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Monday May 15, 2006
I Guess That's That

Cirie lost the tiebreaker and left the game. I was so bummed...but she didn't know how to stack her kindling and Danielle did. Cirie walked away with a big smile and her final speech was really nice. Bye Cirie! I was really disappointed and I wasn't sure who I wanted to win the game. I'm not a Terry fan so I decided to believe in the car curse.

Terry won the final reward which was food. Danielle won the final immunity challenge which was based on balance. Terry was the first to go, and right before Aras tanked Danielle gave him a little nod. Back at camp both men approached her about her promises to take them to final two. Terry tried to guilt her into it, where Aras flat out threatened that certain votes would be lost to her if she didn't take him. If Danielle was thinking clearly, she would have realized that those votes were lost to her anyhow because Cirie was going to vote for Aras no matter what. I realized at that point it was rather moot because Danielle could not win against either Terry or Aras, but she seemed to feel she had a better chance against Aras so Terry joined the jury and the car curse lives on.

Oooh, the jury! My ears are still bleeding from Courtney's speech. Does she even HEAR herself? Holy crap. "I cast the knife of forgiveness out of my back and into the water, but not really because I'm obviously still pissed people voted me Most Annoying but my chakras are aligned and I can put my foot behind my head, but what have YOU learned?" Who knew that Shane would come out with the best speech ever? LOVED it. Terry was understandably bitter, most people were polite, I threw up at each mention of honesty and integrity and then it was over.

In New York everyone cleaned up real nice, but Aras was a different man entirely! I only believed it was really him when he opened his mouth to talk and he sounded like himself. I declared him the healthiest-looking person I've ever seen in my life. Jeff read the votes and Aras became a millionaire. Jeff asked for a show of hands of who would have voted for Danielle had she taken Terry, proving Danielle had no chance in hell. Still, $100K is nothing to sneeze at.

Cirie was declared one of the most popular Survivors ever, Terry presented her with a big carved fish for her mad fishing skillz, Shane looked like he was going to audition for Green Day, Courtney's diarrhea of the mouth gave me diarrhea of the bum, Cirie was awarded a car based on internet votes and her husband said the nicest things about how proud he was of her.

This fall, Survivor: Cook Islands. Exile Island returns and we're promised a new twist. I can wait. I'm ready for Big Brother! Who's with me?

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Friday May 12, 2006

This will be short and sweet because I do not want to get into anyone's behaviour this week. Aras won the reward challenge and took Cirie on the most fabulous yacht ride through the Panama Canal. Those locks! I have a memory of seeing the locks at the St. Lawrence Seaway, my grade four class went on a trip (my dad came along). It's a neat thing to see. But I digress. Danielle and Terry ended up at Exile Island together and made a deal that if Terry won immunity, he'd give the secret idol to Danielle.

In a shocking turn of events, Terry did not win the immunity challenge, Aras did! In the end Terry did not share his idol; Danielle and Cirie each recieved two votes. As suspected, the tiebreaker challenge ended up being a fire-making contest. Cirie had recently made a fire with the flint for the first time, so I guess she was somewhat prepared. I'm really rooting for her to win. I guess we'll see on Sunday because CBS wanted me to go to bed unsatisfied last night.

At tribal council Jeff asked Cirie how she'd changed during her time in Panama, and she said she realized she'd lived 35 years underestimating herself. I liked that. I'm glad she's learned to see herself differently.

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Friday May 5, 2006
Who's the Loopy Broad Now?

Cirie, Aras and Danielle managed to smooth things over with Shane pretty easily when they came back from last tribal council. Cirie gave him an excuse about not having time to let him now how things had to go down, and he accepted it. He was just so happy that loopy broad Courtney was gone, even though he wanted to take her to final two.

Terry realized that he can't swing deals with Casaya, but decided that he had it in for Danielle because she didn't play his way.

The reward challenge was a round-by-round elimination and Aras came so close but lost to Terry. The reward was love. As the winner, Terry got to decide which survivor and their loved one could join him and his wife for an overnight holiday, which survivor could bring her loved one back to camp for the night, who could hug their loved one and who went to Exile Island with nothing. Terry chose Shane and Boston to join him and sent Cirie's husband to camp. Aras was allowed to hug his mom (he asked for five dinners when he gets home) and big surprise, Danielle slunk off into the sunset alone.

