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Wednesday October 19, 2005
Oh No She Dint

I don't know if anyone is watching The Real World: Austin, but I had to mention last night's episode. Lacey telling Rachel's boyfriend that he was too good for her? And then the guys basically pimping out said boyfriend to get back at Rachel for treating him badly? AWESOME.

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Wednesday August 3, 2005
Poor Danny

Did anyone see Real World: Austin last night? You know, usually I usually have nothing but eye-rolling scorn for these spoiled, drunken, self-involved children, but last night's episode was really tough to watch. I haven't seen that kind of raw grief on TRW since Lindsey's friend committed suicide back in the Seattle season. I thought it was handled quite well, so kudos to Bunim-Murray, who usually aren't exactly the best with subtletly and class. Best wishes to Danny and his family.

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Wednesday June 22, 2005

Real World: Austin started last night. The usual drunken hijinx occurred. I was still recovering from watching Johanna get so drunk that she physically attacked a roommate for no apparent reason, when Danny got beaten so badly that his eye socket will actually require surgery. Alcohol, kids! See how much fun it is? Ack. This should be an interesting season.

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Thursday October 21, 2004
Maturity on the Real World?

I need to take a moment to give Real World: Philly props this week for an episode that dealt with an interesting subject in a compelling way. I was as shocked as you are. Basically, Karamo was struggling with the idea of dating and getting intimate on television; as he said, his family is okay with the fact that he is gay, but not okay with having to see it. I really enjoyed his discussion with Dan, who urged him to be himself, and watching K actually take those words to heart was nice to see on a show that is usually known for drunken sex and rampant vomiting. It's obvious that Karamo still has issues with his own homosexuality; it kind of gave me pause when he said, "When I first met Dorian, I thought he wasn't gay, and that's what made him attractive to me." I understand that he likes butch guys, but he seems conflicted - "I want to be gay but not be with people who look gay." It's a struggle, and I applaud him for having the balls to go through it on television.

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Wednesday September 29, 2004
The Obligatory Racism Episode

Are any of ya'll watching RW: Philadelphia this season? I'm liking the show so far, since it's not a solid 30 minutes of drunken morons hooking up each weeks. These kids actually seem to have some thoughts whistling through their craniums every now and again, however misguided they sometimes are (Hi, Sarah!). Last night was the traditional This Is Why The Angry Black Roommate is Angry episode. If you missed it, Karamo was taken aside by some cops at a club because they had gotten a tip that he was carrying a gun. Karamo had every right to be upset - every right. But I was a bit taken aback at how inconsolable he became. Do you think this has really happened to him twenty times? I was pretty much agreeing with the passer-by who said that someone probably saw his microphone holder and mistook it for a gun. Which is totally probable. However, two of his roommates were there too, with the same holder. And they're white. And no one called the cops. So, yeah, the boy has a legitimate beef, but to go off on MJ for, what basically amounted to, being born white sort of made me lose my sympathy a little bit. Thoughts?

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Thursday September 16, 2004
Shut Up, Sarah

Are we digging Real World: Philadelphia? Yes? So far, so good. Female roommate throwing hissy over male roommate's attentions? Check. Even though it's total bullshit? Check. Male roommate dumping his girlfriend as soon as he realizes he might get laid? Check. Drunken confessional? Check. Gay roommate being voice of reason? Check. Invisible roommate? Check. And it's only the second episode, yo.

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Wednesday September 8, 2004
Can You Spot the Gay in Philadelphia?

I am such a gullible fool. I knew there was a secret homosexual in the Real World: Philadelphia house. They�ve been leaking it for weeks now. So, of course, with my perfect gaydar, I set out to identify the newbie queen in the City of Brotherly love. To be honest, I was shocked it was an actual brother! I was positive it was Landon. The editors so played me. First, he says he was in a �fabulous� relationship with �someone.� Second, he was afraid of Sarah�s fake breasts. Third, he made hair comparisons with M.J. I�m sorry, those are really gay things. Now, the second I saw Karamo comfortably jump on Willie�s bed, I suspected he might be gay, but my better money was still on Landon. I�m such a fool.

