a bit, uh, messed-up. I liked it yesterday when Rhonda told her, "You did not cause your cancer." I hope she remembers that, because Iyanla will probably tell her that she did. Eeep. Anyway, I'm liking Allison so far. She has a smile that lights up a room and so far, some great fashion sense. I hope I don't sound awful, though, when I tell you that I was shocked to hear that she is only 38 years old. I guess the sickness ages you. I am rooting for this woman; don't let me down, Allison! As for the others, Vanessa is boring, Rachael is equally aggravating and heartbreaking, Cassie is STILL IN THE HOUSE, and Candy seems to have been put on permanent hold. Bethany gets weirder by the day, and why won't anyone be honest with her about her thinning hair on top?

Also, FYI, in case you're not punishing yourself enough, SO is now being re-run on TLC. Check local listings.

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Wednesday March 2, 2005
She Started Over, All Right

Recent Starting Over graduate Towanda has embarked on a new life. Of crime.

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Wednesday February 23, 2005
Ding Dong, Denise is Gone

We haven't talked about Starting Over in a while, so let's get to it. Denise has graduated, and I can't think of anyone more undeserved. Even Kim made more progress than her. But I'm glad she's not honking her way through everyone's conversations anymore. Vanessa, aka The New Girl, is a failed Olympic-level gymnast who doesn't know what to do anymore. I have a feeling she might turn out to be a bit of a bitch. Renee calls her father, who she hasn't spoken to in over five years, and he turns out to be one of the sweetest SO parents we've ever had. That was a great scene; one of those times that makes you want to reunite with every person you've fought with in your life. And she did it all without Iyanla coaching her - Rachael has to prepare for days for phone calls, yet Renee just hops on and everything goes well. Interesting. Speaking of Rachael, J.Go is predicting that her father is going to turn out to be gay, and I think I agree. I think either gay or born-again. Bethany's story has been "meh" since her awesome hypnosis experiment. I'm really looking forward to her makeover. Is that mean? And, Cassie. Poor, darling Cassie. I think that, along with Lori from Season One, her progress has been remarkable. I'm proud of her. But her attachment to Rhonda is more than disturbing.

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Thursday February 3, 2005
Captain of My Ship

John Davidson [link has audio, but I highly recommend clicking] was on yesterday's Starting Over. Man, was it awesome. Dare I even say, INCREDIBLE? I don't think I've ever laughed that hard in my life. Bless Cassie and her sweet little heart.

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Friday January 21, 2005
Old Lady Real World

Did you know that Melissa from Real World New Orleans wrote an article about Starting Over for Bust magazine? Or was it Bitch? I'm too lazy to go look. Anyway, are we still watching? The show hasn't been all that exciting lately, but I enjoy it in a different way. I like seeing people work out their issues. I've even come to terms with some of my own issues, and it helps that the women currently in the house seem to have semi-normal problems. Except for Bethany, who's learning to live with her amnesia, but she seems like a sweet and geniuine girl who just needs to find out who she really is. I still don't think Denise or Rachael are making much progress. Since her molestation revelation, Renee doesn't seem to have done much except gain a few pounds and make a mobile. Cassie is studying for her GEDs, though, and has been hooked up with a PI to find out where her son's adoptive family are living so she can send them a letter. I do feel like Iyanla has become a bit hateful towards the women lately...I wonder why.

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Friday January 14, 2005
Cassie's Role Model is Rhonda. Pray for Her Soul.

Yesterday on Starting Over, the women had to do a charade of their favorite female role model, and the other women would guess who they were imitating. Cassie chose Rhonda. She dressed up like a prudish schoolmarm, and I'm really hoping it was some sort of passive-aggressive attack on Rhonda, but probably not. The best part was Denise's "WTF" face when she realized who Cassie was being. Rachael dressed up as a sexy maid and said she was Carol Burnett, and I'll probably never understand that. Renee's idol is Drew Barrymore, who she potrayed by pretending to flash her boobies at the other ladies. I've become pretty sure that anytime Renee is on camera after dinner, she's drunk. Anyway, we have two new houseguests and one of them is an actual amnesiac. Who knew that even happens in real life? She is a very sweet girl; hopefully the others won't poison her and make her evil.