During the reward, Terry and his wife remained political. Shane said he knew Terry had the idol in his bag, but Terry's wife acted surprised. "Honestly, he didn't tell me anything about that!" Oh, give it a rest. We all know, Shane knows, you know, my cat knows, everyone knows. Just enjoy your dinner. Shane enjoyed his time with Boston, who is a cute little guy. Is it wrong to say he reminded me of Jody Foster, back when she used to look like a boy?

At camp, Cirie really enjoyed putting HB to work. He complained, but you know he had fun and he was impressed at what his wife has accomplished and wanted to do it, too. It was nice to see. The next morning Terry and Aras got into an argument. Terry gave him some excuse about not choosing him to win time with his mom because she was just his mom. Aras took offense to that, and said his mom was just as important to him as Terry's wife to Terry. Terry got defensive. I didn't think he needed to defend his choices...he won and had the right to decide, but he was being an ass to Aras about it. If someone told me my relationship with my mom was not as important as their relationship with their spouse, I'd be pissed, too.

Immunity challenge followed and Terry lost for a change. No, he won...I just wanted to type that at least once. Poor Shane didn't even understand what he was supposed to be doing and by the time he figured it out, he didn't have a chance in hell.

Afterward, Cirie and her little alliance with Danielle and Aras stayed strong. Shane thought Danielle was leaving, Terry voted against Aras. Cirie flirted with the idea of being the swing vote and getting rid of Danielle, but in the end stayed true and Shane was knocked for a loop. Sayonara, Shane! I thought I would enjoy your ouster more than I did. I guess I was just so annoyed with the knowing monkeyfaces and eyerolls Terry was handing out during tribal council.

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Thursday May 4, 2006
She Still Hasn't Stopped Talking

Just wanted to direct your attention to this interview with Courtney The Fire Dancer, ousted last week in an excellent Survivor. She is very full of herself, isn't she? Also, just for saying "fo shizzle" with no irony whatsover, I hope her head catches fire.

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Thursday April 27, 2006
Houston, We Have Coup

Cirie is my new style American girlfriend!

Another good episode this week. The reward of a barbecue on a private island for three brought Danielle, Courtney and Terry together. He wanted the final four Survivors to be himself and the three remaining women. They made a pact, formed a bond, became a solid team. For about five minutes. Danielle allowed Terry to convince her that final two would be decided "fairly;" the winner of that challenge would take whomever came in second. Courtney hated that idea. She resigned herself to it anyway, figuring any way she could get to final four was fine.

She did not realize that what everyone really wanted was to take her to final two because everyone thinks that Courtney can't win.

Terry went and won the stupid immunity challenge again, so he was guaranteed safe. His plan with Courtney and Danielle was to vote of Aras, citing him as the biggest threat. Shane wanted to vote off Danielle as they had originally planned. Cirie realized that everyone wanted to pit themselves against Courtney for final two and wasn't about to let that happen.

She approached Aras and told him that Terry has recruited her, Danielle and Courtney to vote for him. She asked he vote for Courtney instead of Danielle as he had promised Shane. Cirie then told Danielle about Shane's plan to get rid of her first, and convinced her to vote for Courtney as well. Brilliance.

In the end, Courtney was blindsided, Shane was shocked and Terry...oh, the look on Terry's face was priceless! He was so cocky, thinking he'd waged a coup, but Cirie double-dutch couped them all! Slammo! I know this post is totally disjointed because I'm so excited and I just can't hide it!

Also, Terry won the car. Oh, I hope that means what I think it means! And it just occured to me that it wasn't discussed. Did they edit it out, or did Terry ask the girls to keep it a secret?

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Friday April 21, 2006
Can't You Two See That You're in Luvu?

This was the best episode of the season. Finally some real drama between these people! The tone was set when Shane hugged Danielle at the very beginning and told her they were going to be the first tribe to stay together until the end of the game.

