I hadn't realized that Bobby Jon wasn't so much a Stephenie fan. Maybe it's because her fire building skills were ace last year. :)

I wonder how far from the camp the tree hiding the idol is, and how many episodes will pass before someone finds it. Someone has to find it. I kept thinking (hoping)someone would just trip over it.

Soosan at November 4, 2005 08:43 AM

What does "bigboy" mean, anyway?

And why did Rafe vote for Brandon? I guess he realized that Brandon was going to go anyway, and didn't want to cause problems? I felt bad for him. I liked when he described his tribe as "the axis of evil." Hee.

freakgirl at November 4, 2005 08:57 AM

Trying to give Rafe the benefit of the doubt ... I'm thinking that if he didn't know for sure that somebody else from his tribe would flip, he'd risk both a tie and having 5 out of 10 players mad at him.

GeekBoy at November 4, 2005 09:03 AM

All I know is I want my own swim cage.

Soosan at November 4, 2005 09:47 AM

God I am kind of HATING everyone except Rafe, Cindy and Danni. What a bunch of Nakum assholes. Each week I dislike Steph more and more, and Jamie makes me throw things at my television.

I really hope someome finds the immunity idol and doesn't say anything while the rest continue looking for it day after day after day. That would be some doog tv.

Jane at November 4, 2005 10:39 AM

Oh I know, that would be awesome! I can't wait to see everyone's surprised faces when whoever does find it decides to use it.
I hope it's a big secret until one of the Tribal Councils.

DaisyLou2 at November 4, 2005 10:49 AM

So we can assume them in either Jamie or Judd find the idol, keeping it secret is out of the window. I want Rafe to find it, especially after a handful of hornets (yikes). Danni I also like, she seems down to earth (despite the fact I can't look at her torso without wanting to force feed the poor girl some twinkies)

Soosan at November 4, 2005 11:21 AM

Geekboy, I agree totally with you about why Rafe voted for Brandon. Even though he's struggling with who should be voted out, I think he also realizes he must play to his best advantage just the same.

I think it may have been easier for Rafe to vote against Jamie if he had Cindy's word that she would also. That would ensure that Jamie would go, so no backlash from Jamie himself. But he'd still have the ire of the rest of his tribe. You just don't go against the tribe until coup time.

Maggie at November 4, 2005 01:04 PM

I guess it really is all about the numbers.

I thought tribal council was very entertaining. I did have to roll my eyes when Jeff condescendingly shook his head at the Bobby John/Jamie sniping. How dare those boys diminish the Honor and Integrity of tribal council!

yahtzee at November 4, 2005 02:26 PM

This is to Maggie:

If Lydia wins this, she'll obviously deserve it. She's playing the way Maggie played in the most recent "Big Brother" installment, and don't forget (if you watched it) that Maggie won because of it.

Jamison at November 7, 2005 02:31 AM

Jamison, I don't think she's playing like Maggie at all. I can't even discuss Maggie...I found her so disgusting. I actually like Lydia. I don't think she's flying under the radar on purpose, I think she's just trying to get along with everyone. For all we know, she could be plotting and scheming but we only get to see what CBS wants to air. She's inoffensive. I'd like to see her get a bit more aggressive, even if it's only while talking to the camera.

I like it when the final two are players who have really worked the others in order to get where they are rather than having it come down to someone that didn't really play and avoided getting voted off simply by being nice. For example, Ethan and Kim during Survivor: Africa. Boring. Or Neleh and Vecepia. Oh my heck.

Maggie at November 7, 2005 02:46 AM

You hated Maggie?! Wow, am I shocked!

Who won between Ethan and Kim? I know Vecepia beat Neleh -- and in the first all-female final two, no less! Ha-ha!

Oh, and FYI, I've liked Lydia since I saw how well she catches fish for her team, and basically how helpful she is. She beat out one of the women on her team in the Tribal Council vote, but I forgot who it was. If she's plotting and scheme, the perfect ones to plot and scheme with would be Rafe and Cindy since they're all considerably weaker, unless I'm mistaken.

Oh, and I'm only following recaps of the show. I stopped watching after Margaret got the axe.

Jamison at November 7, 2005 01:49 PM

Surprised? Why, because we have the same name? I found Maggie despicable and deplorable. So many reasons, but mostly because of her hipocrasy and the way she treated her "friends". I was loving Kaysar and once he was gone, I wanted James or Janelle to win.

Ethan won during Africa. Most of the Survivor followers around here loved Ethan and I don't get it. I hated him. I thought he was boring and a non-entity, and every time he smiled his vapid, vacuous smile, I felt like barfing. Of course, no one understands why I hated him so much. I still don't know why he brought out the ire.

I was a huge Rob Mariano fan. I also loved Rob C. and Kathy; hated Jenna and Heidi. Whatever that says about me.

This season I loved Margaret at first, but once the tribes changed and she found herself in a minority, she sort of gave up and I didn't care that she was voted out.

Maggie at November 7, 2005 02:16 PM

As soon as Ivette evicted Janelle, that was the final nail in her coffin. She should've evicted Maggie to stand a chance.

Rob Mariano's the one I find despicable and deplorable. If you watched his "Amaring Race 7" stint, you'll see why. He was cool on "Survivor" -- both seasons he was on -- but I HATED the guy on AR7. I mean, come on! Let everyone race WITHOUT you mucking up their efforts!

I think it's when Brooke got voted out that Margaret seemed to "give up." Don't know why that'd make her do that, but she did.

Jamison at November 7, 2005 05:14 PM
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