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Wednesday December 22, 2004
It's Worth Watching For Rhonda's Outfit Alone

Today's Starting Over was quite something. First we get to see Towanda's performance at the Viper Room. My opinion? Sad. There's nothing more pathetic than performing at a nightclub IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY. The second half of the show deals with Sommer, her obsession with Production, and how she is JEOPARDIZING THE PROCESS FOR EVERYONE! Will she be kicked out? Reprimanded yet again? Tarred, feathered, and thrown in the pool? You'll have to watch to find out. (Or, visit the comments where I will tell you what actually happened.) Today's show includes what appears to be Towanda singing karoake, Denise on a hilarious rip while Amy looks on with daggers in her eyes, Rhonda making the worst fashion faux pas ever, and more Crying with Cassie. Good times, my friends. Starting Over goes into repeats starting tomorrow, with new episodes starting up again sometime in January. I'll let you know.

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Wednesday December 8, 2004
Breaching the Integrity of the Starting Over House

So what happened at the Starting Over house? It was reported a bit differently on Defamer a few months back. But it sure sounds like Miss Sommer broke into the production room, eh? I wonder if we'll ever find out the truth, or if it will just get dropped. Sommer couldn't have looked guiltier during the come-to-jesus meeting. Who was her "little sidekick," as Renee whispered to her? In other stories, I actually felt some sympathy for Denise yesterday when she realized she acts like her father. The whole domestic violence storyline was handled well, I thought, and with little drama. Thank god.

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Tuesday November 30, 2004
My DVR Failed Me

Help. I missed last week�s Starting Over episode that focused on the fierce conversation between Kim and her sister in Denver. They�ve been building up to it for weeks, but I missed it over the holidays. Damn. Tell me what happened! The site didn't have a recap. I did catch Jennifer�s fierce conversation. Girl did well. Also, just for the record, I hate Denise. She needs to go as soon as possible. Maybe I should have a fierce conversation with her and tell her to shut up.

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Wednesday November 17, 2004
You Deserve it, Baby

So, I'm so freaking happy. I finally have DVR (yes, Ti-faux) and can watch Starting Over with regularity. I know this is freakgirl's favorite show, but I just need to say, Jennifer's breakthrough had me tearing up like the weak little freak that I am. Today, she realized it wasn't about graduating, but about healing. And, yeah, Josie's leaving. And, can they give Cassie a makeover already?

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Friday October 22, 2004
Are You There God? It's Me, Kim. And Me, Louis Vuitton.

Oh my WORD, did you see Starting Over yesterday? I believe that is the first (and I'm hoping only) time I've seen someone literally have a religious experience. She is so creepy. She turned into a Stepford Housemate overnight, and it was freaking Jennifer out. Me, too. Janet had a great observation about "letting go and letting God," but I'll let her explain it in the comments. Onto other SO happenings this week...Josie must go. Her peformance at the animal farm was embarassing. So embarassing that Rhonda forced her to watch a tape of it, which made me ADORE Rhonda for a brief moment. I've still got nothing but love for Sinae. Sommer is breaking my heart, even though she doesn't seem to be sticking to her diet. Her pain and humiliation about her body image is so real. I hope she can start making some healthy progress. Towanda and her husband? Sigh. BORING. Jennifer seems to also be moving forward; she is starting to stand up for herself and manage confrontation in a more positive way. I wonder if she will ever have to call her dad in jail. I'm watching this show too much, by the way, because I'm starting to long for my own Life Coach.

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Wednesday September 29, 2004
Starting Over

An interesting item over at Defamer. Also? The women in the house this season are not good for my rage.

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Friday September 24, 2004
Starting Over Roundup

So, what happened this week on Starting Over? The big story was Deborah getting caught in her "celibacy" lie. The life coach meeting about her was hilarious, especially with all the "Bitch, please" looks Iyanla was shooting at Rhonda. It turns out to be for nothing, anyway, as Deborah leaves the house anyway. That woman had bigger problems than the SO house was capable of dealing with, in my opinion. In other news, Josie fed her daughter Killer Biter Biscuits and later in the week, if the recaps are to be believed, fed a BEAR A MARSHMALLOW WITH HER MOUTH? The fuck? My show was pre-empted because W needed to come on television and piss me off. Anyway, moving on. Jennifer cried a lot, Towanda was boring, Kim carried her purse everywhere and Sinae baked brownies.

