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Tuesday February 8, 2005
Did I Mention How Much I Love Kris & Jon?

Four funny and/or important moments that took place in the final legs of The Amazing Race:

1. Aaron proved that he really knows how to turn lemons into lemonade. After what looked like a truly horrible day (forget weather and traffic--taxi drivers are the true deciding factor for much of this game) and a series of grand mal breakdowns on Hayden's part, Aaron busted out with a marriage proposal right there on the finish mat, putting off Hayden's eventual trip to the sanitarium by at least a couple of years. (Note to self: When Aaron is mad, remove all backpacks from his vicinity, because he's about to start throwin'!)

2. Rebecca told the Chinese cabdriver that Adam had three balls (I admit it, I laughed), and then Adam proved that he had at least a pair of them by jumping out of a plane without screaming for his mother. After the wonder couple (see next item) and Bolo, Rebecca is my pick for "racers I'd like to see again." I like her moxie!

3. Jon & Kris had fun all the way through yet another leg of the race (though I suspect that some of Jon's frustration at the airline counter where he wasn't able to grab an earlier flight was edited out to preserve his nice-guy image)...and I laughed out loud when they had their "angry Chinese" fight in the back of the cab after noting that the language sounds aggressive no matter what is being said. "WOULD YOU GET ME SOME WATER!"

4. Oh, yeah--Freddy & Kendra won. Maybe he'll get some new glasses with his share.

So what do you all think about the final results? And what about the previews for the next race (starting in three weeks)? I wasn't super-jazzed by anything I saw, but I think I already want Boston Rob and Ambuh gone after leg one.

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Tuesday February 1, 2005
Taxi Driver(s)

Okay, so there wasn't too much suspense in this week's leg of the race (do a little math and you realize that it's got to be a non-elimination portion). Still, my stomach was flip-flopping a few times during the hour, what with the obvious cab driver conspiracy to drop Kris & Jon--wonderful, wonderful Kris & Jon--to fourth place. Luckily, the sinister plot was foiled and they managed to survive. Adam & Rebecca will be with us next week as well, even though they got to feast on an extra-large Yieldburger for half an hour while everyone else washed windows. That, plus a few brick mishaps, proved to be their undoing. Still, you gotta love Rebecca for her shout-out to Shanghai Surprise!

So I'm all excited about next week, and I think that I can genuinely say that I'm okay with any team except Freddy & Kendra winning (this means that Freddy & Kendra will win--you read it here first). Yes, even Adam & Rebecca wouldn't bug me. My final prediction? Well, I'm going to fudge a little and say that my head tells me Hayden & Aaron, and my heart tells me Kris & Jon. Wonderful, wonderful Kris & Jon. Feel free to put your own hopes/fears/predictions in the comments.

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Tuesday January 25, 2005
"With Backpacks and Everything...They Went Away"

My goodness, isn't it delightful to watch an episode of The Amazing Race without having to even think about those people? (Note: I am using "those people" in a totally different way than Kendra probably would.) But honestly, this leg of the race looked so freaking exhausting that just watching it made me feel tired--the added stress of watching a team rip at each other's fragile psyches would have left me completely undone.

So Ethiopia got to have a little sweet revenge on Kendra this time around, giving her a case of the churning guts (what my friend Kevin would call a "rumble in the Bronx") to make up for her snide little first-worldisms throughout the weeks. And apparently, it was so bad she was still feeling it a continent away. Good. And of course, while she was complaining and Rebecca & her "Nancy boy"* Adam were whining and Hayden was proving herself unworthy of Aaron (who is striking me as someone with a pretty good sense of humor these days--he's definitely grown on me), our beloved Jon & Kris were looking around in amazement and saying things like "It's beautiful here!" and noticing the wonder of seeing elephants in the streets. Love them. LOVE THEM!

