I didn't notice this during the premiere but when they reshowed the golf clips, it was quite evident that Trump has gone for a "tan in a can" this year. He's quite orange.

Soosan at September 30, 2005 11:42 AM

He's frightening.

freakgirl at September 30, 2005 12:00 PM

I didn't c care one way or another for Capital Edge's campaign, but at least it looked like an ad campaign. I thought they guy's idea was brilliant, and then it totally fell apart because they didn't know how to express it at all.

I feel bad for their "second to none" graphics guy because he was forced to Photoshop that tripe. The print ads were so bad...the typeface was all wrong, the colours were ugly and when I think of "green with envy", whether or not I understand what it means, I think of a dull avacado rather than a flourescent lime.

I sort of see Marcus as the learning disabled kid. He looks too old to be so naive and earnest. Like when the 15-year-old fits in better with the 10- and 11-year-olds. He's definitely in the wrong place and is too naive to see it.

These cocky kids think they can get Trump to do whatever they want. I really believe Chris thought he could talk Trump into firing Marcus and was honestly surprised when it didn't work. Marcus has no idea what happened and isn't going to do anything different the following week.

Why did the women vote for Marshawn to be exempt next week? Perhaps the show was edited in Kristi's favour rather than accurately because they portrayed Marshawn as a lazy fluff of nothing. I mean, who can't find 15 minutes in 10 hours to check up on her team? I personally don't trust that anyone is capable enough that they don't need to be checked at least once. I guess she must have done some great work for the women to rally that way, though.

Maggie at September 30, 2005 12:13 PM

Yeah, the geekboy was a bit flummoxed that everyone but Kristi gave Marshawn exemption. Kristi came off as a real bitch, though, I thought. When Trump asked them to vote, and she stood there making faces like somebody farted. You don't want to make enemies that early.

freakgirl at September 30, 2005 12:28 PM

Marcus reminds me of a guy I used to work with, only less annoying. Yeah hard to imagine right?

Soosan at September 30, 2005 02:50 PM


freakgirl at September 30, 2005 02:59 PM

Marcus. I have never SEEN someone speak in so many cliches. I think it is actually impossible for him to say something that is not cliched. Ugh.

Chris was stupid and deserved to be fired for his stupidity, if nothing else. I think that if Dude On The End had agreed, though, that Marcus should have been the one to be fired, Trump would have pulled the "Melissa/Marcus, everyone hates you, so You're Fired™" card.

Those girls just drive me crazy. They should get together with the Screaming Sisters on TAR and have a shouting party. Gah.

Freakgirl, what's UP with the fantasy game pts? Woot.

sar at September 30, 2005 05:56 PM


freakgirl at October 1, 2005 10:10 AM

I actually liked the women's team's campaign more. Yeah, it was a little hodgepodge, but they got their point across. The men did everything short of that.

I think Marshawn deserved her exemption because she obviously did a good job in the other women's eyes. Kristi really DID come off like a bitch for being the only one to vote against her exemption.

Hey, do you all know what this means? For the first team, a black woman's actually won as Project Manager! Omarosa and Tara both lost as Project Managers, Stacie J. was fired before she even got to be Project Manager, and Verna QUIT before she got to be Project Manager!

As for the boardroom, I thought it'd be down to Chris or Mark. Markus, no matter how hard everyone tried to oust him, wasn't going to get fired. When Chris chose to keep trying to scapegoat Markus and let Mark go, I knew he was done. I liked him, yet I was glad to see him go because of that stupid decision.

Jamison at October 3, 2005 01:43 PM

but markus is never wrong, at least according to him:


6 at October 4, 2005 12:38 AM
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