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Thursday June 24, 2004
Return to the Hellmouth

Years ago, I lived in a television market without The WB. So, I didn't get to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer until its fourth season. I instantly became addicted to the show. As Season Five started, the repeats on FX launched, showing two new eps. a day, then repeating them the next morning. Between catching up with the old installments and watching the spankin' new stuff, it was possible for me to watch upwards of three Buffy-filled hours each weekday (not even counting Angel). And, since Season Five was glorious (The Gift) and moving (The Body), I was enthralled.

Then Season Six hit. By this time, I was suffering from Whedon fatigue. I liked the new episodes, but, I was kind of blah about it all. I think I blamed Marti Noxin for all of it. By now, I'd watched every episode 100 million times. When the final season hit, I was too invested to turn away, but my passion was lost. I often had to fake it on my blog, because people expected the Buffy love, but I didn't always feel it. And, let's face it, I'm still very fucking bitter about the way Anya died in the final episode. Seriously, now.

So, it's been more than a year now. No Buffy, not even the occasional repeat for me. Then, a few weeks ago, I started watching the 7 a.m. and 8 a.m. showings on FX, now in the Season Seven cycle. With a little distance, I think I've finally decided that they were amazing episodes. What I thought was tiresome and dark, is actually pretty intense and amazing. I just watched the finale again, and cried like a baby. I didn't even hate Dawn as much. Of course, I loved Anya more than ever.

So, now I'm a little ashamed of my wishy-washy attitude about the final years, but I'm a true believer once again.

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Monday May 24, 2004
Is this Ghostbusters?

I'm such a bad TMFT poster, because I didn't write about the Angel series finale last week. So, here's my three-word review: So Fucking Annoying.

Before I elaborate, let's give props to Amy Acker. I've never liked Fred. When she died earlier in the season, I was unmoved. As a character, Fred seemed so insignificant, I never got a sense about Acker's acting chops. However, watching her switch between Illyria and faux-Fred is pretty amazing. She shifts everything about her physicality and presence. I give her props.

So, I've been watching this series for five fucking years and really wanted some resolution to the Shanshu Prophecy. Instead, they just dangle it in front of me. Sure, he signed it away in blood, but I trust nothing...

And, finally, the last scene reminded me of Ghostbusters. It was almost comical. Four peeps hanging out in an ally as 40,000 demons come after them. I just laughed my ass off. Not a befitting ending to an amazing show. I didn't need everything tied up into a little package for me, but something would have been nice. They better have died, dammit.

Oh, and, of course, the eye candy. Adam Baldwin (Hamilton) is hot.

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Thursday May 20, 2004
Goodbye Angel

The always-excellent TV Tattle gives us a few articles about last night's Angel series finale. An interview with Joss, and a review of the finale. I'm hoping J.Go will post his review of the episode; last night was unfortunately the only episode I've ever seen. But I did enjoy it.

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Tuesday May 18, 2004

Tomorrow is the very last episode of Angel. CNN has a nice story about the series. Although I don't watch, I know that it will be missed by most of my friends.

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Monday April 19, 2004
Hot Off the Presses

Joss Whedon may be making up to six made-for-tv Angel and/or Buffy movies. There are a lot of people who will be pleased by this news. Personally, I'm pleased by the note at the end of the article that says WB may be considering picking up Wonderfalls in the fall. Interesting. [via tv tattle]

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Friday March 5, 2004

Looks like Joss Whedon's movie based on his dead series Firefly is a go. I know a few people who will be pleased, very pleased.

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Monday February 16, 2004
Stake in the Heart

On Friday, The WB announced that Angel's ending its run at the end of this season, despite a reinvigorated show and slightly improved ratings. When the show celebrated its 100th episode last week, all the producers were pretty certain the show would carry on the "Buffy" torch a bit longer, but it seems the flame is out.

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