What's up with still another bottleneck thanks to opening times--am I correct in assuming that we are all seriously over this sort of thing? I'm filing it under "Things I can forgive because each episode is a logistical nightmare," but it still agitates me and makes me feel bad for teams that really work to take a good lead. Sure, it makes for a more exciting race, but after a while it just sort of grates. Oh, well--a tiny complaint about an otherwise brilliant show.

So which couple have I not mentioned? That's right--this week, we had to say goodbye to the always-entertaining Lori & Bolo. I think many of us had developed a soft spot for ol' Bolo over these last few weeks. Such an adorable lunkhead, really. And once you got used to Lori, she was kind of fun to watch, in that sort of "She-Hulk SMASH!" way. I feel like Bolo got a proper farewell--we got to hear him completely mangle yet another set of place names (I really think he was just saying random consonants--"Suh-Reeka-Lacka"--when he tried to pronounce "Sri Lanka"), we saw him consoled by St. Kris after the ticket debacle, and come on--that quick cut between the monkey scratching its face and Bolo scratching his face was Emmy-worthy and made me bust out laughing at the cheekiness of the show's editors.

This is how I would love for the show to wind up, order-wise:
1. Kris & Jon
2. Aaron & Hayden
3. Rebecca & Adam
4. Freddy & Kendra (sorry, but I just can't deal with Kendra)

Of course, it is still anybody's game. We have 2 episodes to go, right? Good times!

*Normally, this kind of name-calling makes me cringe, but since I've been yelling a certain epithet at Adam whenever he's on the screen (I would give you a hint, but it's not polite in mixed company and I don't want you guys to think I'm a bad person), I'm really not in a position to throw stones. I'm going with J. Go--we mentioned it on IM tonight--on this one: Not the most politically correct thing to say, but definitely not said with malice. There are bigger things in the world to get our collective panties in a wad over. You know, like the fact that I just ended that last sentence with a preposition. :-)

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Tuesday January 18, 2005
Welcome to Bolo's world, where "Nice" rhymes with "rice"...

...and there are one million ways to pronounce "Addis Ababa."

Who can deny that we have been given a wonderful gift with the latest installment of The Amazing Race? Not only was it a fantastic episode (Backbiting! Yields! The admission that other teams respect and fear the mighty Kris & Jon!), but we have all received the gift we've been hoping for after all of these months. That's right, world--

...excuse me, I'm choking up here...

Jonathan & Victoria are GONE GONE FREAKING GONE! In case anyone was wondering what that loud "whoosh" sound was across the land, it was a collective sigh of relief as millions rejoiced in the long-overdue elimination of Team Botox. The most surprising part? That Victoria was revealed--as Hera claimed in an interview a few weeks ago--to truly give as good as she got from Jonathan. I'm not saying he isn't a total ass (ha ha--get it, ass jokes...and last night they screwed up on the donkey thing, and...oh, never mind), but Victoria was pretty damn awful. But enough about them--forever! Come on, everybody--I think that with a little effort on our parts, we can make sure that we never have to see, hear, or even think about them. I've never been more happy about the fact that there are no real TAR reunion shows.

But there was more to delight in as last night's leg progressed: Newly-thin Bolo's pronunciation issues continue to delight me (and make me love him all the more). The way everyone insisted on speaking English in France with a just-obnoxious-enough tiny French accent was a wonderful lesson in international understanding. Adam's high-pitched freakout at the very end of the episode was priceless. And so much blood at the mud walls!

But let's be honest--last night's star was truly Kendra. As we all know from the Senegal episode, KENDRA + AFRICA = CULTURAL SENSITIVITY 101! A few select quotes from the lovely one herself as she traveled through Ethiopia:
"This is a different kind of poverty."
"The people choose to live this way."
"Even the cows aren't as skinny!"
Oh, Kendra--it's really only a matter of time before UNICEF gives you and your thirteen adopted Ethiopian orphans a call. Wait--you were serious about wanting to take them home with you, right?