Before the reward challenge, Bruce was in pain and complaining about his stomach. He hadn't gone to the bathroom in about 12 days, and was really feeling it. Courtney sympathized.

Courtney: I remember being so constipated that I thought I was having a..."
Danielle: Child?
Courtney: ...Appendicitis.

Survivors each recieved a big burlap doll that they were meant to decorate in their own likenesses. Cirie gave hers some nice boobies, to add to the realism. As it turned out, the effigies were meant to be burnt during the reward challenge. The game was reminiscent of Big Brother challenges. Each person answered a survey in private, then when they were collectively asked the same questions they had to give the popular response. People who answered correctly were then able to eliminate another player by giving one of three ropes a chop. The final rope set a flame beneath that person's doll, burning it and eliminating them from the rest of the game. Many of the questions were slams, and the whole game was set up to make everyone angry and reveal the pecking order of the Survivors. They got rid of Terry first before they turned on each other.

Shock shock horror! Apparently Danielle was thought to do the least for the tribe, Courtney never shuts up, is the most annoying and also the biggest poser, Shane was percieved as thinking he runs the game and for being the moodiest, Cirie could be trusted with their lives but also was voted unable to survive on her own. Cirie laughed her head off while everyone else felt insulted. I liked this game.

Shane first started to snap when he made Courtney feel like crap about knocking him out twice, then he freaked on Cirie when she knocked him out of the game before kicking Aras' ass. Then he acted like the world's biggest baby when she was allowed to choose two friends and did NOT pick him. Terry went to Exile Island; Cirie, Aras and Danielle went on a helicopter ride to a spa for a massage and a big meal; Shane and Courtney went back to camp to feel sorry for themselves.

Back at camp, Bruce's pain escalated to a point where he called out for medical help. Some may argue that Courtney's singing is to blame; she asked if she could sing to him to make him feel better and he said no. She sang anyway and Bruce begged for mercy. I'm sure he would have kicked her if he could have. Finally, the medical boat arrived and the medic felt Bruce needed to leave camp. I had a hard time watching his pain. I knew someone was going to be leaving, but I had no idea it was going to be over something so serious. Courtney and Shane helped the medics carry the stretcher to the boat.

Cirie and pals enjoyed themselves immensely during their reward. They laughed at Courtney and Shane, declared Courtney's love for Shane and then Aras informed us that needing to be wanted was Courtney's psychological pattern, so she loves it when Shane argues with her. I found this very entertaining and infuriating. I find Aras infuriating. Won't someone punch him?

But let's punch Shane first. While the three were gone, he tried to get Courtney on his side to screw Cirie over. He yelled at Courtney for taking the slam game so personally, but there he was, trying to get revenge on Cirie because she didn't pick him to go for the reward. He said it was because he no longer felt Cirie was serious about her promise about final four because she chose Danielle over him, but we know it was pure jealousy. He also stated that Courtney was crazy and knowing that everyone found her so annoying made him want to take her to final two, because there was no losing while sitting next to Courtney. Yes, Courtney is the crazy one. Not you, even though you threatened to KILL HER IN HER HOME if she didn't do what you wanted, then screamed at her that you were just joking. Ahem.

The next morning, Cirie and pals returned to the beach to find Courtney and Shane all afoul. They just couldn't hide their rancor. Courtney told them about Bruce's plight then sneered that at least they had fun last night. Shane took Aras aside and bitched about Cirie yet again, and promised to turn the game around. Cirie approached Shane and he made her promise on her children and his that she is still with him in the alliance, kissed and made up, then told the camera it was all bullshit. Afterward, Courtney and the ladies cleaned up Bruce's zen garden and wrote BRUCE LUVU in the sand.

Jeff accompanied Terry on his return to the island. Jeff informed them all that Bruce was going to be okay, but that he wouldn't be returning because his condition was too serious. He had a complete intestinal blockage. As it stood, there would be no immunity challenge and no tribal council. You could tell everyone was a bit disappointed because I think people were itching to vote each other off.

