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Wednesday November 30, 2005
Another Big Loser

We haven't really posted much about this season's Biggest Loser here, but I hope that you guys watched the finale last night. Seriously, the top three finalists all looked amazing, and that was WITHOUT the diet/exercise regimen of the ranch! (I guess working toward $250,000 will give you that little "Don't eat the Zinger, moron" push you need every now and then).

I was completely rooting for cute Seth, so I was a little disappointed to see macho crybaby Matt bring it home instead (although it must be said--the dude looks good). And as annoying as she was/is, good for little Suzy and her great new look.

The most impressive transformation, though, had to be Pete (with Mark as a close second). That guy gets my full admiration and respect. His picture in the "after" photos don't do justice to how slim and healthy he looked last night. Poor pathetic Kathryn looked pretty lazy next to him.

(Oh, and how much do you love that the Papa John's delivery guy came while I was typing this entry? I got issues, people.)

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Wednesday November 24, 2004
Dave Gets Cut

Finally, nasty nasty Dave got eliminated from The Biggest Loser last night, leaving (in my mind) only one more person who needs to get booted for the show to be jerk-free. So remember, Blue team, the next time you lose a weigh-in, go ahead and write "Maurice" on your ballots and slip them under the covered dishes. (Red team, you have my permission to write "Lisa.") Thanks.

Side note: As the weight loss gets less and less drastic each week, it's a little harder for me to maintain total interest in the show. I know it's just biology at work and everything, but I miss seeing those big numbers on the screen. Maybe next week can involve some sort of "tapeworm challenge"? Just a suggestion...

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Wednesday November 17, 2004
Another Big Loser

Okay, one more post and then I'm done, I swear. But the fact that Matt got eliminated on The Biggest Loser last night freaking mystifies me. Granted, I didn't get to watch the last 30 minutes (the Race called), but based on what I saw and the recap, he was basically kicked off for being a jerk. It sounds like the rationale being used was that he wasn't in it "for the team," only for his personal weight loss.

But wait--as long as he continues to lose lots of weight (for himself or for the team or for Caroline Rhea--who cares?), doesn't the team benefit just the same? Did I miss some plotting and backstabbing? Worse, did I miss a really good Matt-crying scene at the end? Anyone who saw it all, please fill in the blanks (or comment on the decision).

(I think there are trimmed down--har har--hour-long repeats of this show every Monday on USA--I'm off to set the TiVo now.)

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Tuesday October 26, 2004
Not Losing So Much

Jeez, I know about some weight-loss plateaus, but what happened on this week's The Biggest Loser? Was someone hooking up a cupcake I.V. to these people while they slept? It was kind of sad, though, to see their fallen faces as the numbers on the scale popped up to show--again and again--that very little net loss had been taking place. My guess is that everyone was adding a little muscle weight in that second week, so the numbers weren't quite as impressive, even if they were still losing inches and fat. Still, that kind of consolation can't make up for seeing numbers on a scale that you weren't expecting. Poor Matt--I bet most of us know how he felt to see a net gain when he was expecting a little loss (again, I'm thinking muscle mass is the culprit here). Devastation. People who've never tried to lose weight have NO idea. My advice: do nothing but cardio all the time, and never drink anything. Sure, you'll be tired and toneless, but those numbers will totally drop like you've been on the crystal meth diet! (I. AM. KIDDING. No angry emails or comments, please. Especially from all of you crystal meth advocacy groups!)

Oh, well--we'll have plenty of time to invent theories as we wait two(!) weeks for the next episode. Of course, the previews make it look like everyone is going to lose a bajillion pounds before that weigh-in session. Ultimately, what will be blamed for this "bad week"?

(Still rooting for Kelly Mac, Lisa, and crazy-body Aaron. I don't think that Ryan is the jerk he's being painted as, I think Gary seriously needs to loosen up, and Maurice is not endearing or entertaining--he's just annoying. Turn the "I love food!" act down about 20 notches, yo.)

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Tuesday October 19, 2004
The Biggest Loser

So I was trying to come up with a valid reason to explain why I was glued to my set for The Biggest Loser. God knows I have enough food and weight issues to fill an encyclopedia, but surely something else was drawing me in. Was it the charming Caroline Rhea? Was it the fact that when someone is voted off, his or her refrigerator light is extinguished? Was it my astonishment at the amazing discrepancy between Aaron's skinny-boy face and his weight and body?

Nope--none of those. At the end of the show, during the big weigh-in, I realized that I must watch this show because it allows me to do something I always want to do at the gym but lack the stealth skills to pull off: stare at the numbers on the scale when someone else is on it. How perverse is that?

My weirdness aside, I did enjoy watching it, and I really want to see the final results and who emerges as the ultimate victor (okay, "loser"). I feel like Matt will go far if he keeps his sassiness to a minimum, but Aaron and Ryan could be the other male contenders. Among the women, Andrea and Kelly Mac strike me as the ones to watch, but who knows?

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