But seriously, y'all--Ethiopian kids? So best! How wonderful were they with the helping and the introducing themselves and the learning racer names? I hope they get some kind of reward, karmic or otherwise, for the incredible PR job they did for their country last night.

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Wednesday January 12, 2005
I Love Lucy

Last night's Amazing Race gave us wine-stomping, ocean-floor walking, wall-climbing, and Phil in a nice shirt. Max's TiVo had a malfunction, so I'm doing this week's recap. I promised myself when I sat down to write this that I would totally ignore the fact that Jonathan & Victoria are even still in the Race, but I can't. I just want to note the fact that Jonathan is weak and he sucks. He's apparently afraid of heights, and he doesn't know how to stomp grapes. Dude, even Kendra knew how, and I'm reasonably sure she's brain damaged. Anyway, die. For a while, it looked like J&V; might come in last, and I had the champagne on ICE, baby. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. Aaron & Hayden came in last, but it was a non-elimination. And I do have to admit, if J&V; had been saved by a non-elim, my life would have to end. As for the others, Kris & Jon are still fun (proved by her Lucy face in the cab). Adam and Rebecca (who took the FF and came in first) are the saddest couple ever, and Adam panicking in that big suit was too hilarious. Freddy's ugly glasses made a triumphant return, and apparently everyone thinks Bolo is stupid. Poor Bolo. I still like you, man. Hayden has zero coping skills, and I think Aaron is realizing he's going to lose because of her. Agh. Also, just a point of criticism - ENOUGH WITH THE "HOURS OF OPERATION" CRAP. What kind of "race" has them taking cabs somewhere and then having to wait ten hours for something to open? It happens every week now and I'm tired of it. (except for last week, of course, when it saved Lori & Bolo)

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Tuesday January 4, 2005
I think we need more music.

(Usual spoiler warning if you haven't seen the episode--remember that I can't post from work tomorrow so you may want to avoid this site on Tuesday evenings if this is a thing with you.)

So, these are some things that I love:

  1. Kris & Jon pronouncing foreign place names, failing miserably, and then cracking up about it--because I love Kris & Jon.

  2. Bolo & Lori bouncing back from last place--because I love the Bolo.

  3. Bolo getting the meaning of the word "optimist" completely wrong without Lori catching his glaring mistake--again, because I love the Bolo.

  4. Gross eating challenges--because I love reality TV where vomiting is an expected part of the game. (Sorry--I gotta be me!)

  5. The latest episode of TAR!

I'll be honest--it didn't start well. The nauseating AOL overkill in the first 10 minutes made me think of those horrible Coke commercials and placements on American Idol. ("I love AOL!" Oh, Kris...) But luckily all of that crap was front-loaded and we were able to sit back and enjoy a very good 50 minutes of race fun. I wish CBS editors would get the memo from those of us on the web and realize that none of us enjoy watching Jonathan constantly berate Victoria ("You're dumb"). I am so not trying to flog this dead horse any more, but I'm at the point where I want all of that s**t edited out so I don't have to think about it--I'd rather hear more shilling for AOL, frankly. Here's to having good reflexes with the TiVo FF button.

And here's to having good reflexes on the pause button as well--for all of Freddy's complaining and near-psycho-ness, I think it's clear that Hera took a pretty good thump on the noggin last night at the gate. But did she threaten to break people in half? Did she accuse everyone else of bringing down the gate? Did she put on a pair of seriously unattractive Sally Jessy Raphael glasses? No, no, no. So clam up, Freddy--your cheekbones will recover. (Other careful pausers may have noticed that Jon--tied with Adam for the title of Mr. Modesty through most of the show--gave the world a nice little buttcrack display after his match against the world's worst water polo goalie.)

The eating challenge was nice--who knew that blood-drinking was so boring compared to slurping down some spicy Hungarian soup? I kept imagining it tasted like the cabbage soup on that fad diet from a few years back (you know you tried it, too). And I like spicy foods a lot, but let's be honest: 24 ounces of any spicy liquid is going to be a tad stomach-turning, isn't it? I bet that after landing at the pit stop, the show turned into The Amazing Race for the Nearest Toilet.

