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Monday June 7, 2004
With All Due Respect

Last night was the season finale of The Sopranos. It was so excellent that it could have been the SERIES finale and I would have been happy. Loved it. Last season ended with Tony's life in shambles - he had nothing. This season, he has taken control, won back his wife and family, and the respect of his guys - he's back on top. Even being on top won't make him happy, as we saw with his call to his lawyer - "They've got the whole Brooklyn crew - you're safe. You should be laughing." If Johnny Sack goes down, Tony is THE MAN, right? It became obvious to everyone (Tony and Jun included) last night that Junior is no longer capable of making decisions. The AJ storyline alarmed me. I didn't think that AJ had the chops to follow his father into the business, but he's obviously learned a lot from him. Did anyone else get the feeling that AJ is going to end up working at the Crazy Horse? Vito was being so odd in the beginning of the show that I was sure he was going to die. I was wrong, I guess. I also barely noticed the guy blabbing to the Feds, because I just assumed that he was feeding them nothing that could actually help. Guess I was wrong about that, too, because when I saw them coming over the hill I nearly lost my shit. Tony running through the woods like a hunted animal was incredible television, and when he came busting through the branches at the end, I said to the geekboy, "They've come full circle - it's the bear!" Great, great stuff.

Yay to Silvio for getting all those lines. Yay to Chase for bringing back Pie-Oh-My to give Tony the strength to whack Tony B. Boo to Carmella for looking like she was going to make love to her blueprints. Boo to no Janice. Boo that it's over...but bring on Six Feet Under!

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Monday May 24, 2004
Highway Jammed With Broken Heroes

Man, this season of The Sopranos has been top-notch, eh? Last night's episode had me clutching the armrest of the couch, and then even shedding a tear or two in shock and grief. (In case you haven't watched yet, I won't post major details here.) Here is my BOO/YAY rundown: BOO to Tony's Popeye impression! YAY to AJ's "This is fucking weird" comment. BOO to Evil FBI Agent! YAY to Chrissy's Springsteen quote! YAY to Tony standing up to Johnny! BOO to Carm's hair! And I reserve my biggest BOO/SNIFF for the Adriana storyline.

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Monday May 17, 2004
The Test Dream

Last night's Sopranos was totally bizarre. I have a feeling some people loved it and some people hated it. I loved it. I still haven't digested most of it, but for someone who has weird dreams all the time, this episode was a treat. What did you guys think?

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Monday May 3, 2004
Unidentified Black Males

Another excellent episode of The Sopranos last night, eh? Tony's breakdown and confession in therapy was incredible, as was the lunch scene with Carmella and Peep's funeral. I loved the title this week, as these "unidentified black males" who do not even exist apparently are the ones responsible for everything. For Tony B's limp, Tony S not showing up for that old job, for killing Jackie Jr., for breaking a bottle on Construction Guy's head. The racism is obvious; the racism that (in my opinion) is not as obvious is Meadow's. It's almost like racism by ignorance. The protected bubble that she lives in is so sad; how she and Finn sit around talking about their support for African-Americans, and in the next sentence she points out that they're the ones who killed her ex-boyfriend. Her total unwillingness to believe Finn about Vito (he's a married man! he's like an uncle to me), when Vito is the one who actually KILLED Jackie Jr., is pathetic. For someone who fancies herself to be so streetwise, her entire world is going to collapse when she realizes the extent of her father's "family" ties.

Which seems to be exactly where Carm is now...not being able to get a lawyer because Tony has contaminated them all. Hearing the news about Meadow getting engaged (and what is THAT all about? does Finn think this will solve his problems with Vito?), and starting to cry as she realizes that she is stuck in a prison of her own making. Sad.

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Monday April 26, 2004
Marco Polo

Last night's episode of The Sopranos wasn't the strongest of the season so far, but it was still pretty decent. I enjoyed watching Tony's image rehab, although judging from the previews for next week, it hasn't changed Carmella's mind any. When did Meadow actually start being NICE to her father? And Tony B, punishing his sons for "stealing from the family" and then turning right around and betraying his own, basically. Also, and this has been bothering me from Season ONE, people - why does someone as rich as Tony Soprano have such a crappy grill in his backyard? I mean, it's not even gas. It drives me crazy.