Okay. Here are my one-second assessments of the cast. Karamo: hot, but hardly �just coming out.� Landon: Pretty hot. Looks like trouble. Melanie: Umm. Was she on last night? MJ: Ugly face. Hot body. Playing up the �simple southerner� thing too much. I mean, 10 seconds with a black guy and a gay and all of his preconceived notions disappear? Please, fool. Sarah: a slut who confuses her vagina for her personality. Shavonda: So beautiful. Seemingly stable. Willie: He seems totally comfortable with himself. It�s pretty refreshing.

The house is freaking the best Real World house ever.

Okay, chillin�s. I�m actually excited by this season of The Real World. Can an older cast (they are all drinking-age-plus) help save this franchise from the vapid and drunken lameness of the recent past? What did you think?

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Tuesday August 24, 2004
Brotherly Love

Because I know, like me, you're a glutton for punishment, you'll watch the new season of The Real World, set in Philly. It starts Sept 7th! Tonight you can get a sneak preview, along with the fifty times MTV will re-run it this week.

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Wednesday June 30, 2004
The Happy Reappearance of Charlie's Zit

So last night was the finale of Real World: San Diego. So. What have we learned? Not much. Actually, I sort of came out of the show liking Brad and Randy and hoping to see them on a future Challenge. Who would've known? Cameran is way too screechy for my taste, and I won't be sad if she never appears on my television again. I hear she's dating Ace from Paris? Anyway, her comment about "Black people? I lived with a black person and they're cool as hell!" was kind of moronic, but I imagine her heart is in the right place. Sad to see that Robin's man is on his second tour of duty in Iraq; I would be sick every day if I were her. I'd like to see Ja again; here's hoping he finally gets some. Jamie and Charlie...who? Whatever.

And MTV, you have won me back by naming next week's reunion show Too Punk Rock for This. Glad your sense of humor doesn't suck ass like most of your original programming.

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Tuesday June 29, 2004
When People Stop Being Polite

The talented Gael writes a great article on the slow decline of MTV's The Real World.

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Wednesday June 16, 2004
That Jamie, She's Real Quick

What is the point of even choosing a new roommate with only three (now two) episodes to go, and then not even featuring him in last night's episode? I did notice they re-shot the credits. That couldn't have been cheap. Anyway. I can't believe how obnoxious these kids are about their jobs. They don't have to get to work until 10:30am and they're acting like it's the crack of dawn. SHUT UP! Loved Ja's mother; I wish Frankie had been around so MamaJa could have given her a big dose of common sense. Jamie did make me laugh when she had her little "discovery" about Robin and Cameran's scheme at the restaurant. Also, judging from next week's previews, Charlie obviously is not gay, so I don't know where I got that from. And are they freaking kidding me, breaking his guitar? That is really, really low.

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Wednesday June 9, 2004
3 Episodes Left? Woo!

The Real World: San Diego got to pick a new roommate last night to replace "too punk rock for tv" Frankie. Honestly, I preferred Brad's idea of having an ape move in and "break shit." Lenny Kravitz guy was way too slick, Brad v.2 was way too boring, so I can see why they went with Charlie. He seems harmless, but someone needs to introduce him to a blemish cover, eh? Now, is he gay? I ask because I think I read it somewhere, and I'm curious as to how some of the roomies might react. Obviously not much goes on with him, since there are only 3 episodes left to cover the next six weeks. What happened to Ja, though? He used to be happy, now he's all grumpy. Was he in love with Frankie or something? :: shudder ::

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Wednesday June 2, 2004
The Weight Has Been Lifted

Well, Frankie finally left The Real World last night, just like we all knew she would and have been anxiously awaiting, since like the second episode. All the roommates handled the whole situation quite well, even Brad, and I was impressed that they all knew that it had nothing to do with them and everything to do with Frankie's messed up relationship with Dave. And I am not even going to mention the Romeo & Juliet crap, okay? Let's just bask once again in the now-classic glory of Randy and Brad dressed up as the Mario Brothers.

