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Friday August 6, 2004
She Must Have Been Wearing Those "Bad Idea" Jeans

Ereka from The Apprentice got a job on television. And the assurance that whatever credibility she ever had is most certainly gone now.

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Friday April 23, 2004
Slap Omarosa

Okay, it's not really in the best taste, but hey--it's not like you're really hurting anybody. So go ahead and slap Omarosa to your heart's content.

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Go Away

Yes, we all loved The Apprentice, but ladies, it's over. Move on and get a job.

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Wednesday April 21, 2004
Stretching the 15 Minutes

The show may be over, but The Apprentice gossip continues.

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Friday April 16, 2004
Do Not Micromanage Me, Please

Congratulations to Bill, winner of The Apprentice. It was a great show with a satisfying end and deserving winner. It does trouble me GREATLY, however, that Omarosa has gotten so much attention. It appears that her behavior is what cost Kwame the job. That gives her way too much power. And they hinted she might show up on the next season. I guess Hollywood loves a good sociopath. I think that if anyone had told us at the beginning of the season that by the end, Sam would look normal in comparison, we would have laughed and laughed. But there you have it. Anyway, Chicago readers? You're now in charge of stalking Bill. Go forth, and enjoy.

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Thursday April 15, 2004

Don't forget to make your Survivor picks! And the finale of The Apprentice is tonight as well, in case you've missed Trump's Media Blitz this week. GO BILL! Or, if he decides to either fire OR punch Omarosa, GO KWAME!

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Friday April 9, 2004
Why Don't You Just Ask Jessica's FATHER

"How do you lose a rock star," Omarosa asks. "How do you freaking LIVE WITH YOURSELF," freakgirl screams. Ack. Anyway. Last night's Apprentice; let's get down to it. After watching Nick and Amy perform in their interviews with Donald's henchmen (my worst nightmare, by the way), I wasn't sorry or surprised to see them both go. I got some sort of perverse pleasure at the way they all just instinctively hated Amy. I never really hated her on the show, so I'm curious to see how she comes across in real life. About the final task - how is success being measured? Just by Carolyn and George watching them? And is it at all possible that these people were brought back in order to mess with Kwame and Bill to see how they handle stress? I don't know. Anywah, this has been a FINE show and I'll be sorry to see it end next week.

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Monday April 5, 2004
Apprentice Blog

Someone has been listening to your prayers: It's the Apprentice Watch weblog! Who knows how long it will be up or how reliable it is, but hey--dirt is dirt!

[via gawker]

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Friday April 2, 2004
There is No Joy in Troyville

I was shocked - SHOCKED - at last night's Apprentice. I simply could not believe that Trump would keep Kwame over Troy. What on earth has Kwame ever done that's so special? Besides go to Harvard, since they mention that constantly? I really enjoy Troy. When he selected Kwame to go to the boardroom with him, I turned to the geekboy and confidently said, "Goodbye, Kwame." What a brilliant move, I thought, bringing your friend to the boardroom. Guess I'm stupid. Also, let's take this time to bow down and honor Mark Burnett for understanding before the show even AIRED that Omarosa was going to be a controversial character, and using her as a blatant ratings-grabber for next week. Of cours, as the geekboy said, this will do nothing to stem her rampant paranoia and delusions of grandeur. Ack. And, one last thing - Katrina? Meow!

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Friday March 26, 2004
Who Needs a Rental Car in Atlantic City?

Last night's Apprentice? Ruled. So much to enjoy. Amy's first loss, Katrina's bitchface, Troy the carnival barker, Bill finally coming around to the Troy Way, Nick muttering "I can't beat a tiger," and, well, Kwame was there too. I thought Amy was tremendous in the board room - she looked panicky but I thought she handled herself very well. Katrina is just a big baby and she had no problem with "personal relationships" when it kept HER skinny ass out of the boardroom. Hey, do you guys remember how the previews were honking about "A HUGE MISTAKE?" What the hell was it? Oh, and how about that little kid telling Troy to stop selling? Classic.

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Friday March 12, 2004
Just When I Was Starting to Like You

The Apprentice was good, too, if only for how obvious Trump was in his recap about how much he hated Omarosa. I enjoyed the task and how two different ideas went two totally different ways. I wasn't sure that Troy's idea, while creative, would net too much. The look on his face when he saw one of the other team's rickshaws go by with the sign on it? Priceless. Like someone killed his puppy. However, I was sure that Bill's team was going to lose, and lose by $250, only because of the amount of time they spent on Nick giving that guy a refund. And how freaking hilarious was Katrina and her "you don't listen to me because I'm pretty" and "Amy only wins because she thinks everyone loves her" and "I would never use sex to sell" bullcrap? I almost passed out from laughing.

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Thursday March 11, 2004
Playboy and Movies

The girls from The Apprentice get semi-naked (gag), and Troy gets a job offer (yay). No big surprise on either of those items, especially the part where Ereka sounds stupid.

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Friday March 5, 2004
How's Your Head?

Last night was probably the greatest episode of The Apprentice that we've seen thus far. I loved the task this week and, frankly, wasn't impressed by any of those artists all that much. I did love the first guy, but mostly because of the scene where he was explaining that he puts his DNA into his work, then they cut to Omarosa touching his painting (who TOUCHES PAINTINGS?) and saying, "What's this clear stuff?" and then a cut to Heidi looking like she's going to swallow her tongue. That, my friend, was some great stuff. Add into that The Donald's derision of O, complete with sarcasm - "Oh, your BIG HUGE CONCUSSION..." just had us applauding with glee on the couch. When they switched up teams and the one team chose Amy over Troy, I was as confused as Donald (who was quite funny and rude to her). Then I wondered if they took Amy because they knew that without her, Omarosa would implode. If so, it worked.

I'm positive that either Bill or Troy will win. It looks (to me) like Donald really likes Nick a lot, but I don't think he'd give him the job. But I betcha he'd give him A job. I don't see any of the remaining women winning; they're all very meh.

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Friday February 20, 2004
That's What You Get When You 'Dis Carson

I was so pleased when The Donald fired Tammy last night. The woman is horrid, and clearly never fully participating in reality. For the past few episodes, she seemed a bit out of it, an odd delay that kept her from grasping the situation. I decided to hate her fully during the previous week, when she was so rude to Carson Daly. I felt justified in my attitude this morning, when Tammy told "Today's" Matt Lauer that she was smarter than everyone else, and that's why she always spoke her mind. Whatever, freak!

Okay, again with the Nick hating. I can't help myself. The dude seems so overly giddy and impressed with himself. I just want to smack him down. Though, Amy is lovely, and he'd be lucky to connect with her. Though, I think the romance isn't worth all the hype it's getting. Am I wrong?

And, something that I grabbed from tv tattle. Apparently, Omarosa went to the hospital as a result of her injury, so she wasn't being lazy, it seems. She also calls Trump "a beast."

Seriously, I like everyone else, I promise.

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Friday February 13, 2004
Poor Carson Daly

I don't have too much to say about The Apprentice, because I was half-watching and half-chatting with my friend Laura. I think it was a good decision to fire Jessie, though, for the fact that she's a mouse and for her backstab of Kristi last week. Omarosa is skating on thin ice with the Donald, I think, but her smugness at the end makes me imagine that she doesn't realize that. The guys are doing well; Bill and Troy are great at what they do. I think both of them have a great chance of winning. I'm still undecided on the women; the only ones that stand out for me (Heidi, Omarosa, and Tammy) stand out because they've all acted quite unprofessional at times.

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