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Monday April 19, 2004
In Camelot

Last week on The Sopranos we got a focus on Carm; this week the focus is back on Tony. What an interesting episode. Tony's father's old mistress (Fran) - a sad and lonely woman who spends her time reliving her past glory. Tim Daly's character (JT) - a sad and lonely man who spends his time reliving his past glory. Tony made himself feel pretty good by trying to help out Fran; same with Christopher and JT. At the end, Tony and Chris realize that these people are a) beyond their help; and b) not so fun to be around after all. Two things stuck with me about this episode - when Fran told Tony that his mother made the mistake of not treating his father like the powerful man that he was, you could see the wheels turning in Tony's head about his own marital troubles. The other was Tony's lies - saying Fran had a 3 year affair with JFK even though it was just a one-night stand. It seems like he is constantly telling white lies - in therapy, to his friends, to Carm - and I'm not sure I understand where he thinks it's getting him. The Uncle Junior storyline was amusing, but what other purpose did it serve?

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Monday April 12, 2004
And Shut Up, A.J.

Last night's Sopranos was another excellent episode. I enjoyed seeing the different ways Tony's "career choice" affects the people around him. AJ ends up being accused of getting treated badly in school, when in reality he just sucks. Carmella gets dumped by her new lover. Tony B. gets accused of stealing his own laundry truck, and then ends up back in the business after getting a taste of money and strippers. Why break your ass doing everything yourself when you can work for the family and get everything you want? I'm sure seeing things like that doesn't do much for AJ's motivation. The whole thing with Carmella was interesting too...the book Abelard and Heloise, about the star-crossed lovers was obviously supposed to be how Mr. Wegler sees their relationship (he's intellectual and jaded; she's naive and lost). However, in the book, the woman ends up pregnant. Tony would kill half of New Jersey if Carmella got pregnant. And how much of a jealous ass was the priest when Carmella was trying to talk to him?

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Monday April 5, 2004
Leave the Wife, Take the Pizza

What an excellent episode of The Sopranos last night. We were on the edges of our seats, and not just because I was afraid I might vomit if I had to see Tony and Adriana make out. Ohhhh, my IBS is acting up just at the thought. I was positive that Christophuh was going to get whacked last night, due to my "Letterman Theory." Micheal Imperioli was on Letterman on Friday night for no apparent reason, as was Joey Pants last year right before HIS character got killed. However, although we came close to a bullet to the head, Chrissy is still with us. I was sad to see that his rage problem is apparently not related to his drug use. Ack. So....what happens next, hmmmm? Oh, and p.s. - Silvio running down the stairs of the Bing with a bullhorn has settled into my head as one of my very favorite images from the show, right next to his performance at Chrissie's intervention a while back.

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Monday March 22, 2004
The Sopranos

Great episode last night. The Uncle Junior/Larry David gag was hysterical. I got choked up at the end when Tony asked him, "Don't you love me?" The man is all alone now - he's got no wife, no therapist, his children ignore him, and his business family is falling apart over a stupid landscaping squabble. Junior's the only guy who's always loved him, and now June can barely remember his own name. Heartbreaking. Loving watching Janice turn into her own mother - a self-pitying martyr who everyone hates. Feech scares the crap out of me, and Paulie is SUCH an ass. Beat up a guy, steal his money AND his lawnmower? Nice.

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Tuesday March 9, 2004

I'm totally not getting people's disappointment over the premiere of The Sopranos. I thought the reason the show is widely critically acclaimed is that it's so deeply layered and nuanced; it's not just about shooting people in the head. Am I being pretentious? I enjoy a good whacking as much as the next guy, but the thing that keeps me coming back is the emotional torture these people put each other through. If you want to see blood and guns, why don't you just watch COPS? Or, if you live in Jersey like I do, just take any exit near the airport and pull over. [link via the great tv tattle]

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Monday March 8, 2004
Tony and The Bear

Anyone want to talk about last night's Sopranos? I was glad to see it back, but disappointed that Steve Buscemi wasn't in the episode. I'm sure we'll get much more of him next week. Here are some discussion points: How the hell did Janice get Bobby to marry her? What happened to Carmela's hair? Was that really Lorraine Bracco naked? Why is AJ such a pussy? Why do I hate Paulie so much? Do you think Furio will ever come back?

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Thursday March 4, 2004
Bada Bing!

I'm so psyched for Sunday's return of The Sopranos. Here's an article about where to find all the Jersey landmarks you see on the show.

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