As for the results, I still want Jonathan & Victoria gone, and I need to see Freddy & Kendra get the boot as well. I know some folks on here had grown fond of Gus & Hera (I like her more than him), but I'm not super-sad to see them go.

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Tuesday December 21, 2004
To Be Continued?

Another week, another episode watched while attending to holiday business (in this case, opening gifts and playing board games), so I apologize if I missed any big moments in tonight's race. However, the fact that it's a two-parter is making me lean toward a short recap anyway, since I think the show is best looked at from the pit stop, so to speak. I don't want to make any crazy predictions about the outcome of this leg--but I do want to make a hopeful one: please, Bolo & Lori, catch back up with the pack! Lori I can do without, but I really have developed a place in my heart--a short, bandana-wearing, not-so-bright spot--for Bolo.

I was a little angry at the outset of the episode, as the previews made it seem like Kendra would really take a beating on that slingshot thingy. Just a little nausea? Damn. I wanted serious projectile vomiting at least.

Jonathan & Victoria were horrible as always--I liked how the editors made sure we heard him accusing her of not pulling her weight on the team, when it's pretty clear that all she does is pull weight, from their backpacks to cannonballs. He's awful. And memo to Jonathan: PUT YOUR G*****N SHIRT BACK ON! Not only is it completely gross and unsanitary--it's rude. No wonder I they hate America.

Other quick bits: Kris & Jon are still my faves, because they're still the only ones having 100% fun. Hayden is starting to reveal her true colors--and they're a veritable rainbow of bitchiness. Gus & Hera--NEVER choose the target/skill/luck challenge over the brute strength one. Shouldn't we all know this by now? And Adam's testicles still appear to be somewhere back in Iceland (speaking of, now is the time to admit you chuckled at Rebecca's "dirty balls" joke).

So instead of making predictions for next week (a fool's game), let's end with a pop quiz. If forced to choose one mode of transport for the rest of your life, would you rather take a taxicab in Senegal, a train in India, or drive yourself in an old Hungarian car? Discuss.

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Tuesday December 14, 2004
Senegal to Berlin

Sorry, folks, but I gotta post the night of the show or else it�s nothing until the next evening (you know, work and all). Here�s your spoiler alert�run screaming from the room now if you�re afraid�






Okay, I have to admit I watched last night�s race while both writing some last-minute Christmas cards and fighting a rather painful headache, so any chance of this being a coherent or cohesive narrative/analysis is pretty much out the window. That said, though, there were plenty of great moments in the show, most of which made me smile instead of cringe (always a plus).

I think Kendra is revealing herself to be a truly loathsome person�or maybe she�s just had a really bad experience with Senegal in a past life. Nah, she�s loathsome. Her �They just keep breeding and breeding� comment (call me picky about diction, but isn�t �breeding� a term usually reserved for animals?) was a classic example of something better left unsaid. Several years ago, I taught at a different�and very ass-backwards rural�school. While there, a co-worker and I heard another teacher say something horribly racist about a couple of students. My co-worker turned to me and said, �It�s bad enough that she thinks it, but what kind of moron would say something like that out loud?� That�s the first thing that came to mind whenever Kendra opened her mouth in the first half of the show.

The fight in the ticket office�Aaron & Hayden vs. Bolo & Lori�was awesome. Give us some more of those moments, CBS! And I have to say, I think I absolutely heart Bolo�s big lunkhead self. Did you see him apologize for the harsh words? Did you see him look genuinely hurt about the steroids crack? Did you see him laugh it off in the end? Did you see him ask Lori why she had to be such a bitch in the sausage factory (and then eat raw sausage meat, just for kicks)? Yep, he�s definitely on my �good guys� list this season.

