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Friday May 14, 2004
America's Sweetheart

Last night, Rupert from Survivor won the million-dollar America's Choice prize. Congratulations to him. Because I am evil, his win especially thrills me because it will make all the Rupert-haters crazy with rage. And I am telling you right now, I refuse to watch the inevitable Amber Loves Rob reality wedding series.

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Monday May 10, 2004
Finally, It's Over

So, Survivor All-Stars ended the way many of us figured it would last night - with Amber as the big winner and Rob as her trophy wife. Even Rob's crocodile tears at the end couldn't save him from the damage done. I love the Final Tribal Council, because the jury has certainly already made up their collective minds and they just want to see the Final Two squirm. Well, they did. And congratulations to Shii-Ann and Rupert for asking good questions and for acting more mature than the rest of those yahoos. I will never, ever forgive Big Tom, Boston Rob and Amber for monopolizing so much of the Reunion that my sweet Rob C. was left staring open-mouthed at the camera when he realized it was over and Probst didn't ask him a single question. If any of you out there love me, vote for Rob C. to win the bonus mil. He got the shaft, I tell you, THE SHAFT! Vote now and vote often. DO IT.

And big congratulations and bragging rights to Cheri, winner of TMFT's Survivor Pool. Of course, I totally forgot to vote anyway and I also forgot to find you a prize. Anyone have any ideas? Kudos for 2nd and 3rd place - Liz and Janet. Who beat me every year, and this one is no exception.

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Friday May 7, 2004
Please, God, Let the Hex Hold

So, last night's Survivor. Tom had to go. I would have done the same thing. He outed himself as a "pawn," as a swing vote - too dangerous to have around at this point. He's an IDIOT. He'd rather settle for third place to Amber and Rob than go up against Jenna and Rupert? Hello? JENNA? She can barely finish a challenge, much less win one. The whole Amber and Rob winning the cars thing was so pukemaking I could barely stand it. Trust me, kids, if I had won that surprise car, none of ya'll would have known until you saw it on television. And do we have the most obnoxious jury of the series this time, or what? Man, they are PISSED. Which entertains the hell out of me. I can't wait until Sunday night when this show is finally over, though. I don't even know if I care who wins. I think I'd like to see Jenna win, just to see Shi-Ann swallow her tongue.

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Thursday May 6, 2004

And don't forget to make your Survivor Picks!

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Friday April 30, 2004
Stop Rolling Your Freaking Eyes. Now.

So, last night on Survivor, to the surprise of NOBODY, Shii-Ann was voted off. I truly enjoyed the fact that she outed Amber as the most likely winner (which I didn't believe at first, but I do now), I enjoyed how she tried to knock some sense into everyone's heads, but I didn't enjoy how damn smug and dramatic she was about the whole thing. Tom or Rupert next? Other observations: Shut up, Jenna. My god, please shut up. Rupert's wife is very cute, but I didn't need to see the leg-humping. Amber has stick arms. Big Tom has become tiresome. Rob got to keep his brother's shirt. I'm not enjoying this season much, but I'm sticking it out because it will make Amazing Race all that much better.

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Thursday April 29, 2004

Don't forget to make your Survivor picks tonight. I think it's safe to say that Shii-Ann is going, but you never know, do you?

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Friday April 23, 2004
And She Won By Standing There and Doing Nothing

Congratulations to Shii-Ann on winning immunity last night on Survivor. Too bad they'll probably still vote her out next week. She was very Road Rules Katie when she won, huh? "In your face!" and Alicia hissing, "Shut UP." When are these people going to realize that they can't all go to the Final Four, and that none of them are going to the Final Two? To quote Shii-Ann, "Stupid, stupid people." I am an unabashed Boston Rob fan over here, but last night I was BEGGING the people in my tv to wise up and vote him off.

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Thursday April 22, 2004

Don't forget to make your picks!

