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Friday May 20, 2005
The Triumphant Return of Jimmy Cooper

Last night's season finale of The OC was excellent, I thought. My dear Jimmy Cooper returned, who wants to put his family back together. Although I'm sure that next season will bring us some great drama around Julie's aborted attempt to kill Caleb. Kirsten's car wreck injuries mysteriously disappeared. Ah, the healing powers of alcohol. Speaking of which, her drinking problem finally came to a head when the family staged an intervention and sent her packing to rehab. Am I a total loser to admit that I got teared up when she turned around to leave the room and Seth was standing there? Awwwww. And then Ryan finds out that Trey had attempted to rape Marissa and there's a huge showdown and a gun and holy crap, Marissa is a great shot! As much I can't stand Mischa Barton, I thought she played that scene well. It was a fine end to a so-so season, and it looks like they are setting up Season Three with more of a Season One spirit.

Best moment of the entire drama-heavy episode? Seth hearing the doorbell and remarking, "With the way things have been going around here, that's probably Oliver." snort! What did you guys think?

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Monday May 9, 2005
Whipped Cream and Car Wrecks

Getting two hours of The OC this week was fun, settling down in front of a warm TiVo for double the Seth Cohen goodness. We had The Nana, Seth in cataract sunglasses, Seth playing shuffleboard, Sandy threatening the Nana's fiancee, Kirsten drinking vodka at 9:00 in the morning, Marissa nearly getting date-raped by Trey...there's still more! Summer in a hot leather outfit, Seth and Zach fistfighting at the comic store, Kirsten sharing a kiss with Carter, Trey attempting to make up with Marissa, Seth eating whipped cream off of some crazy Christian girl, Seth covered in whipped cream, Ryan seeing lots of boobies, the Nana getting dumped, Julie Cooper getting dumped AND fired, and, in the last scene, Kirsten in a horrific car wreck.

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Tuesday April 26, 2005
Welcome to the OC....yawn

Does anyone still care about The OC? I'm still watching it, but I usually don't pull it off the TiVo until Sundays, and by Monday I've forgotten about it. Is the show dying? Was the Death Cab for Cutie episode the proverbial shark-jump? I still like it, it's still my 90210, but the Cohen family are really the only ones I enjoy. I'm also starting to feel the Julie Cooper love. She reminds me of Sydney from Melrose Place - so wanting to be evil but only ends up making herself look foolish.

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Thursday December 16, 2004
Chrismukkah is Here!

Don't forget, tonight is The OC's Chrismukkah episode. Yay. This year for Chrismukkah, I would like Adam Brody to visit my home and drink hot chocolate with me, please. [via tv tattle]

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Monday November 22, 2004
Looks Like We've Got Our New Peach Pit

So, on the latest OC, they introduced a new club where Seth will be working. Cleaning urinals, and he's still freaking adorable. How IS that? Anyway, we got to see The Walkmen play for all the pampered kids of Newport, and we got to see that Seth's boss is supposed to be 17, but looks about 36. Caleb puts his wife in charge of the company, and Kirsten nearly has a stroke. Sandy gets fired from his job for defending Caleb, and the two parents walk around trying not to freak out Seth, even though they're obviously very concerned. As if Seth would ever notice anything besides himself, but he's still freaking adorable. How IS that?

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Monday November 15, 2004
The Way We Were

The OC's second episode reminded me why I really enjoy this show. Seth's whole subplot with the comic book club had me rolling. Even the geekboy had to grudgingly acknowledge the nerd humor. Still love Sandy - "I'm in mid-schmear, here." Thank god Summer finally told off Seth - I like them together, but she's right; he only wants her when he can't have her. Marissa is a big bore; I don't want to jump on the Mischa Barton Hate Train, but I can't in good conscience say that she gives her character any sort of...depth. Okay, she blows. I'm also enjoying Ryan's new wry humor - "I'll be over here. Brooding. Silently."

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Monday November 8, 2004
Welcome Back to the OC. Bitch.

Well, THAT episode was kind of slow. And rather bizarrely full of half-naked, sweaty men. I guess it was a shoutout to Luke and his Big Gay Dad. Anyway, the second-season premiere set us up nicely for the new season. Which seems to include a juiced up Marissa, a more grown up Seth, a more verbal Ben, and an alarmingly thin Summer. I don't feel much really happened in this episode - it was just for getting Seth and Ben back to Newport. My friend Lisa was watching it with me, for the first time, and was asking about the characters' relationships, okay? Once I got into the fact that Seth's grandfather is Marissa's stepfather, things got way too confusing and we just gave up. Anyway, glad it's back and looking forward to the rest of the season.

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Thursday November 4, 2004

The OC starts up again tonight! Woot woot! Who wants this one - Max, Johnny? I can do it, but I probably won't get to see it until Friday. Thank GOD for TiVo.

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