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Friday April 14, 2006
Diaper Rash. You Know, Like on a Baby

The most interesting challenge of the season was for this week's reward. Suvivors were spilt into two teams of four. Each team selected one person to lay face-down on a platform that was suspended by a bungee cord. The remaining three people pulled on ropes attached to the bungee in order to move the platform around so the swingee could collect 15 flags in order and place them in their respective slots. Danielle developed a good way to keep from spinning by holding onto one of the ropes, but even so, she and Courtney were tied most of the way through the challenge. If it weren't for Danielle's team knocking one of the completed flags out of its slot (twice), it could have been anyone's game. Courtney, Sally, Bruce and Terry won the challenge and were rewarded with videos from their loved ones and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. They banished Aras to Exile Island. When they returned from reward, they each had their luxury items with them.

While they were gone Shane tried to cheer up the others by rationalizing the loss as no big deal. Then he treated Cirie to a look at his chafing balls. Now, I see the humour in this and I can understand that it must have been rather uncomfortable for her, but Cirie is a nurse for crying out loud! I didn't understand why she couldn't just look at the man's balls and give him some advice without acting like a two-year-old. Then again, perhaps he had a funny-looking penis. She told him he needed to dry out, so he got rid of his pants and wore his t-shirt like a skirt.

At the beginning of the show, Aras started talking crap about wanting to go to Exile Island so he could read the clues, look for the idol and know for sure whether Terry has it or not. However, when he got to Exile Island he really didn't seem to understand the clues so he made excuses about their being no point in expending his energy for no reason. Ha ha, Aras is dumb.

Aras returned for the immunity challenge and bragged about what a great time he had in exile. He made fire immediately, ate lots, got lots of rest. The dark circles under his sunken eyes told a different story. Before the challenge began everyone was given a choice: compete or stuff your face with cheeseburgers. Everyone from the former Casaya except Aras chose to eat. Ha ha, Aras is dumb. He competed against Sally and Terry. Guess who won? You are correct!

Sally and Terry tried unsuccessfully to woo former Casayans to their side. Terry did not use the secret idol to save Sally, so she joined Austin on the jury. I knew he wouldn't use it. I don't really blame him for keeping it to himself. The man wants to win.

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Friday April 7, 2006
Still No Coup

The reward challenge this week had everyone split into three teams of three and compete. Teams tried to overload each other's boats with coconuts, paddle out to a buoy to retrieve a flag then return to the beach and haul their coconuts to the finish line. Sally, Aras and Bruce won a big breakfast for the next morning. They also won the right to send one person from each losing team to Exile Island, and Aras chose Danielle and Austin. Aras expressed concern to the camera that he had revealed his athletic prowess and cunning wit by winning the challenge, putting a target on his back. I rolled my eyes.

While the winners were gone, Terry tried to fish information out of Shane. He revealed who he'd like to take with him to final four which exposed Casaya's pecking order to Terry. The winners ate themselves silly and returned to camp to make everyone else sick with envy. Sally complained about not being able to finish her bacon so Shane told her she had quality problems, which made me laugh.

Danielle and Austin had the most horrible time at Exile Island in the rain, freezing their asses off and unable to make a fire. Austin felt they got along well, so I was disappointed they didn't try to talk strategy.

Terry told Sally privately that he found the secret immunity idol, and she was shocked. She got all excited because she felt that if Terry won the immunity challenge, he would use the secret idol to save either her or Austin. I guess she forgot that Terry chose not to save Nick during the last tribal council. I hope she doesn't hold her breath.

Danielle and Austin rejoined Gitanos in time to compete for immunity. There were four stages; the winners from each continued on to the next until only one was left. Terry beat Sally by a hair in the final stage and secured immunity again. Sally's knee socks continue to crack me up.

After the challenge Casaya tried to decide who to vote out. Aras had a good point when he suggested Sally because he felt Terry was more likely, had he the secret idol, to use it to save Austin rather than Sally. Aras felt he would get the second highest number of votes and in that case, would end up out of the game. Courtney didn't agree, mostly because she didn't care if Aras went home or not. Aras then told the camera that he was disappointed that the others weren't supporting Casaya's main members, him and Shane. What the hell? It drives me insane that Aras feels the rest of his team should behave as though they are his loyal subjects.