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Friday April 16, 2004
Nice Mohawk, Tough Guy

So Kathy gets voted off Survivor last night, surprising....NO ONE. Shii-Ann cried and cried, mostly because you know she's next. The geekboy nearly had a stroke when Boston Rob pulled his "I'll give up my video if you give everyone their letters" ploy. Personally I thought it was a brilliant move - he's obviously at the point in his game now where he's trying to score jury points. But the geekboy had a valid point; why is it okay for Rob to suddenly change the rules? It's like the whole island is hypnotized by him. Anyway, after seeing the 10 seconds of his brother's video, I'm sure Rob realized that it was going to be 30 minutes of his bro jumping around and acting like an ass. So it's not like he was giving up anything. Rupert's daughter looks eerily like him, but she's awfully cute. It was nice to see Jenna's girls, bringing closure to her first season when she never got the tapes. Tom's family kills me, as usual. It's like they're speaking a different language. And Alicia's mom is white, who knew? Speaking of which, during that challenge? Man, Alicia is RIPPED. It just goes to show how well-fed these people are if she's still got her muscles.

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Thursday April 15, 2004

Don't forget to make your Survivor picks! And the finale of The Apprentice is tonight as well, in case you've missed Trump's Media Blitz this week. GO BILL! Or, if he decides to either fire OR punch Omarosa, GO KWAME!

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Friday April 9, 2004
Karma, Thy Name is Lex

Survivor. Oh, Lex. Lex, Lex, Lex. You big tattooed crazy eyed wacko. You overthought your game. Again. You took a huge risk (one I thought you might get away with) and when it didn't pay off, you got to stand in the shoes of Colby, Ethan and Jerri, and you didn't like it very much, did you? Yeah, Rob went back on his "word," but he had no choice. Lex was neck-and-neck with him on each challenge that day. You can't risk that. My new hatred is reserved for Kathy. This kills me because I LOVED her on her season. But she has learned nothing, obviously. The whole "I'll give you my immunity necklace" thing to Lex? What the hell was that all about? I think she should have. I don't think she's got a chance at winning this game, and saving Lex would have freaked Rob out in a very big way. Gah.

As for Rupert choosing Jenna and Amber on his Reward, here's my take. Rupert plays this game with his heart, not his head. I don't think he believes he's going to win, so he's trying to enjoy the adventure. Why not; he's entitled, in my opinion. But I don't think he'll be around much longer. If I had been him, I would have brought Lex and Rob as a show of good sportsmanship. But that wouldn't have been fun at all. So there you go.

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Thursday April 8, 2004

Don't forget to make your picks!

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Friday April 2, 2004
Survivor: Wine & Cheese Edition

I forgot to make my picks in the Survivor pool yesterday, which is unfortunate since I was wavering between Jerri and Shii-Ann. I really wish Shii-Ann had gone. I know most people think that Lex "saving" Amber was a really stupid move, but I don't think it was a bad idea. I think Lex is trying to set himself up as a power player when the tribes merge...I'm pretty sure he believes he can talk people into voting off Rob. Whether or not he can remains to be seen. Kathy didn't seem too thrilled with the little Rob/Lex Godfather meeting after the immunity challenge. Also, I believe we had a Survivor first last night, with Jerri being the first contestant to openly cry as she was voted out. Ah well. At least she beat Colby.

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Wednesday March 24, 2004
Survivor Clip Show

Remember, Survivor is on tonight. Looks like one of those "things you never saw" boring clip shows.

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Thursday March 18, 2004
Smell You Later, Spaz

Survivor All-Stars -- Was anyone really surprised to see Ethan go last night? I didn't think so. I loved how mad he was at Lex; how petulant - to the point of rolling his eyes directly at the camera. So funny. I can totally understand his feelings of betrayal, but it's a GAME, yo, you take that anger and you turn it into something positive. Arrange a coup...well, I guess he tried, but that didn't work out. Oh well. I'm thinking that Lex is probably already planning Mariano's outster - he's got to, if he wants any chance to win. Also, although I really enjoyed her on her season, Shii-Ann is annoying the crap out of me. She's so useless. And what gets me is that she will probably end up making, at the very least, Final Four, simply because she's so useless that no one cares about her. Grrr. Please let Jerri beat her.

