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Friday January 21, 2005
Poor Bitch

WOOT WOOT! Wonderfalls on DVD will be available February 1st.

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Monday October 4, 2004
Canadian TiVo Alert!

Reader Kyle has passed on this fabulous information for you lucky Canadian readers - starting tonight, Vision TV will be airing Wonderfalls. From the beginning, every episode. That noise you hear is me, here in America, crying.

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Sunday April 4, 2004
It Effing Figures

Wonderfalls has been cancelled. This annoys me in too many ways to count. Last week's episode was excellent; the show is hitting its stride. So what FOX does is move it up against the two highest-rated shows on Thursday nights? Whatthefuckever. There are few creative and interesting shows on television lately; it sucks to lose another one. Perhaps another network might pick it up...or we can always watch the remaining episodes on DVD someday. Sigh.

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Tuesday March 23, 2004
Save Wonderfalls

Please do me and the creators of Wonderfalls a favor and sign this petition to help keep the show going. Thanks!

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Thursday March 18, 2004
Save This Show

Wonderfalls might already be in trouble, due to its crappy timeslot. Tim Minear speaks out and asks for your help. Also, you can catch a repeat of the first episode tonight. [via tv tattle, of course]

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Monday March 15, 2004
You're My Wonder Fall

So did anyone else watch Wonderfalls this weekend? I did, and I have to say that I really liked it. I thought the lead actress had the perfect amount of snark, and who can hate a show where the mother is played by Christina Crawford from Mommie Dearest?

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Wednesday March 10, 2004
TiVo Alert!

FOX's Wonderfalls starts this Friday. We've got a personal connection here, folks. I believe that our very own Jeremy from our very own Maggie's Unsided worked on this show. Because we love them both so very much, the show deserves a look. Maggie or Jeremy, please feel free to post if you have any good stories or background info on the show.

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