Meanwhile, Terry has offered Danielle the secret immunity idol in exhange for defecting from Casaya, along with Bruce. Terry told her and Bruce about Shane's idea for final four which didn't include them. Danielle doesn't trust Aras and considered flipping. At this point I thought maybe Casaya should just get rid of Aras and take their chances that way.

Tribal council was actually pretty suspenseful. No one flipped loyalties and Austin became the first member of the jury. I wonder how Austin feels, knowing that Terry was willing to give Danielle the immunity idol to get her to flip, but unwilling to use it to save him and send Aras home. Interestingly enough, Aras lost to Courtney in the sense that Casaya all voted for Austin instead of Sally. Heh.

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Monday April 3, 2006
Shane is Literally a Drama Queen

Survivor's favorite psychopath actually has a resume. Now I understand why I hated him on sight. He played the guy who tried to assault Rayanne Graff on the pilot of My So-Called Life.

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Friday March 31, 2006
Bruce Almighty

It looks like last week's threat of dissolving the Casaya alliance went right out the window because of the merge. As La Mina approached the beach, Shane gathered his tribe and suddenly everyone was best friends again. The tribe became known as Gitanos and Bruce painted a fantastic flag.

The merge caused Terry to lose his mind. He tried so hard to get someone from Casaya to defect that he ended up strengthening their previously non-existent bond. However, they were a little worried about Bruce jumping ship, so Casaya instigated the following conversation with Bruce:

Casaya: Yo, Bruce, you're like, our best tribe, TRIBE LEADER! Like, EVER! Oh man, you're so best, guy!
Bruce: Yes. I'm so am. I'm highly respected across the island by young and old alike, and have been for 240 years.

While helping rebuild the shelter, poor Bruce got a machete to the face. My stomach lurched when I saw it. He handled it well and managed not to let it affect his day. I was a bit surprised, though. I was expecting the injury to be a lot more severe considering the way they played it up in the previews from last time. I remember someone getting carted away on a stretcher. Maybe that will happen in an upcoming show?

The immunity challenge had everyone hanging by their hands and ankles from a horizontal post. Former Casaya pooped out early. Austin tried to get Terry to hand him the win, but Terry refused. Terry won immunity and Shane complained to the camera that he didn't get a cigarette or a donut out of the affair.

Casaya further taunted La Mina by having a warm group meeting. I guess there is nothing like a common foe to bring people together because Casaya was a big, happy family and I thought I was in Bizarro World. They collectively decided to get rid of Nick.

Tribal council was also bizarre. La Mina members seemed to forget anyone else was there because they were blabbing strategy to Jeff like it just didn't matter. In the end Bruce decided not to flip loyalties and Nick went home. Nick used his final interview to give an uplifting PSA to 20-somethings. I thought it was totally ridiculous and kind of sweet all at the same time.

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Friday March 10, 2006
The Right Stuff...For Me to Poop On!

Cirie and Bruce worked extremely well together to solve the challenge puzzle and Casaya won, despite the lead La Mina developed while carrying the puzzle pieces to the board. This single challenge awarded Casaya immunity, the reward of spending the day at a local village and choosing a member of La Mina to banish to Exile Island.

In this case, Sally being sent to Exile Island saved her from being voted out. Casaya must have noted that La Mina must have had a men's alliance since Sally was the only woman remaining, and chose to protect her in order to switch things up for them.

I was secretly hoping Casaya would lose the challenge because I would have enjoyed watching Shane walk away with his tail between his legs. I can't stand that guy. He told the camera that he couldn't trust the women because they voted out Bobby, but if I recall correctly Shane was the first to suggest voting out Bobby last week. He spent the beginning of the episode being a total ass and begging the women to free him from his alliance, and the women were only too happy to do so. When Jeff explained the significance of Exile Island this week, I changed my mind and hoped Casaya would win because La Mina's choice could have made ousting Shane impossible.

