I actually kind of like Judd. He's a character, and I thought he showed nice big balls by realizing early on that he's playing a game. The whole "voting by tribal lines" thing this early in the game usually doesn't work and I was impressed that he took the risk. We'll see what happens to him next week, though. I hope he doesn't get all full of tosterone. :)

Amy was so cute when they picked her for the picnic and she started to cry. She's like the gentler version of Twila.

freakgirl at October 7, 2005 08:26 AM

The "Br" names are cursed apparantly aren't they.

Soosan at October 7, 2005 09:04 AM

After hearing two people say that Gary is loaded if he was in fact in the NFL, I don't blame him for continuing to try and hide it. Its a fact of life on these shows that these use 'need' as part of the equation when figuring who should win. I just think that its a crappy thing to do. Its a game, not a financial aid office.

I also don't think Gary has anywhere near the amount of money they would think he has.

Todd at October 7, 2005 09:07 AM

Brian had better watch his back.

I was so hoping that when Jeff said, "Who has the most tribe spirit?" that they were going to give Brian a cheerleading outfit.

freakgirl at October 7, 2005 09:22 AM

Instead, they basically punished Brian by making him one of the minority in a newly merged tribe. If I was him, I'd be all, "Thanks ... FOR NOTHING! Can I trade this prize in for some fried chicked and a shower, please?"

GeekBoy at October 7, 2005 09:33 AM

I agree that voting with tribal lines is stupid this early, especially in a situation like this, and I think it's great that Judd took the initiative to save his own ass (something that I think gets left by the wayside in these games). I did appreciate when he said that in this game it's every man for himself. But I don't necessarily think he was ballsy when he made his choices. I think he falsely sees himself as the leader/swing vote, and felt entitled to make the switch rather than thinking, I hope this doesn't bite me in the ass but I think it's the right thing for me right now. Judd definitely entertains me, but I'm not sure that I like him.

I want Brian to have a cheerleading outfit too! And Amy was cute (and astute) when she asked Jeff if their picnic was going to be something gross. She's smart enough to know that winning something doesn't necessarily mean WINNING something, which was illustrated very clearly for Brian. :(

I don't want to see Amy go so soon in the game, despite her ankle. I really like her.

Maggie at October 7, 2005 04:16 PM

Was I the only one who was upset that Gary didn't get to throw hatchets during the immunity challenge. I'd love to see him deny those quarterback rumors after a few aces in the hole.

B-Side at October 8, 2005 03:22 AM

"Amy was so cute when they picked her for the picnic and she started to cry. She's like the gentler version of Twila."

Dammit, I thought I'd successfully repressed all memory of Twila.

yahtzee at October 11, 2005 01:33 PM
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