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Wednesday May 26, 2004
Just LEAVE Already

I can't believe Real World: San Diego is making us wait another week to see Frankie finally leave. I tuned in last night to see her Hello Kitty ass walk out that door, and she didn't. I feel betrayed. Also, I felt such sadness for her little sister. Who is the coolest 12 year old I've ever seen, with her striped tights and mary-janes. She obviously adores her older sister, and watching her cry during Frankie's Big Moment of Drama made me see her future of therapy and bad poetry. Also, big props to Cameran of all people for being the only person to comfort the poor thing. One more thing - I know they're played out, but I wish I could pull off cat's-eye glasses.

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Wednesday May 19, 2004
Lay Off the Alcohol, Robin

Last night's Real World - yet another tale of drunken shenanigans. Yawn. Although might I say "Bravo, Robin," for being able to run in those horrific shoes without falling on your drunken ass. Well done. Jacquese again brings the funny ("God Bless America"), Frankie looks dumb in her pimp outfit, Jamie doesn't matter, Brad makes me laugh, Cameran stays off my nerve, and Randy gets lucky. Bazooka Joe, man. Was anyone else wondering if the rape occurred during this slice of time? I think I read a rumor that the alleged rapist was one of Randy's friends. But no one seemed weirded out when they left, so I dunno, I guess it wasn't them. Oh, and next week? So long, Frankie. Thank god.

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Thursday May 6, 2004
Somewhere, Melissa is Smiling...

Dan, Dan, Dan--couldn't you have waited until you got home? Or just to your car?

Oh, well, at least he admits it--however obliquely--on his own site. But really--blaming it on the tequila is kind of implausible, I think. Give 'em too much tequila and most guys can barely operate a doorknob, much less...well, I think you get the point.

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Wednesday May 5, 2004
Die, Frankie, Die

Last night's Real World: San Diego was like watching a train wreck. I couldn't stand it, but I couldn't stop looking. I don't even know where to begin, but let's all agree that Frankie is a manipulative psycho, eh? I'll steal a page from Kim and state for the record that The Most Awesome Thing I Saw on TV This Week is a two-way tie: 1) Jacquese sliding sideways across the road on his moped, only to jump up immediately and shout, "I'm okay!" when I was convinced he was dead; and 2) Randy screaming at Frankie, "Ohhhhhh, I'm an ALCOHOLIC, ohhhh, I'm NEVER SOBER, ohhhh, I DRINK 24 HOURS A DAY!" followed up by "I'm not gonna cry, man." Brilliant, so very brilliant.

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Wednesday April 21, 2004

Last night's Real World was as dull as last week's. The total non-issue with Adam, Ugly Dave's two-guitar visit, Frankie's obvious glee at the thought of an altercation between Adam and Dave. Boring, boring, BORING. I don't know why I even bothered posting this.

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Wednesday April 14, 2004
Nice Wig, Loser

Is there really anything to say about last night's Real World: San Diego besides the fact that I'll never get that 30 minutes of my life back? B-O-R-I-N-G.

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Wednesday April 7, 2004
Crouching Psycho, Secret Cutter

I don't know how to discuss last night's Real World without sounding like a person who has no tolerance for mental illness. As someone on TWoP posted, if I've got a problem as serious as Frankie's, I'm not going to be visiting for advice. Sorry, Dr. Drew. Anyway, it wouldn't be MTV if they didn't "cure" Frankie's cutting problem in one 30-minute timeslot. The girl really would have been better off on Starting Over, as she had originally wanted. At least they would have paid for her to get therapy, and forced her to go. Plus, I would have loved to watch Frankie go head-to-head with that awful PJ. Also, as much I feel blah about Jamie, I thought she came off extremely well on this episode. Good for her. I do have to wonder if MTV will give a similar Very Special Episode feel to the alleged rape that occurs in the house.