One of the things I hate the most about Shane is his tendency to renege. First he wanted to leave the game entirely; lucky for him they talked him out of it and he had to admit he didn't really want to leave. This week, during the challenge, he got drunk and decided to bond with Danielle and apologize to her because I guess he realized they're approaching the merge with numbers and I'm not surprised dude suddenly wants to be in the alliance again. What an ass. I wonder how Danielle would feel if she knew he called her a meatball...I'm assuming it was meant to be a slur because she's Italian, correct me if I'm wrong. I hope Danielle doesn't change her mind about getting rid of him, but I fear Cirie might have been right when she said the younger women are easily appeased by Shane. Right now Cirie and Sally are my favourites and I am completely rooting for them.

From the conversation at La Mina and during their interviews with the camera, it's clear that they still don't see Sally as a strong player. This makes me crazy. I like Dan as much as anybody but if this is going to come down to strength and athletic ability Dan just isn't cutting it. I'm glad he's gone.

So next week we've got the recap show, then two weeks off and a new episode of Survivor on March 30. Someone gets hurt! I can't help but think back to Australia when Michael burned the skin entirely off of his hands because he fell face-first into the fire. As they carted him away he kept shouting out encouragement to his tribe. I miss the good old days when people would hunt pigs with their bare hands.

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Friday March 3, 2006
Beans, Beans, the Magical Fruit

What a reward challenge! Catch the fish, behead the fish, win the fish! Casaya won rice, beans and a whole lot of headless fish. Shane celebrated by jumping into Bobby's arms and wrapping his legs around him. During last week's preview I laughed very hard when they showed Casaya discovering their camp had gotten flooded but I had to feel bad for them when they couldn't cook their spoils. Mmmm...raw fish. Sashimi is one thing; watching Shane eat raw fish off the bone like corn on the cob is something else entirely.

Bruce and Bobby re-enacted a scene from the esteemed classic, Maggie: The High School Years by bogarting the wine and sleeping in the toilet. Bobby then acted like a total ass when Courtney called him on his selfishness.

La Mina was permitted to bring back either rice or beans from the challenge, and chose beans. Ah, beans! The beans made Austin and Nick feel, uh, crappy. Literally.

Casaya lost the immunity challenge, which was boring anyway. Casaya's "alliance" decided to get rid of Bruce, although Shane wanted to oust Bobby. Shane then ran to Bobby and made some stupid promise to take him to final six, swear on my kid, yeah yeah, I'll never let you down. Wha? Whatever. In the meantime, the women decided they had had enough crap (FINALLY!) and banded together to get rid of Bobby. They clued Shane in on their plan, and he started yelling at them because of the promise he made to Bobby. Dude, no one told you to go do that, shut the hell up. Shane yelled at Courtney in particular and I don't understand, why is everyone so freaking mean to Courtney? Are we missing something in the editing because it seems like the guys are always so rude to her and the poor girl just holds it all in.

The women's plan worked because the men of Casaya are a bunch of morons. Shane kept his word to Bobby; he threw his vote away by casting it toward Aras (who is gonna be pissed!) and Bruce voted for Courtney because he is an idiot who understands nothing about strategy. Bobby had the balls to pretend he had no idea he was going to get voted off. Dude, you bogarted the wine!

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Friday February 24, 2006
You Wanna Shit WHERE?!

At La Mina, Dan approached Ruth Marie and asked her to be part of their alliance. Why on earth he'd do something like that, I have no idea. The rest of his alliance didn't seem too thrilled, although Terry was very diplomatic about it. Sally was feeling left out and alone since Misty was voted out.

At Casaya, Aras and Shane were pissed that the women didn't have the fire ready when they came back from fishing. Aras expressed to the camera that he was disappointed in the choice he made with his alliance, and Cirie was just sitting back, enjoying the whole thing.

Reward challenge this week was a big puzzle on the surface of the water. Teams had to dive down to collect puzzle pieces, then arrange the pieces in a hexagon by matching symbols at the edges of the pieces. Reward was a bathroom, complete with 5 gallons of water for showering, toilet paper, soap and some other things. Casaya managed to work really well together and won. They chose Terry from La Mina to be the Exile.

Dan tried to hold La Mina together while Terry was gone, but they just couldn't seem to organize themselves and floundered around at camp.