Jonathan freaking about about being �followed� was funny�um, isn�t that how all the legs of the race work when it�s close? Notice how I�m completely ignoring his embarrassing rage moment at the pit stop, when Phil had to play marriage counselor? Thinking about it would bring back my headache, so I say we just hash out his COMPLETE ASSHOLENESS in the comments. Cool?

To finish on a lighter note, wasn�t Adam just a little too tickled in the sausage factory? I�m just sayin�. As fun as it was to hear the word �girthy� on network TV, that whole scenario was just a little too much �insert obvious wiener joke here� for me. Even Don & MJ were getting in on it!

Ah, poor Don & MJ. Kudos to them for making it so far and persevering through some really difficult moments. They did the only morally acceptable thing in Senegal when they had to ask for money�no one with a working moral compass would have been able to beg from people mired in that kind of poverty (and thus, Jonathan would have headed straight for the nearest local and started picking pockets). And cheers to the other racers for realizing that nothing was truly lost by helping Don & MJ out. I�ll miss them�it was nice to see a couple so obviously in love and not using the show to "test" their relationship, and I liked to watch them get mad and drop a vulgarity every now and then. Sniff...we�ll always have �diddled.�

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Tuesday December 7, 2004
"We're in the middle of ghetto Africa"

I know we're supposed to give a grace period to the spoilerphobes out there, but I won't be able to post anything until tomorrow evening at the earliest, so I'm gladly doing my TMFT duty now so the comments and feedback (the things I live for) can proceed. Don't cry if spoilers ruin your life...just slowly back away from the site and everything will be just fine.






So, all over the place on The Amazing Race this week--not the contestants, silly, my emotions. I started out being very angry at the show--enough with the damn bottlenecks! The folks behind the show are clearly logistical geniuses (I mean it--think of the background work that has to be done for one episode), but don't they realize how much suspense they kill when everyone has to wait for a site to open? Luckily, my anger was short-lived, since on of the potential bottlenecks (the tower) was made more interesting by a few ill-informed racers (next time, just go read the sign yourselves).

Senegal. Wow. I mean, I love the episodes of the show where the racers are clearly out of their element and culture and comfort zone, but Senegal's madness scared me even more than the India legs of past seasons. The noise and the chaos and the confusion just made me hurt all over. (The awesome Kris & Jon still said they loved it, though--how great are they?) I don't care if it made Don utter the word diddled (one of my favorite naughty words)--it scared me and got added to my list called "Don't go there. Literally."

(Note to racers: Do you really think a taxi driver is going to hear the name of a destination and say, "Nope, I have no clue where that is"? Taxis--especially in developing nations--are the huge gamble in this show, and you're pretty much rolling the dice every time you climb in the back...unless you hire a local, a la Jonathan and Victoria.)

As for the teams, hooray for Jon & Kris, of course. They deserve to go the distance, even if they aren't the most exciting team to watch. Boo to Jonathan, who was smarmy and gross and is apparently ready to breed [shudder]. At least he didn't look like he was going to backhand anybody this time. Freddy & Kendra were venturing into heinousness--okay, really just Kendra (she's the source of the quote at the top of this post). Adam's reedy whine is cracking me up, inexplicably--I am starting to like seeing him get flustered, if only to hear Rebecca call him names and emasculate him time after time. Bolo remains endearingly stupid and Lori is still scary and mean. And still-struggling Don and MJ...well, hooray for non-elimination episodes!

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Wednesday December 1, 2004
Hay There! (I know--horrible pun...I'm so sorry)

Three little words: TANDEM. BIKE. RACE.

Okay, so it only took a few seconds of screen time, but I am just loving all of the neck-and-neck action we're getting this season on TAR. My nails will be shredded by the end of the race. One must give snaps to my team, Kris & Jon, for another great performance. Still no fights! Hayden seemed a bit bitchier than normal in this round--something new or a side we're going to see more of? I'm betting on stress, since this leg looked freaking exhausting, even if you finished all of the challenges in a good time. More snaps to Hera & Gus and their ability to finish strong after some sketchy-looking starts. Seriously, though--Gus is all ex-CIA and he can't find a big hotel? What's that about? (Side note one: I think I see how Hera stays calm through Gus's troubles--she's a special education teacher, and let me tell you, most of those people have a God-given level of patience, understanding, and affection that the rest of us could only dream of.)

