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Friday September 16, 2005
No OC For Me

Something went awry with our cable box last night, and the TiVo was unable to record The OC. Talk about it here if you'd like, though. And if you know of any file-sharing sites that might help me with my problem, wink-wink, please let me know.

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Friday September 9, 2005
Seth Cohen is Back, Baby

Please enjoy this fantastic column by The Sports Guy where he interviews Josh Schwartz. It's brilliant. And you can also discuss last night's opener of The OC Season 3. Discussion points: 1) It was a bit uneven, but probably necessary to wrap up this shooting crap and move on. 2) Candy stripers? Seriously? 3) Have I been huffing too much bleach, or has Mischa Barton's acting improved somewhat? 4) Jeri Ryan's character - evil lesbian, evil single white female, or borg?

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