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Wednesday March 31, 2004
I'm sure they'll be sensitive

I found last night's Real World dull, and a little sad. Jacquese is such a troublemaker. I know we say that every week, but it's starting to reach new levels. It's like he's manipulating the girl with mental illness just to see how much control he has over others. It's nasty.

The preview of the next installment was much more dramatic than this week's episode. "I saw the knife, and that's when I knew...Frankie's a cutter." Melodrama much? I'm sorry, but I don't trust MTV to tell the story of cutting with ANY degree of sensativity, and, believe me people, this is a serious problem in our country right now for both girls and boys. So not responsible, but maybe they'll surprise me and do a nice job.

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Tuesday March 23, 2004
Welcome Back

Looks like Real World: Philly is a go after all. So there you go, kids. Enjoy having seven attention-whores vomiting their way through your lovely city. [via tv tattle]

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Wednesday March 17, 2004
Not so much with the Brotherly Love

The Real World abandons Philadelphia as its next home due to fights with local unions. (From tv tattle)

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Why Would You Even Admit That?

The girl on Real World last night? With the fake tooth? And hair extensions? Made me sad. How humiliating; she probably told all her friends she was going to be on the show last night. Of course, a) if you go to the RW house, you should expect to be humiliated and b) if you have a fake tooth, you don't need to tell everyone. And Randy is gross. I can believe the rumor now that the person who committed the date-rape in the house was one of Randy's friends. The needing-to-get-drunk-and-hookup-no-matter-what thing is just so pathetic. Also - screw every single one of those kids for not realizing that SAILING is a really interesting job, if they'd just learn about it and not show up hungover every day. I really wish they'd get fired. Ack, and Frankie saying she's afraid she'll get sick from being out on the boat every day? Whatever, Smokey. I was so glad when Ja pointed that out, even if it wasn't to her face. Oooh, this show is not good for my rage. I'm getting too old.

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Wednesday March 10, 2004
Dude, It's Called AA. Look Into It.

Last night's Real World was meh; okay but not great. It kind of freaked me out to watch Frankie, the world's biggest drama queen, narrating the story of Cameran being dramatic. It made my brain hurt. Also, how do you think Brad lost his shoes? When he went to the party, he was wearing them. When he was staggering drunk across the street, he was holding one and wearing one. When he exited his second home, the Drunk Tank, he was barefoot.

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Wednesday March 3, 2004
I Knew You Were Too Normal

Looks like our sweet little Jamie from Real World: San Diego has her very own rap sheet. Congratulations!

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Tuesday March 2, 2004
I'm Sorry, What?

Am I insane, or did The Real World: San Diego actually re-use an interview with Robin tonight? When she was talking a few weeks ago about hooking up with Randy, she said, "PG-rated," then snickered. And tonight, in reference to her Marine, they used the exact same footage? I know the producers think we're dumb, but come on. I can't remember ever seeing anything that blatant; please enlighten me if I'm wrong. Also. What the hell was going on at that party that made Cameran actually scale a WALL in her crotch-showing skirt? And HOW THE HELL DOES RYAN KNOW ADAM? These are questions that will keep me up all night.

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Wednesday February 18, 2004
Somebody Pierce My Eyes, Please

I know that freakgirl would have been able to muster up something very witty and clever to say about last night's installment of Real World: San Diego, but I'm afraid it's just beyond me. Instead, I feel the need to share two things:

1. Brad used the word "misinterpretate." Twice.

2. Call me insensitive, call me intolerant, call me cruel, but it needs to be said: Frankie and Adam are almost impossible for me to even look at. Seriously, they're disgusting. Cheers to neo-tribalism or whatever it's called with the piercing and the inking and the craziness, but they're just gross. And how does Frankie flirt with Adam--by running her fingers through his ear-holes? Gag.

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Friday February 13, 2004
Come On Be My Baby Tonight...

...or at least for the next 10 minutes or so.

One of my least favorite cast members from one of my least favorite Real World seasons (yes, I'm that freak who didn't really like the New Orleans season) gets busted Hugh-Grant-stizz with a cheap hooker (literally--check out what she charged!) in Chicago.

[from 6togo]

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