Let's get this out of the way: Jonathan is still heinous. The inside-the-cab screaming and almost-backhanding of Victoria was this week's lowlight, though I'm sure there is more to come.

I think this episode is really notable for the amazingly high frustration levels associated with the Detour and the Roadblock. I'll be honest, I would have picked "Count It" at the IKEA as well, since that's more in line with how my mind works. More than two wrong guesses would have sent me screaming to the loony bin, though. No wonder Bolo & Lori were flipping out. Or maybe it's because all of those numbers were just too confusing. Counting is hard, yo! And poor Don--he seemed genuinely reduced to tears, and when he was practically begging the IKEA worker to let him slide because of his age, my heart just ripped up a little. But in a way, wasn't he pulling the same kind of stunt that Charla did last season with her stature ("I need el doctoro")? We weren't very forgiving of her then, so I don't think we should cut Don any slack now. What do you guys think?

I worry that there is some kind of bitter humor in the whole "Build It" challenge at IKEA that I'm missing, because I'm IKEA-deprived down here. Aren't a lot of their items notoriously hard to assemble, or am I just inventing trash-talk out of thin air?

Finally, this episode saw the return of the dreaded "Find a random clue inside a whole bunch of crap" challenge. It wasn't as sickening as last season's chocolate nightmare, but it looked miserable, just miserable, out in that hay field. My God--did Lena really spend 8 hours out there? And then having to be hunted down by Phil and eliminated on the spot--ugh. I think you could hear their hearts literally sinking as he told them the bad news.

(Side note two: How gorgeous and clean and streamlined-looking is Sweden? So tomorrow! Some sort of Iceland/Norway/Sweden trip has got to be in my future.)

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Wednesday November 24, 2004
Mom, I love you!

The alternate title of my TAR 6 post this week was going to be, "You're such a drama...KING!" Or maybe something about losing my sunglasses and never speaking to you again. All I know is that Adam's freakouts are hilarious to me, for some reason.

So anyway, when I was a teenager, my grandmother always told me I needed to learn how to drive a stick shift in case there was an emergency and the only car available was a stick. I tried to imagine all of the possible "emergency" scenarios I could that would end with me heroically pressing the clutch and throwing a car into gear, but I never pictured trying to win a leg of a reality TV race as one of them.* If only Meredith & Maria had been my cousins and gotten to experience the nagging wisdom of my grandmother, they might still be in the race. I have to say, though, Meredith is a saint for staying so calm and encouraging while Maria pulverized the transmission of that car. I don't know very many people who would have stayed so positive about something that was clearly costing them the entire race.

Heck, even Don would have probably blown up at Maria, since we got to see a little of his temper last night (and MJ's, too). But when they made up at the end of the show, how great was that? A simple "I'm sorry" from each of them, and all was well. It's easy to see why they've been together for so long--and why the other couples (especially Adam & Rebecca and the more-vile-by-the-day Team Botox of Jonathan & Victoria) are case studies in dysfunction.

I'm still in love with Kris & Jon--they are my hopeful pick to win it all, since they seem to be enjoying everything so much. Bolo is still a little charming, though his hints at a less-than-savory past kind of scared me last night. Gus & Hera totally redeemed themselves with a straight and sure path to the pit stop. Other teams are still a little blurry to me, but I know there's a long season ahead to get to know them.

As for this leg of the race itself, I think my ankles twisted just from watching those roller skis in action. I liked the boating teamwork element--it would be interesting to see more of that sort fo thing come into play more often. I'm not sure about this "only 6 Roadblocks per person" rule--could it make for some challenging situations on down the road? And seriously, will someone rub a little Icy-Hot on Bolo's calves? It still seems like they're really sore.