Casaya wanted to use the bathroom to keep their firewood dry, but Bobby had a "deuce to drop". I don't know about you, but I prefer to "drop the kids off at the pool." Whatsername was appalled at Bobby's lack of gentlemanliness. Such a barbarian, wanting to poop in the toilet.

Terry made good use of his time on Exile Island, reading the clues and using them to find the immunity idol. This was the first time we saw them written down, and the word why was in quotes. The camera panned to a Y-shaped tree, and I knew the idol was his.

Back at Casaya, Shane called Whatsername (whose name happens to be Danielle, who knew?) on her lack of work ethic. This caused a big argument where Danielle managed to get everyone to admit they agreed with Shane. Cirie enjoyed every minute of it, feeling more secure as the Casaya alliance continued to self-destruct.

La Mina was useless without Magical Terry the Leader of the World. They finally got a fire going, but then it started to pour. Sally began to worry about the immunity challenge, feeling that she was going to be the one to go.

The immunity challenge was pretty cool. Teams had to race to collect enough water to counter the weight of one member who was suspended on a platform, allowing the platform to rise so the tribe member could release a flag. The water had to be carried in small buckets by two teammates tied together, over a balance-beam maze. Both teams did really well and it was very close, but Casaya won.

At La Mina, Austin and Terry tried to get everyone else to see that keeping Ruth Marie over Sally would be stupid, because Sally is stronger and can help them win more challenges. Dan insisted that Ruth Marie was a more trustworthy teammate, and didn't think it was right for them to turn their back on an alliance member. Since when, yesterday? And why did Dan offer her that spot anyway? Because she's old, too? It was kind of funny when Ruth cast her vote for Sally, citing her alliance as the reason. Because her alliance sided with Sally. Good. They finally voted out the right person.

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Friday February 17, 2006
Poison...Poison...Tasty Fish

Why do they keep voting off the wrong people? But I'm getting ahead of myself.

All right, I'm no outdoor survivalist expert, but I'm having a hard time believing that if you pour water through three t-shirts you'll end up with Evian. I was under the impression that the bacteria were microscopic and would easily pass though cotton jersey. Bear with me, but if I took water out of my toilet, poured it through my summer wardrobe and served it to you, would you drink it? Don't worry, you won't hurt my feelings.

I love how Bruce joined Casaya and they made him their guru. I thought Bobby was going to build a shrine! Bruce of course was humble; he simply declared himself the "most important person of everybody."

The challenges this week were much more interesting. First challenge was for the reward of camping gear: blankets, tarp, water cans and kerosene - excellent prize. Each tribe was required to stand on a beam in the ocean and catch a ball launched by catapult. The highest score won, which was La Mina. Sally did not lose the reward in the ocean this time, but I'm sure she could have. I'm kidding, I actually like Sally.

La Mina was also awarded the opportunity to banish one of Casaya to Exile Island. Since Casaya was blabbing about what a peach Bruce turned out to be, La Mina chose him. So the most important person of everybody was sent away again.

Casaya started falling apart at the seams, no doubt due to Bruce's absence. Shane became so attached to the rock he was sitting on it was worth alienating himself from the tribe.

Immunity challenge involved much groping and touching, very primal and intimate. I do believe there were crotches in faces and at one point Whatsername's boobs popped out of their holsters. Teams were required to dig up a black bag and bring it to their respective mats. In order to score, one had to be touching the bag (dirty!) and the mat at the same time. I really missed Bobby Jon here because it was definitely the kind of challenge that would send him a-squawking. Casaya won because Bobby grabbed Ruth Marie by the straps and flung her about like a ragdoll, which I didn't really like. I'm glad Casaya won, though. La Mina was kicking ass until that point.

During tribal council Austin had the opportunity to tattle to Jeff about Sally losing the spear last week, but he did not. I was impressed with that. I was unimpressed that they decided to get rid of Misty, though. She's strong and capable and they really should have gone with Ruth Marie who is nice, but weak.

[title reference]

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Friday February 10, 2006
The Zombie Head Attaches to the...Zombie Neck.

You know, I have never eaten a papaya. Apparently I'm really missing out.

