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Thursday April 29, 2004
California... California...

I am so madly loving The O.C. I'm sorry people, but this is the funniest new show of the closing television series. You can't even pretend otherwise.

First off, I so adore the Ryan-Seth friendship. It's way too cute. And, I was sad to see Seth without shirt, but handsome Ryan was so covered up. Do you think he has backhair or something? Also, I have to admit, I really like Summer. I started the season hating her, totally not understanding why Seth would be hardcore crushin' on her. But, she's become screamingly funny and sweet, in that bitchy-pretty gal way.

Okay, so you want humor? Dudes! The direction/editing around the male strippers was brilliant. There were all these odd flashing closeups of Julie Cooper's giddy delight over the firemen. I cackled. A lot.

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