*I eventually learned how to drive a stick when I was 17--my 14-year-old cousin had to teach me (he had been driving farm vehicles for years) because my father couldn't keep from yelling at me for more than 3 seconds while we practiced starting off on an incline.

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Wednesday November 17, 2004
The Whole Town is Blitzed!

I challenge anyone out there to say that last night's premiere of The Amazing Race 6 was anything less than brilliant. I had forgotten just how much I missed the show--and how wonderfully nail-biting it is to sit through an entire episode. This is one of the few series on TV that I simply cannot TiVo-FF through. It's just too unpredictable.

For instance (let's just get this out of the way now--spoiler-phobes have been granted their 10-hour grace period), would you have pegged Avi and Joe as the last place finishers? A combination of typically great editing and bad decisions by other teams (one of them completely skipped a clue and had to lose three hours to go back; another put the wrong kind of gas in their car) made it look like these two guys were at least going to finish in the middle of the pack. You'd think people would learn: NEVER pick the option where you have to search for a's a fool's game. I sort of hate that they're gone, actually--I thought they had good comic potential.

Now we have one thing to do with the remaining contestants: Give them nicknames! I'm horrible at this, so I throw it open to you guys to bring the TAR shorthand. All I can do is share some notes I took (sad but true...) while I was watching:

*Bolo and Lori are an, um...interesting couple, aren't they? Bolo loses points for claiming that their "suav� on the streets" would be an asset; Bolo regains the points for rightly calling out Lori as a "dumbass redneck" (being an Alabama resident, I know from dumbass rednecks, and Bolo is dead-on). Poor Phil looked so awkward when Lori tried to humiliate Bolo at the pit stop.
*Adam and Rebecca provided one of the many comic highlights with their discussion of the mysterious allure of Scotland--while they're driving through Iceland.
*Kris and Jon are my favorites right now, because their enthusiasm and ability to laugh at their own ineptitude are quite charming. Plus, Kris said, "Our first Detour--I'm so excited!" How can you not love that?
*I'm not sure where I stand on Gus and Hera right now, but I think Gus is going to get on my nerves pretty fast.

Other notes
*I'm so glad the obligatory "cute old couple" made it past round one!
*Have you ever seen so many sets of plucked-to-nonexistence eyebrows on a reality show before? Guys and girls! I'm no stranger to an eyebrow waxing, believe me, but some of these teams could have passed for troupes of globe-trotting Joan Crawford imitators!
*Looks like a good mix of teams overall, and it can only be a good sign that we got a footrace in episode 1.
*Iceland--so gorgeous! I really wanted Bjork to be waiting at the pit stop!

Oh yeah, one other thing: Jonathan and Victoria are abominations and must be ripped from the world! (Sorry, I'm teaching The Crucible this week.) Seriously, what is his deal? Why does she stay with him? Why does anyone talk to him? How have millions of years of evolution led to something like him? I'd call him the Colin of this season, but Colin was kind of fun-in-a-sick-way to hate (and admittedly fascinating to watch as he went psycho)--I just want somebody to push Jonathan off a bridge and make the world a better place for you and me.

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Tuesday November 16, 2004

The Amazing Race 6 begins tonight at 9:00pm, with a 2-hour premiere. CAN YOU TELL I AM VERY EXCITED? Thank goodness Max reviews this show; if I did, my reviews would be IN ALL CAPS WITH LOTS OF EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!

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Thursday October 28, 2004
Mark Your Amazing Calendars

The Amazing Race comes back for another season starting November 16th. Here's the info. If you don't watch reality programming because you think it's stupid, or you're just a pretentious bore, you really should give this show a try. This is a show that was so compelling, so beautifully filmed and edited, so exciting this past season that it has basically made Survivor or Apprentice predictable and blah. This is the gold standard for reality television, and there IS a place for it.

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