I'm sorry to say that the best thing about Survivor tonight was the Chinese food I ate while watching it. I was more than a little bored. Let's have some nasty behaviour, backstabbing and horrible accidents during challenges! Who's with me?

Key points tonight were the reshuffling of four tribes into two, La Mina and Casaya, and Bruce heading off to Exile Island.

La Mina won the reward of some fishing gear, which Sally promptly lost her first time out. I laughed. Seriously, wouldn't you think they'd practice using the spear in shallow water before taking it out to the deep depths of the sea? The tribe took it very calmly. Sally got lucky; La Mina also won immunity. Not because they were good, but because (according to Jeff) Casaya was completely inept. I laughed at that, too.

At Casaya's camp, Shane decided that being on Survivor was the stupidest thing he's ever done. He approached his alliance and asked them to vote him off. Cirie and Melinda already felt vulnerable as it was, and they looked at Shane's decision to quit as an opportunity. But Shane's alliance convinced him to give it another shot and Aras broke it to Melinda and Cirie that one of them would be going home. Courtney was really unimpressed with that but in the end voted with them to oust Melinda. Bruce then joined Casaya.

I like Shane because he's kind of entertaining, but at the same time he bugs the hell out of me and I want him to go home. Who wants to bet that he begs to quit again? I know it's the withdrawl talking and if he can make it a few more days he'll probably be okay, but I can't stand it when someone who really wants to stay and is giving it their all ends up getting the boot when someone else is begging to be cut loose. I hope Cirie can survive a bit longer, because watching people get picked off like sitting ducks is dull.

As it is, I'm not too impressed with the Exile Island part of the game. I had the idea that sending two people during the first half of the game would be more person from each tribe. Spilling tribe secrets or making inter-tribe secret alliances would be fun, I think.

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Thursday February 2, 2006
I Miss Bobby Jon

As we already knew, the sixteen castaways were split up into four tribes, by age and gender. The first challenge started right off the bat: one person from each tribe raced to the other side of the island to find a pile of skulls. Each skull needed to be smashed to uncover one of three amulets. The survivors that found the amulets won flint to make fire and the losing team had to choose a member to remain on Exile Island alone for the first night. The young women lost and Misty was chosen to be the exile.

Jeff explained to the survivors about the secret immunity idol, which worked much the same way as last season except that it could be revealed after the votes were counted rather than before they were cast.

The older women got off to a great start at camp. Tina took charge and built a fire, then they started to sing Koombaya. Seriously. They sang Koombaya. Cirie didn't endear herself to Tina when she expressed that she hated leaves and the stuff one invariably finds beneath them.

The young men thought it would be a great idea to play baseball when they arrived at their camp. They couldn't manage to build a fire and the shelter they built was easily the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen.

The young women couldn't decide where to build their shelter and then they couldn't decide what to do with the dead turtle they found on their beach. But they sure are pretty! (Okay, I guess that's not really fair.)

At the older men's camp Astronaut Dan made best friends forever with Mili-Terry. (Get it? Military Terry? I'm such a card.) My heart went out to Shane, the heavy smoker who was trying so hard not to kill his tribemates from sheer withdrawl.

Misty failed to find the immunity idol while she was exiled but hinted that she had once she joined the others for the immunity challenge, just in case her tribe lost. The challenge was straightforward and the goal was to avoid last place. Survivors had to swim to a raft, release it from the ocean floor, row to shore, solve a puzzle and finally, raise a flag. I was totally rooting for the older women until they pretty much gave up entirely once they hit the shore. Why? I don't understand it. Feh. So of course, they lost.

Back at camp Cirie felt very threatened by Tina and successfully rallied to vote her out. I was honestly surprised; I certainly thought they'd keep Tina and toss Cirie instead. I don't agree, but props to Cirie for saving herself.

Tina broke my heart when she was mourning her son.

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Wednesday February 1, 2006
Survivor Tomorrow

Just a reminder that Survivor: Panama: Exile Island starts tomorrow night at 8.

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Monday January 9, 2006
Cast Revealed

The new cast for Survivor: Panama has been revealed, as has the new twist. Read more at Reality Blurred.

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