I watched the first season. But this season, not so much.

Although Trainer Bob... guh. He has a website which I frequent - http://www.trainerbob.tv/bio.html

"He is an avid photographer and enjoys tennis, cycling, running and snowboarding."

I could really go for a fella like that. I wonder how wonderful he smells. What? Sorry what were we talking about, Max? Got sidetracked.

Oh yeah. Suzy. She's my pick, doll that she is.

luscious loulou at November 30, 2005 07:30 PM

I only flipped to the show a few times this season, and noticed, the host? (name is SO escaping me at the moment...)

Anyway she looks amazing this year, I think she's been taking care of herself too.

Soosan at November 30, 2005 07:41 PM

Oh you had to go and bring up Trainer Bob's smell, loulou.

Michael at November 30, 2005 08:23 PM

The host is Caroline Rhea- and she is looking better this year.

I missed the first half hour of the finale. Did Nick show up at all? He was the most ungrateful person there was.

I was rooting for either Seth or Suzy. Didn't care so much for Matt....his...extreme swings from macho ass to big crybaby was a bit too much to take for me. Not to mention his more or less ignoring doctor advice to QUIT wrestling!

FuzzDuckie at November 30, 2005 10:08 PM

Nick--stupid, gross Nick--never showed up and was never mentioned. Good riddance, I say. And Caroline is looking good, indeed (I've always thought she was a cutie, even when she was a bit pudgier)--though I think she exceeded some sort of legal weight limit in hair extensions last night!

Max at November 30, 2005 10:23 PM

Nick was mentioned. "One of our contestants, Nick, decided not to be here." You're a bitch, Nick. Shut up, k?

Pete! And Dr. Jeff! And Mark! I loved all the boys. I reallyreallyreally wanted Seth to win, but I guess I'm okay with Matt winning.

Suzy was my favorite of all the girls, so I'm glad she made it to the finals.

Trainer Bob.. you are so hott. Which means you MUST be gay.

sar at December 1, 2005 12:54 AM

My bad--I was TiVo-skipping through hour one, so I missed the mention of Nick. Good ol' Dr. Jeff--I was really glad for him, too.

I'm kinda looking forward to those "special edition" (whatever) mini-contests starting in January.

Max at December 1, 2005 08:05 AM

Should I be embarrassed to say I thought this was the best show on TV? I love watching the transformations each week and find myself sitting on the couch with a stupid goofy grin on my face.

Suzy looked great, although the crazy slapstick routine she was doing was a little weird. I can understand she was high on excitement though, and I'm thankful she wasn't doing the squeaky crying. I thought Andrea looked gorgeous too. I originally thought Pete was in his 50's until he got skinny and started talking about having kids. And how about his wife losing 70 lbs? She looked terrific too!!

Dr. Jeff - amazing, Mark - amazing, Suzanne the cop - cocky, but beautiful, Ryan - amazing. I teared up a little when Seth walked in and they showed his wife's reaction. Will he need a tummy tuck for that extra skin on his belly? His abs looked great when he lifted his shirt, except for that flap of skin. Matt looked cute too. I thought Suzy was hitting on him a little bit.

Poor angry Kathryn was still fat. Maybe she should have pulled a "Nick" and not shown up. Caroline Rhea was struggling to act excited about Kathryn's 1 lb weight loss.

I am the same height as Suzy and weigh only 2 or 3 lbs more than her AND I work out 5 days a week. And yet I don't look nearly as good as her AND I can't shop in the petite section AND I still wear a size 10 jeans that are not loose when they come out of the dryer. I'm not even as bottom heavy as she appeared to be when she was heavy. What's up with that????

I love this show.

Hayley at December 1, 2005 08:39 AM

I was so hooked on this show. I was rooting for Dr. Jeff, 'cause he's from my old hometown (Hillsborough, represent!) Plus, he was just as sweet as can be. That said, I was really happy Pete got the $100K, because hey, he's a doctor and what's $100K to him really? Also, because Pete seriously looked fantastic. That took some impressive work, considering how yooge he was when the show started...the largest contestant.

Matt was always pishing out his eyes, but guy worked hard and earned his win. Not that Seth and Suzie didn't work their asses off as well, but they weren't as comparatively large as Matt, nor as much of an emotional mess. He really pulled his shit together (despite the concussions and insistence on still wrestling, which...just duh).

Good show, good show.

Greater Czarina at December 1, 2005 10:10 AM

I was sitting on my couch eating a piece of Tiramisu cheesecake while watching this show. Needless to say I felt like a tremendous fat ass.
These people really stuck with it (except for the sulky girl) and I really admire that. They all looked great (again, except for Sulky Girl)!

DaisyLou2 at December 1, 2005 12:27 PM

And alls I'm sayin' is that I might be a little pissed if I were Seth and/or Suzy that Pete won 100k but they only got 50 or 25. Not "only" only, y'all. But.. you know.

sar at December 1, 2005 02:30 PM

Hmm y'know...now that you mentioned it...I did find it odd that it went 250K, 50K and 25K but for the eliminated people 100K for the top loss?

Really is a game when the top amt of weight loss was 185 lbs and was NOT in the finals...

FuzzDuckie at December 2, 2005 09:49 PM
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