Totally good episode, though, lots of commericials, I noticed. ABC is so milking this cash cow. I thought HuberSister was fantastic, but I don't think Zach's past craziness is because of drugs, just the current nonstop sleepiness.

So, how is the PI involved with Paul? His involvement seems pretty deep for just a private contractor.

Lawn Boy was all annoying, wanting to do the right thing. The right thing? A little late. Maybe he shouldn't plow a married woman without a condom? Huh?

j.go at May 9, 2005 09:54 AM

LOVED the scene between Paul and Felicia. That made the episode for me. Great acting from both parties, and then the knife reveal - suhweet. This is one of the better eps I've seen in a while, actually. Bree talking to Rex on the couch - her reaction to his memories of Italy - so awesome. Even Susan was less annoying than she has been lately. I'm still not feeling very into Gabrielle's storyline. How many times does she have to mention she came from a poor background? I think it's been mentioned in practically 2/3 of the episodes so far. I did like the physical comedy with the spicy salsa and Lawnboy.

e at May 9, 2005 11:10 AM

Not only does no one look good in a Speedo, there's no where for me to look when I'm speaking to someone wearing one.

Janet at May 9, 2005 11:56 AM

I love that you are forever scarred over that incident.

I'm sorry.

freakgirl at May 9, 2005 12:05 PM

I dont think the PI and Paul are very tight, other than that they both have some major dirt on each other. The PI was ready to kill (twice!) for Paul and probably wants to look out for Paul's best interest. Keep in mind, if Paul ever gets in legal trouble, he can put the PI on the table for plea bargain capital.

megan. at May 9, 2005 12:24 PM

I liked this episode too with the exception of Gabrielle's storyline. There was no reason for her to tell Lawnboy she was pregnant, was there? She planned to have Carlos raise the baby as his own, without him knowing there was any question of the paternity. She was never going to allow Lawnboy to be involved in the child's life. Why tell him? I mean, I know why the writers had her tell him, but logically there was no reason. I couldn't get past that.

Hayley at May 9, 2005 12:39 PM

Definitely that scene between Paul & Felicia made the episode. I'm also glad to be rid of Susan's mom, too. Hayley is totally right, though, why DID Gabrielle tell John if she was going to raise the baby as Carlos' no matter what? She could have at least waited until she started showing and then John could do the math on his own. Carlos would be in jail then. Also, I'm kind of surprised that there wasn't any discussion of whether or not she would keep the baby.

It's so funny how much I really thought they could do without the Edie character in the beginning of the season and now she's one of the bright spots every time she's on. I can't wait until next week to see her fight with Susan over Mike again.

Cheri at May 9, 2005 02:42 PM

I don't really get the PI stuff. On Veronica Mars (yeah, yeah) it was once noted that a "crooked" detective who is hired by a wife to trail a cheating husband would try to sell the incriminating photos to the husband for MORE money and then tell the wife he didn't find anything.

I guess I just don't get why a dirty detective (nay, hitman!) would feel "loyalty" to Paul when he's got as much dirt on his side as he does.

brian w at May 9, 2005 02:57 PM

Why didn't Gaby just have an abortion and not tell Carlos *or* John?

Keith at May 9, 2005 04:03 PM

They're Catholic, even if that's not discussed as often as her poverty stricken rising through the model world childhood. Mama knew that Gaby wouldn't have an abortion, and that she would never admit to the affair. Mama punished her the only way, and the best way, she knew how. Get her pregnant and the body she puts above all things would be changed (even if she got back down to her pre-weight) forever. It's actually really brilliant. I think Gaby wants to be caught, that is the only explanation for bringing John back in now. It's a dumb story line, hopefully they iron that out.

The rest of the ep was stellar. I think the emotions came through so spectacularly since there wasn't a lot of "action". Some episodes are all about the physical side of life, but I didn't see that in this.

I could've died when Felicia pulled out that knife. There's some cajones there, to just be so casual about it and be so effective gave me goosebumps.

mason at May 9, 2005 05:25 PM

Mama didn't tamper with the pills, Carlos did.

Or am I missing something?

freakgirl at May 9, 2005 06:28 PM

No, you aren't missing anything. Carlos did it.

Sure, they are Catholic so you can assume Gabrielle is anti-abortion, I suppose. But I'm pretty sure Catholics don't support adultery either.

Cheri at May 9, 2005 06:57 PM

Okay I guess I missed something. Sorry. I have missed a couple weeks.

That Carlos is an A-Hole. I didn't want to believe that he would blame his DEAD mother, that's low. It made more since the other way, at least for me. Shoot.

mason at May 9, 2005 07:33 PM

I love Felicia - she's exactly why DH is so good - she doesn't get much screen-time but the writers still manage to make her this incredibly complex individual, with all sorts of subtleties and ambivalences in her. She's always disparaging about her sister but still cares about her ("You didn't let me say goodbye to Martha!") She appears sinster, yet she cares immensely for Zach. Loved the bit with the knife - people like her always have a Plan B. And the "would you like a cookie" line was also perfect. She should get her own spin-off show as the new Jessica Fletcher when this is all over.

Lubin Odana at May 10, 2005 08:28 AM

Pick-and-choose religious people drive me NUTSO. (I realize I'm speaking about a tv show). As someone who doesn't believe in organized religion and perhaps not even god at all, it drives me absolutely crazy that there are these people all over the place that get to go to church (or whatever building their god told them to visit) and decide what they believe in and shit all over the rest. If there ever was a candidate for an abortion, it is a self-centred woman who hates children and can't be bothered to raise one. She isn't too religious to yell at her priest about how stupid his morals are, about getting pregnant and she has no problem confessing her infidelity, yet she doesn't explore all her options? She just accepts that she's having this baby because she's Catholic?

Haley, word on not telling Lawnboy. Why invite problems? Can you imagine Lawnboy's mother taking them to court to get custody of that baby? Heh.

Maggie at May 10, 2005 02:30 PM

Worse than someone in a Speedo is someone in a Speedo who is walking funny and complaining about chafing.

Maggie at May 10, 2005 02:32 PM

har, Maggie! So true about the Speedo.

e at May 10, 2005 04:30 PM
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