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Friday September 17, 2004
Starting Over Roundup

The new season of Starting Over kicked off this week, and man, does it RULE. A phat house, a crazed menopausal disaster, a visually impaired 18 year old, Josie and her pussycat, Toni Braxton's sister, a poor little rich woman, and "my dad is in jail" girl. Not to mention the brilliant addition of Iyanla, who proceeded to life coach circles around Rhonda. LOVES IT. The scuttlebut is that today's show is going to be a WHOPPER, so we can talk about here when we see it. You have been warned. Until then, let's dish about the ladies.

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Monday September 13, 2004
Starting Over

The new season of Starting Over begins today! I'm so excited! Tune in if only to (hopefully) find out about Josie's baby daddy and find out if Rhonda's had enough summer facelifts to make her look like Joan Rivers. Looking at the website, the answer to the latter is "yes."

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Friday August 13, 2004
Starting Over

Next week on Starting Over, we jump to when Lynelle & Hailey enter the house. It is worth watching, especially because that means that Josie should be showing up soon. Drama galore. I guarantee you'll actually try to punch your television set. Enjoy. And I could not be more pleased that they have completely skipped PJ and the oozing hole of yuck in her leg.

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Monday August 9, 2004
Bye Bye, Rana

I read over on the TWoP forums that Rana from Starting Over is going to be replaced with Iyanla Vanzant. I'm looking forward to this, as I remember Iyanla from her Oprah guesting days. She's a very dynamic, strong and funny woman, and I'm hoping she can really help some people (rather than sending them to gyms and on dates, Rhonda, I'm looking at you). I loved Rana, but the woman was in way over her head. I think the Josie storyline took away her will to live. God knows it took mine.

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Wednesday August 4, 2004
Starting Over

I haven't posted much about Starting Over lately, because they are all so annoying I could barely watch. But today starts the re-runs of Audrey's reign of terror, and I think I just might tune in to watch her and her "gift from god" country music. Hey, I enjoy torturing myself, what can I say? It's worth a look, though; she is one of the most deluded women I've ever seen. I also think this is around when Rhonda started really going insane.

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Friday July 9, 2004
Starting Over

Is anyone watching? I didn't see all last week because of tennis. I'm getting up to where I started watching it every day, though. These people are so awful. Well, Nyanza, Christine and Cassie are awful. Just bad, bad people. When do Cassie and Ny gang up on Christine? I think I missed that episode; I only saw the aftermath.

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Thursday June 24, 2004
Starting Over

In a nutshell? Nyanza, Christine, and Cassie need to be soundly beaten about the head. So. Much. Hate.

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Friday June 18, 2004
Starting Over

Are we all still watching Starting Over? I never saw the very beginning of the season, so these shows are still new to me. I think sometime around next week I will start seeing the repeats. Anyway, such tragedies have happened to these women! A newlywed widow, a woman who has lost two children, a woman whose twin died in a murder-suicide. It really makes me want to track down PJ and slap her in the face. Also, even though she doesn't know Andy's story, to hear Nyanza say in her confessional that maybe Andy doesn't even deserve to be in the house because she hasn't had any tragedy in her life? Fills. Me. Up. With. Hate. And just wait until you see Ny trot our her brain-damaged sister for maximum Authenticity points. Damn, she makes me sick. I find myself totally rooting for Andy and Lori. Even Maureen, god bless her. The rest of them can go pound rocks.

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Friday June 11, 2004
Starting Over

So this week began the re-runs of Starting Over. Thanks to the New York market, I still missed the first episode, so I never quite understood why Andy was immediately the outcast. Did she do something weird? She was really messed up those first few days in the house, eh? Still hating on Cassie and Ny, not caring about Christine (I had forgotten how man crazy she is), still wincing at Mo's comedy, and still adoring Lori. I'm not sure how much I like the "commentary" from the former housemates. I feel like they're cutting footage, and the "email questions" they're answering are so boring that it's not even worth it. Also worth noting (picked up on the TWoP forums) - look how healthy and happy Rana looks. These people really beat her down by the end of the season, eh?

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Friday June 4, 2004
Starting Over

So, quite a week on Starting Over, eh? They are really pushing these people out the door at an alarming speed. I feel bad for Hailey; she's the only one who really deserves to graduate and leave, but it's being diminished by the mass exodus. As for Josie, I will sadly admit that I cried a little bit yesterday when she got that apartment. Although I have my doubts about her future...I don't read spoilers, but I don't think we've seen the last of her and Chloe. Leah STILL bores me and I haven't seen any changes in her at ALL. Whatever. If you're in the NYC area, today's season finale will be pre-empted for a tennis match or something. They'll show it on Monday, but I'm not sure what that means for Monday's episode. I think next week is the start of re-runs, and/or this special "summer edition" I've heard about with ex-houseguests returning to dish the dirt. Or something. Anyway, shut up, Cassie.

