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Tuesday March 8, 2005
To Make Up for the Stink of the Finale

Reader Shane has alerted me that tomorrow night The Style Network is airing Craft Corner Deathmatch, what looks to be a sort of Iron Chef for Martha-wannabes. [NYT links - go here for login]

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Sunday March 6, 2005
Wicked but Not Perfect...Not Perfect at All

Well, America, I hope you're ready for ribbon flowers. Lots and lots of ribbon flowers. Because guess what? That's about all you'll be getting if you tune into CBS to watch Kimberly work her magic on...well, ribbon flowers.

Seriously--could a more undeserving candidate have won? (Okay, maybe Heather, but you know what I'm saying.) Mitch can be a total jerk and arrogant ass, but at least he knew his stuff and had something to put out there, personality-wise. And Darlene! Oh, think of how great it would have been if crazy and hilarious Darlene had made it to the finals! I hope CBS enjoys their new Wickedly Blah pick.

Just another reason to be glad that sweet Martha is finally out of jail, I guess.

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Sunday February 13, 2005
Denise Denied

It's a serious case of deja vu this week as the Wickedly Perfect hen party loses another member who showed serious drive, talent, and the potential to actually make a little name for herself because of the show. Denise, welcome to Mychael-ville, population 2. That's what she gets for being so together and unflappable during every challenge, I guess. And I think that Joan Lunden shed an extra tear at Denise's departure (well, if Joan's tear ducts still worked after all of that botox and face work, I mean), because Denise was kind of a Joan Clone from her hair to her demeanor to her clothing choices. I'm sure that it was like Joan was losing a little part of herself (well, if Joan felt real emotions, I mean).

Both teams did a pretty impressive job this week with their room makeovers, but Mitch's headboard really did look like the inside of a coffin, and that barely-there "exercise room" showed some pretty poor decision-making--they should have known that HE-MAN Bobby "I cook raw meat over hot fire while I drink bourbon" Flay would have responded to some barbells or something. You know, exercise equipment for "real men." (I'm a treadmill sissy myself, so it was kind of the perfect exercise room for me.)

So who's left for us to root for, now that my number one pick is gone? Darlene and Mitch seem poised to take it all now, but their clearly under-qualified teammates might pick them off soon enough. And is anyone else still gagging involuntarily, just a little, while thinking about Heather's pot pie from last week? I just can't get that image out of my mind!

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Sunday February 6, 2005
Not Missing Margo

The Wickedly Perfect crew didn't exactly shine this week, but in all fairness, theirs was a pretty big task for this round (when do these people ever get more than a few hours' sleep?). Both teams had to share the job of running a bed and breakfast--I have actually been a "house-sitter" at a B&B; in the past, doing a bare-bones version of the actual innkeeper's job, and I can totally understand how everyone could get so tired and edgy. I think running a bed and breakfast must be like teaching middle school or being a nun--you have to be called by God to do it.

So anyway, there were the usual snippy moments and this week's personal projects looked particularly weak (those wreaths were pitiful, people). The surprises of the night were Mitch's general non-a**hole-ness and the revelation that both teams seem to really like Darlene, who still strikes me as a crazy lady (the camera sure does love her reaction shots, though--every third direction must have been, "Now cut to Darlene's look of open-mouthed shock!"). I will give her credit for handling all of those welcome snacks on her own, though.

In the end, it came down to Denise vs. Margo, and I don't think anyone was shocked--not even Darlene--to see Margo go. Her poached egg breakdown at the brunch table was both sad and one of those look-away-in-embarrassment moments. I'm glad she's gone--she really was too controlling and her leadership skills and decision-making abilities were not that impressive. Plus, I think Denise is a real contender for the throne in this game.

p.s. Judge David E.? Still a jackass.

p.p.s. That was some of the grossest brunch food I've ever seen--from both teams.

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Saturday January 22, 2005
Mychael: TOO Perfect?

This week saw the Wickedly Perfect crew (check them out here) retreat to the wilderness to enjoy the glories of nature, ridiculously ornate outdoor toilets, and all of the luxuries that Sears can provide. The Crafty Beavers started strong, pulling together all of their equipment and food efficiently, but in the end, they lost out on the overall challenge because--and I'm not kidding here--they didn't make their beds. Now, I have to admit that I don't think highly of people who leave home in the morning with an unmade bed (sorry, but that kind of slovenliness is for dorm rooms and kids under 8, yo), but I don't think it should have cost them the challenge, especially when they served such a great meal. But Team Artisan took the prize (I think that toilet was their ace in the hole, so to speak) and got to skip the elimination ceremony.

The Beavers eliminated Mychael, even though she's a fantastic cook and has clearly been the key to the Beavers' past wins. We got alot of bull-plop about how the ultimate winner has to be "well-rounded" and good at more than just one thing, but it's pretty obvious that this vote was motivated by fear of Mychael's talent (Bobby Flay is an obvious and vocal fan). Scared much, Mitch? Oh well, at least the judges toned down the bitchiness about 10 notches this time around.

My pick to win right now is Denise--if Margo gets any mileage from her "I really need to win this for my family" plea, I might be sick. Trying to win a reality show competition is not exactly my idea of sound planning for your children's future.

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Friday January 14, 2005
The World's Most Surreal Dinner Party

This week on Wickedly Perfect, we got competing dinner parties. I really liked the leaf table the Crafty Beavers (DIRTY!) put together, but aside from that I thought both team's creations were boring. I love theme parties, and was wondering why neither team really RAN with their theme. I think these people are such control freaks that they're totally incapable of working together. I mean, Michelle HID A BAG OF FLOUR from Darlene. Darlene, by the way, is not human. The thing that I really hated about this episode, though, was him. He really is an extreme a-hole. Don't get me started on Candace, either, and her tutorial on how to properly chill champagne. When Bobby Flay is the nice one in your circle of friends, you've got problems.

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Friday January 7, 2005

Did anyone watch Wickedly Perfect last night? It was pretty good. I like watching people come up with creative ideas, I like watching people snip at each other, and I like watching people get judged. So, not a bad hour for me. I was happy with the first vote-off. Even though every show needs a good villian, this person pissed me off on first sight. And it seems there are plenty more villians just waiting for a chance. Anyway, who else is dying to make those white-chocolate and graham cracker dipped apples?

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