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Wednesday March 17, 2004
Survivor Tonite

Don't forget that Survivor is on tonight instead of tomorrow (basketball, yo) and don't forget to make your picks.

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Friday March 12, 2004
Later, Captain America

I enjoyed last night's Survivor quite a bit. It was hysterical that someone finally pointed out how spazzy Ethan gets during challenges, and then he lost the challenge by panicking at the end. Funny. Kathy mixing it up with Chapera? I don't know about this. I think she might suffer a Shii-Ann sort of fate. She was way too happy to leave her tribe behind and go party. That could bite her in the ass later, but it's too early to tell. Also, Lex? Rules. I LOVE when people get blindsided. Best part of Tribal Council, though, was when Jerri was saying what a great personality she has and everyone started laughing at her. Wait, no, my favorite part was when Rob went to hit that golf ball and slipped and fell on his back.

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Thursday March 11, 2004

Blah blah, don't forget to make your picks.

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Friday March 5, 2004
Get the Boat

I'm sitting here waiting for Sue Hawk to make an appearance on The Early Show with Richard Hatch. What happened on the show last night was confusing, and after I see her interview I may change my mind, but here's my take: Richard took a joke too far during the competition and crossed a serious line. It makes no difference if he's gay or not - he used his penis to try to intimidate her, and that IS sexual assault. Did he do it with malice? I don't think so. I think he thought he was being funny. It wasn't funny ("it wasn't not funny!"). So what happened next is such a clear example of why people really need a support system. If Sue had had a friend on that tribe (since Rob C is gone now), perhaps they would have discussed it and gotten her rage out of her system. Instead, she ignores everyone, they ignore her, and because they have nothing to do there but think, it festers inside her until she practically goes crazy. I felt bad for her, but it's not the way I hope I would handle a similar situation. However, when Rupert mentioned her saying she was going to quit and sue Hatch for $10 million, well, that pissed me off. And that's all I have to say. Oh, and Rob M is officially starting to get on my nerves.

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Thursday March 4, 2004

Don't forget to make your picks for tonight! I don't know why I'm bothering; I'm getting my ass kicked over there.

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Sunday February 29, 2004
Sue's Screams

So what does everyone think Sue is screaming (and crying!?!) about in those previews for next week's Survivor? It sounds like she's really laying into Jeff, though maybe that's just the editing at work. It seems like the smart money would be on Richard's willy (and the fact that he rubbed it up against her in one of the challenges, a true "oh give it a freaking rest, Richard" moment) as the source of the tension. That's what this little tidbit seems to suggest, anyway.

[news item via reality blurred]

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Saturday February 21, 2004
Rob C. Sent Packing

From the typhoon that humbled Rupert and drove Jerri batty all the way to the genuinely surprising Tribal Council, this week's Survivor was probably the best episode so far. The look on Rob C.'s face when his name kept coming up again and again on the ballots was priceless. (I don't have anything against the guy, but I was already prepared to see Alicia take the walk of shame, so it was nice to be a little shocked.)

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Friday February 13, 2004
Gilligan's Island

I have to admit that I was swept away in the emotional editing last night, and felt bad for Jenna. I had sympathy for the girl, okay? But after I talked it over with the geekboy and thought about it for awhile, while I obviously have sympathy for a poor girl who lost her mother, I do have to wonder why the hell she even went on Survivor again in the first place. Big Tom's angry response to her situation was a bit out of line, I thought, but I could see why some people would be annoyed that she wasted a spot when someone more worthy could have come on the show. (Like Christy!) Anyway, whatever, good riddance Jenna, sorry about your mom, see you in Playboy.

The real star of last night's show was the Robfather! What a great house! Very "three hour tour!" I loved it. Did NOT love Rupert's attempt, and still don't quite understand it. Wouldn't it flood? Richard Hatch versus the shark - good times. I can't believe turned-on Shi-Ann got over hearing him tell the story. Girl, the man is gay. You're not going to hit that.

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Thursday February 12, 2004
King of the One-Word Answer

The world's most boring interview with one of my favorite Survivors ever, Rudy.

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