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Friday May 28, 2004
Starting Over

Okay. Today's episode put me in such a bad mood, I can barely speak. Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised to see Christine again, until that tango lesson humping session made me remember her (life coach induced) over-inflated ego and warped sexual drive. Ugh. Then CASSIE? FREAKING CASSIE? And they're all buddy-buddy; hello, am I the only person who remembers the time Cassie told Christine she wanted to punch her in the face? Oh, and Christine? Shut up. You actually made me feel sorry for Josie today. Leave the girl alone. Hailey? I love you a little more each day. Between yesterday's "I'm a lesbian" schtick to deflect Jonathan's drunk friends, and your dislike of Christine, I've just got to say that the meds must be working. Leah is still weird and I don't even know how to deal with her. I miss Susan already. Lynelle has no hope of anything, ever. And next week looks GREAT, with the return of even more housemates. Okay, I've got to calm down.

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Friday May 21, 2004
Starting Over

My Starting Over viewing was a little messy this week because of the 9/11 hearings. However, they're making up the missed episodes yesterday and today. If you're in the NYC area, SO will be at 11 and 12 today. So, I'm not sure where you guys are in your viewing. Let's just talk about what a colossal ass Jonathan is. Can someone explain to me why he will not get this paternity test, or as Rhonda attempted, why he will not even discuss? This is a child's life we're talking about. Stupid big-toothed asswipe. Anyway. YAY for Susan and her new daddy. I just want to hug all up on her. BOO for Amy and Lynelle's stupid fight. BOO for Hailey's weird hair in the casting promos. And a big WTF to Leah and her pink scarf. I fear her.

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Friday May 14, 2004
She's Right About the Eyebrows

Princess Melissa weighs in on Starting Over. This is one funny read. Thank God Rain finally graduated. I'm happy for her. The new girl, Leah, might be interesting. I think she has some hidden crazy in her. Plus, Amy is already finding her threatening, which is always a good thing. Discuss everyone else here.

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Friday May 7, 2004
Starting Over

Quite a week on Starting Over, eh? Josie being in total denial that she was going into labor was frightening. I hope the SO house gives her parenting classes; I fear for her baby. And someone had better swab Jonathan's mouth for that DNA test while he's there with Josie; we might never see him again. Do you think Rain will graduate soon? And will she be replaced, or will the cast slowly burn off until a new season starts? I actually know the answer to this because some twerp posted some info without spoiler tags on TWoP. Anyway...quick rundown of the others. Susan - I love her so much. I hope she finds what she's looking for, and runs away from Rhonda as fast as she can. Hailey's medication must be working because she's not bothering me as much as she used to. Lynelle, on the other hand, is a disaster. All she ever does is blame others and play martyr. Amy needs to shut up right now. She reminds of Audrey the Country Singer With a Gift From God when she takes someone's non-committal comment about her work ("this is better than your last one") and turns it into, "He LOVED my story. He RAVED!" No, he didn't.

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Friday April 30, 2004
Say a Prayer for Josie's Baby

I'm going to try to remember to do a post every Friday to discuss this week's Starting Over. This week's discussion points: Does Josie deserve to come back to the house? Was Amy a total baby about that whole innkeeper interview? Will Rain graduate soon? Ever? Is Susan's father alive or dead? Is Lynelle totally and utterly useless? Will Hailey ever stop wearing those belly shirts that, I'm sorry, are not her most flattering look?

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Monday April 26, 2004
Too Much Reality in My Reality TV

Has anyone caught today's episode of Starting Over yet? Spoilery info can go in the comments, but without giving anything away here...we all know that Friday Josie was talking about leaving the house. Today she began her exodus and the entire episode followed the housemates each begging her not to leave. Once Rain came home and realized what was going on, it culminated in this screaming, sobbing nightmare that was so searingly upsetting, I started to cry right there on my elliptical machine. Just, wow. The only way I got through it was to imagine what it would have been like if Andy Paige had still been there. She probably would have slit her own throat. Oh, and today? Rana broke my heart.

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